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Copper process

Continuous nobleness is not lost,

Confuciative and no temperament,

壁灯 | 全铜艺术

Soft light is under copper

壁灯 | 全铜艺术

Wen Wen is introverted,

壁灯 | 全铜艺术

Show a gorgeous sense of space.

Wall light, although it is not a space planning, but it is more high-grade, the wall light is more advanced, which is more advanced and beautiful, which is more preferable.

Lighting is one of the top effects of the wall light, followed by enhancing the renovation of the room. In general, the wall light is suitable for installing the living room, corridor, bed, restaurant, bathroom.

Variety background, wild brass

The brass element is now in the “Net Red” stage, but the momentum can be weakened at all. This bedside wall lamp designed for the bedroom is created by brass.

Not only have a beautifully flowing in it, and there is no practicality together. The lamp arm is rotating universal head, can rotate 360 ​​degrees, 90 degrees up and down, can be elegant and self-contained on any wall.

壁灯 | 全铜艺术

Wrought iron-paint abrasive crafts are used in the hardware lamps, which is not deformed, combined with intelligent LED light sources, and releases the plump energy after classical and modern.

The evolution of the lamp. From the histopular period recorded by the history, the lamp, consistently evolved, constantly transformed, the preface continues to advance, attributed to our unique civilization, did not swallow in the trend of the previous history, it consistently followed the changes of the times, constantly Innovation.

Search for detail

壁灯 | 全铜艺术

Create through all copper technology

Dressing the details of the lamp

壁灯 | 全铜艺术

Traces left

They are all kinds of precious families

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