Fashion weave: Battle Pony Sea Bat Sleeve Rock Needle (Atlan Description + Graphic)



Q Ma Hai Lanas Stop Reina Ultrafine Pony Hair 632 Shallow Purple 4 Regiment + Q Colorful Bright Silk Line Rosoleda RL5008 Stars 5 Color 2




Length 48cm cuff length 6cm


The shadow of the long grass TY for a long time, the purple fine horse sea (her daughter likes the color), but she has not been able to do it. I am very like, I like it, I am sure to be beautiful. Ok, the heart is not as good as action, immediately start, buy the line to start, and there is really the effect of the daughter very much.

Compared with the shadow: Changed to the flat needle as front, and the sleeve relaxation is made, and it is more in line with the daughter’s mind.

Weaving small record:


1. The structure is a rectangular intermediate digging a hole. From the right left weave flat, the suture side is sutured, the threaded needle cuff is woven, and the last neckline and the bottom hook are taken.

2, winding the needle 160 needles (about 98cm) Weaver 96 lines.


3, the front piece does not use the needle, the first woven piece 80 pin 50 rows, weave it hard to be used.

4, front piece 80 pin minus: flat 30 needles, 2-2-1, 2-1-5, 4-1-1. Adjustment: 18-1-1, 4-1-1, 2-1-4, 2-2-1, 2-4-1.

5, the 80s of the subsequent piece are also set to the needle to weave 96 lines. There are 42-pin in the middle, and 60 needle hook sew sews in both sides.


6, leave 42 needles in the middle of the needle, 60 needles on both sides.


7, 40 needles left in the middle need to be added to 52-pin weaving double threads.

8, the neckline is in a circle with a crochet, and you like a big collar. If you bring a few needles, you like a few needles.

9, the same is true, and a line is in turn.

Borrow TY solution:

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