It turns out that Lei Feng’s hat is so powerful, but there are not many people who know, are you one of them?


Lei Feng’s hat has a long history, and now it has swept the entire fashion circle. Not only can I often see on the runway, but private stars are also worn. The Lei Feng hat we often say is a former Soviet military -filled military hat, also known as the Soviet hat. Later, the improved version was born in China. Because Lei Feng likes to wear it, such hats are called “Lei Feng cap”.

The appearance rate of Lei Feng’s hat in the movie is quite high. The works with earlier background settings can be found. Wearing not only warmth, but also styles. The little girls now like it!


The rebellious Dou Jingtong dared to wear Lei Feng hat and military coat at the New Year’s concert. It can be seen that in the eyes of these trendy people, Lei Feng hat is really a magical existence! Shavering head, with Lei Feng hat, there is really a sense of informal, casual and chic!

As early as the previous year, a fashion brand launched this Monogram printed “Lei Feng hat”, which swept the entire entertainment industry. This Leifeng hat is made of black fur. The length of the ear protection on both sides exceeds the shoulder width and looks very heavy. Our red carpet queen Fan Bingbing is wearing it to fight the all directions!

On the film festival, Fan Ye wore a black shoulder dress with a waist, waist waist, the zipper design on the chest, and the figure looked very good. With this Leifeng hat, the aura was even stronger, although it was a mix and match , But there will be no sense of disobedience at all!


Our little fairy Di Lierba also wears a Lei Feng hat, wearing a black and white stitching coat with velvet hair, so it is matched with a furry Lei Feng hat. It looks warm and stylish. It is Mei Ruo Tianxian!


Lei Feng hat now also has many improved styles. The color is low -key and looks warm and exquisite. Qiao Xin is wearing a white sweater, simple style, casual atmosphere, the print of red flowers and green leaves on both sides, adding fashionable flavors, paired with black pants, white sneakers, and a Lei Feng hat, which is also aesthetic. It’s full!

There is also this knitted woolen hat, the improved version of Lei Feng hat. Although it has been changed a bit “ommetrical”, the warmth effect is definitely not less, and this shape is more suitable for some little girls. It is also possible.


On March 5th, “Lei Fengri”, among the young people with a keen sense of fashion, a “Lei Feng heat” quietly emerged: enamel water cups, backpacks, etc. Intersection


Taking advantage of the winter, try Lei Feng’s hat