Hamilton thin tabular tag table, the most cost-effective panda disk?


[Watch House Watch Talk] In recent years, in the heat of Di Tong, a variety of “Panda Disk” watches also fired. In the 1960s, the Panda dish was born in the 1960s, using black and white compared to strong colors as the main tone of the dial, the original intention of the design is to enhance the dial contrast, so that the wearer can more and intuitively observe the time. Due to the two black small plates in the white chassis, it was a “panda disk”. Since then, on the basis of the panda dish, it has developed derivatives such as “anti-panda dish”. With high quality and high recognition, this design has been well received for a long time. Our protagonist Today’s Hamilton thin tabular tag is the brightness of many panda dishes, and has a very high cost performance.


Time code table belongs to the Hamilton American classic series, when we open the watch of the watch “Watch Quote” column, it will find that these similar styles are divided into multiple sub-series, which makes a lot of new promotions. Confused. In fact, in order to sort by the release time, the earliest 2017 limited amount is “intra-matic 68”, we are more familiar with the 2018 regular call “薄 automatic time code table (intra-matic auto chrono) “, The latest 2021 manual model has no official Chinese translation, and directly refers directly” intra-matic chronograph h “‘s foreign name.

Chronograph B and Intra-Matic 68


These Hamilton Panda Time Codes have a common nasal ancestor – Born in 1968 Chronograph A / B chronograph. The intra-Matic 68 launched in 2017 excellent prototype appearances well, which uses a 42 mm-stop diameter, and the speed circle in the dial is the same “panda color” as the small plate. The movement is upgraded from the manual upper string movement of the prototype table to the Hamilton Cal.h-31 automatic movement. This is an ETA 7753-based movement. It has a calendar function. The corresponding dial is added above 6 points. The calendar window, these changes make the watch more in line with modern aesthetics. The watch is limited to 1968 pieces. As an attempt to the market, limited delivery has created a scarcity while also has special commemorative meaning.



Due to the fire-breaking expectations of limited models, it is in this wave of heat, and Hamilton launches unlimited unlimited version of the regular version – thin thin automatic tag table. In addition to adding orthodox “Panda Discharge” color, the surface diameter is adjusted by the previous limited edition of 42 mm, and has added a more dynamic blue.


Intra-Matic Chronograph H

The latest Intra-Matic Chronograph H styling in 2021 is more retro. On the basis of retaining 40 mm, the calendar window above 6 points is canceled. The ranging scale circle is also “regression” with the same color as the disk, making the watch more loyal to the design of 1968. The movement is also replaced by the top-up of the Hamilton Cal.h-31 automatic string movement to Cal.h-51 manual upper string, the manual string is consistent with the historical classics, which can be said to be the closest to the prototype table. The version. The shell line is clear, sharp, showing full, smooth texture, the line is naturally smooth and connected to the corners, elegant and exquisite, and integrated. The retro timing operating device is designed to have a unique flavor of the 1960s.

Hamilton Cal.h-51 Movement


In addition to the color of the value, the performance of the watch is also very outstanding. First, the movement of 60 hours of power storage is obvious than the original ETA 7753’s 42 hours of the ETA 7753; the waterproof level of the watches is 100 meters, better than 30 meters to 50 meters of the same level of retro chronograph, is enough Debate the various wearable scenes in life. And the time standard and the time division cover the luminous coating to ensure clear reading in the night or dark light environment.



If the landscape is compared with the other series of timecase tables, the price of the thin tattoo code table is not low, and it can even be said to have reached the level of the brand “ceiling”. However, if it is a horizontal contrast to other brands of “Panda Disk”, then the Hanmilton is the cost-effective choice. It can even be said that it is 20,000 yuan, “Panda Disk”, this is not difficult to understand why The series has not been reduced from the launch until now. (Photo / Watch Home Xiao Feng)