The 25 types of pantyhose and stockings are hooking, involving Pierca Kadan, Langsha, etc.


[China Consumer Evaluation 25 models of pantyhose stockings are all hook, involving Pierca Kadan, Langsha, etc.] The worst of pants and stockings such as Langsha and other pants and stockings.The comparative trials of pantyhose products found that there are varying degrees of hooks. 11 samples have been broken, which is far from being damaged by some merchants.Among them, the 3 -in -1D micro -chip -cutting pineapple socks, nominal product William & Kate’s 10D anti -hook silk bikini pantyhose and nominal trademark are Langsha’s 4 pairs of core silk to fight the crotchThe performance of pantyhose’s anti -hook wire is the worst.CICC’s assessment of 25 “light leg artifacts”, the result is surprising!


Source: China News Network