No husband is accompanied, Meng Liangzhou is elegant! Wearing a dark skirt with thighs, and wearing a silk towel concave shape


Many workplace women will choose all black styling on the wearing, because it is not easy to make mistakes, but the whole black model has a lot of drawbacks, it is easy to expose the age of old, and will leave too high-cold impression on colleagues and leaders. .

“Huawei Princess” Meng Liang Liangzhou is very good at handling all black styling, even if it is colorful, it can also show elegance and temperament under her care.

Meng Liangzhou has recently appeared in court. Although there is no husband Liu Xiaodian’s companionship, it is still calm and calm, and it has been used to show the Chinese children’s festival.

First, from the hairstyle, the first time I tried Liu Hai-hai-type Meng Limen and did not “turn the car”, but it has played the effect of modifying the hairline and age.

In order to get rid of the black length, it is more than the case, especially the face makeup


, “Jianbei” and “Black Eye Makeup”, gentle and domineering.

Wearing on the past, wearing a practiced workplace style, wearing a black coil, classic round neck and long-sleeved tailor design, generous is generous. Special waist treatment,

Using the advantages of color and version, it has played a thin effect on visually and wearing.


It is very suitable for women in this micro-fat body in Monteneveria.

The skirt is black rendered, without any contrast element decoration, and the lotus leaf skirt breaks the pure black too monotonous, the length of the skirt is not knee, increase the skin of the leg, highlight the leg and height advantage At the same time, it also weakens the body’s sense.

The light is wearing high heels and elegant and domineering. The wearing electronic 镣 镣 has become an accessory, rather than restricting a “shame” of freedom.

The shape of this style of Meng Mumbai, the biggest highlight is


Using a colored print scarf, breaking the shape of the shape, appears to be advanced and elegant.

Wearing a scarf and a sharp contrast print design showing the unique charm of oriental women, a more changing level under the black skirt. The black skirt and the combination of the printed scarf also get rid of the high-cooled impression of all black styling, and the invisible is close to the feeling, gentle and feminine.


How does all black styles do with advanced elegance?

I want to break the monotonous and dull of the whole black shape, so that the overall looks more and more elegant.


How to get together


Use accessories

It is the key!


(1) Interpretation of shawl

The female executives arriving at a certain level in the workplace are more preferred, because the shawl is the synonym of “elegant and advanced”, which can improve the stylish and level of styling.

Black high collar sweater with straight version of trousers, tightening the upper body lines and creates a long-legged feeling, especially suitable for high son and fat body. Take the striped sweater as a shawl, easy to shape the shape, and the dark blue stripe elements will not weaken the official feelings of the workplace wind, and the fashion does not lose our atmosphere.

(2) Optimization of the shape

The stacking method has always been recognized by the fashion industry, and for the workplace women, it is recommended to overlay the same color system when driving all black. It is not aesthetically fatigue. It is obvious.

Black sweater plus the same color vena coat, forming “fake two” modeling effect, the jacket is slightly loose, can also modify the meat of the waist, the lower body is mixed with black feet pants, “Shang Pan tightening” mixed with the perfect body proportion .


(3) Use the accessories to brighten the visual


The brooch is more than the decoration, the brooch is both a symbol of authority, identity, and also showing elegant temperament and taste, one of the magic wears of women.

The black coat is one of the single items of women in the workplace, with a black coil, “short-term short” molding is mixed with the leg skin, and it has a small sexy. Wear a golden brooch in front of the chest, form a black gold combination with a whole, high-grade discounted gas.



When the workplace women are mixed with the whole black, they may wish to learn Ms. Mengyuan. It seems that the flat-free basic paragraph has been carefully combined with the accessory and the joining.


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