Tourmaline pomegranate is not crystal! Second resolution will return these gems




Multi-storey business likes to mix the tourmaline garnet and crystals to talk, even directly introduced to the buyer as a crystal, so many people who have no deep understanding of the gem have formed a deep-rooted mistake, because the tourmaline garnet Waiting for a lot of gemstones, it is a relatively high price of crystal.


Big wrong! Many medium and high-grade semi-gems are very wronged because they are called crystals, they can be more rare than diamonds! Today, I will give you three views today. How is it simple and rude until the same gem is it crystal? Which gems are misunderstood for many years, is actually not crystal?

Why is there no unscrupulous merchants fool you?

Because of them, no, special, industry!

Baojie teaches you a set of simple and rude “professional”, at least don’t go to unscrupulous merchants!

That is the source of misunderstanding lies in:

Many halflights and crystals are also a “silicate mineral” gem, but it is not a thing!

Basic artemine, why is it not crystal?

Question 1: What is “silicate mineral”?

Most gems are minerals. There are 100 common minerals on the earth, 40% of which are silicate minerals, and even have many silicate minerals on the moon and meteorites. The characteristics of this mineral are in the chemical composition. It must contain two elements of “silicon (Si)” and “oxygen (O)”.

Then there is another problem …


Question 2: What is the unscrupulous merchant flicked?

There is no business eye:

Silicate mineral gem = crystal

In fact:

Silicate mineral gem = crystal + many other kinds of gems

Question 3: How is it simple to distinguish this gem is crystal?


Baidu Baibo, recognize English letters

When you know the name of a gem, please Baidu Encyclopedia, what is its “chemical”. Remember that the chemical formula of crystal is “silica (SiO2)”, as long as the chemical form is not long, there are more letters, it is not crystal! ! ! It is only possible to be a kind of silicate mineral gem.

Crystal crystal + chemical formula & electrical stone crystal + chemical

Advanced article You need to know that these common gems are not crystals!

Just said, the chemical formula is not simple “silica (SiO2)”, that is not a crystal. Then, the teacher is also said, even if this gemstone is simply “silica (SiO2)”, it is not necessarily crystal!

Is it a little dizzy? Ok, look at this form:

Bajie is simple and rude to divide the “silicate” gem into three kinds. Crystals are only one of the varieties. Other unscrupulous merchants and all of you are not crystal! ! ! Which is not crystal? Remember these! ! !

>>> First Class: Crystal

Features: Purebed silica (SiO2), single crystal crystallization

Common varieties: purple crystal, yellow crystal, purple yellow crystal, tea crystal, colorless crystal, titanium crystal, crystalline, tea crystal, ghost crystal, etc.

Crystals are the most common form in the gem of silicate minerals, exhibiting different colors depending on the mixed organic matter, and may be mixed into different inclusions to become a crystalline or void crystal. The total output of crystals is relatively large in silicate, and different small varieties have different outputs, and the price of different varieties in the crystal is also different.

>>> Second Category: Other Silica (SiO2) Gem

Features: Different growth mode

1 Agate: the variety of silica dehydration. It was treated as jade, because the beautiful texture was taken by the ancients as the brain like a horse, and the ancient Sanskrit was “horse brain” and evolved into present agate. Ordinary agate output is large and the price of people, the more quality has the South Red agate and the heart agate, the price may be higher than the true jade.

2 Owu: Variety after liquid silica. It is a gemstone in the gem with 3D effects. Generally, the glamorous gaming effect is known as “the beauty of the gathering”, mainly in Australia and Africa. Outside the color, because it is a gemstone of the liquid solidified, it is also a rare non-mineral gem.

△ Europe


3 Yude: The crystalline gemstone formed by the silica grain is smaller than a few microns. The aorta is formed under low temperature and low pressure conditions, and the structure will contain water and bubbles, and it is also very interesting gem variety. It should have been the same as the most common quartz, but because the structure is very delicate, it looks gentle as a jade, and is also treated by jade.

4 tiger hem: silica replacement soda flash forms a siliconized stone. This is a very interesting gem, asbestos is replaced by silica in hot fluid changes, but it retains the cooked fibrous structure of asbestos, and these fibers often arrambled in a direction, that is, to achieve the formation of cat eyes, The result became the same feeling as “big cat eyes”, so it is called “Tiger Head” or “Ewal Stone”.

5 Obsidian: Silica is the main volcanic lava to cool the product. That is, a polycrystalline set body gem of silica and other impurities, a common gemstone, and how much is more common, and gold is known as golden stone. The output is not small, but because of the effect of evil evil spirits.

>>> Third Category: Non-Silica (SiO2) Gem

Features: In addition to “Silicon (Si)” and “oxygen (O)”, in addition to “Silicon (Si)” and “oxy).


1 Tourmaline: borosilicate mineral, color abnormality, with micro-electromagnetic property, health efficient plunge.

2 garnet: silicate minerals containing aluminum, magnesium, iron, manganese and other elements, mixed with different colors, beauty and beauty.

△ garnet

3 Seafebao: Be3Al2 (SiO3) 6, and the genus of the genus of the emerald, the water attribute gem, clear and very elegant.

4 Morgan Stone: Manganese-containing Be3Al2 (SiO3) 6, and the genus of the emerald green column, is a new gem, rare fans.

5 Tianhe Stone: K (Alsi3o8) containing RB and CS, a gemstone with Paraieba in the long stone family, because the color is free.

6 Blue Crystal Stone: Al2Sio4o, with parallel plate inclusions, there will be similar to the effect of the tiger, and even the cat’s eyes, the blue is deep.


7 Grapes: Ca2al (AlSi3o10) (OH) 2, the outer surface crystal clear image of grapes, the quality is more like jade.

△ grape


Remember the names of these gems, remember, remember, remember, important things say three times. Where else, I don’t understand, please comment or leave a message to the Baojie, but don’t treat these gems as crystals, the price is too big! ! !



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