Buying a warm cup is not light at 304 and 316, keeping and drinking water, it should be the protagonist


Every winter, I really like to buy a thermos cup. I always feel that there is a huggish thermal cup, in order to ensure your own drinking water. There are two main types of thermal insulation cups: glass and stainless steel.


The glass insulation cup is the least suggesting that everyone chooses because the insulation cup is maintained, depending on the thickness of the intermediate vacuum layer. The glass insulation cup is limited by the glass thickness and intensity, resulting in a relatively small in the middle, and the heat preservation effect is far more than stainless steel thermos cups.

I put a stainless steel insulation cup. I have a say.

304 or 316

The material of the stainless steel mug is the most common is 304 stainless steel and 316 stainless steel. We know that stainless steel is a alloy, consisting of a variety of ingredients. Unlike the composition of the composition, the hardness of stainless steel is different.

304 and 316 represent two formulations of two stainless steels, respectively. in


316 Stainless steel has stronger corrosion resistance, but 304 stainless steel has a greater hardness.


This way, everyone should know how to choose: often bubbling tea, drinks, etc. Point, don’t have tea, it’s ok.).

Overall, 304 stainless steel cost is higher.

In addition, there is a stainless steel with “L”. For example, 316L stainless steel, 304L stainless steel. Here, “L” represents a lower amount of carbon. The advantage is that when welding is, it is not easy to have a crystal corrosion (understanding that the solder joint is more firm).

However, for the cup, on the one hand, the welding joint requirements are not high; on the other hand, due to the short distance, the chance of crystal corrosion is minimal (lower than the chance of the Chinese lottery). So it is completely unnecessary – this type of stainless steel with “L” is purely, and it will take a walk away.


Insulation performance


One insulation cup, the most important thing is to heat preservation. As we said in front, the insulation performance is related to the thickness of the vacuum layer. But as long as it is a qualified stainless steel thermal cup, their vacuum layer thickness is similar.

So the resolution of the insulation performance, or start from the following three points:


1. Inner gallbladder, carefully observe, some inner walls of some insulation cups are matte, and some are light. Among them, the heat preservation effect of the light surface is better than the matte surface. Because the light surface can reflect heat, enhance the insulation effect of the cup.

2. The cup size, the main heat dissipation position of the insulation cup is the cup. The larger the cup, the faster the heat dissipation. There are some insulation mugs, insulation coffee cups on the market, and their thermos is relatively poor. The cup type of the insulation effect is a bowling cup – like bowling, there is only one in the cup, and the heat preservation effect is excellent.

3. Cup cover design, the cup cover is covered with the cup, which can enhance the insulation effect of the water cup. Some insulation cups are dual cover design, and the insulation effect is better than single cover design. Although it is convenient to use, although it is convenient to use, since the cup cover is relatively thin, the insulation effect will be different than the centers.

Drink water feelings and product recommendations

There is also an important feature of the insulation cup, drinking water. Drinking water, it is related to the cup of mouth and tea. Because I have used the product, I said the difference between different thermos cups.

Bubble cup tea: tea separation


People who often make tea must use a tea separation cup, which is a simple tea. In addition to drinking water, it can control the time of tea outside the tea.


More representative is a homix family. Its tea warehouse can be taken separately, and after adding hot water in the glass, it is inverted tea. Time is here, then you will come over and drink it. The tea warehouse can be opened separately, and it is more convenient to clean.

Grid Cup: Intelligent

The bomb cover is not suitable for long-term thermal insulation, basically meets the water demand for half a day. The biggest advantage is to drink water – open convenience, drinking water, smashed water ports can also be betterly passed well.


The recommended product is the thermos cup of Huawei, first in the incubation effect, is a leader in the bombing cup. Secondary cup design is reasonable, and there will be no problem while drinking water.

In addition, it also has an intelligence. Unlike ordinary smart thermal cups, it shows a temperature on the cup. This thermal insulation cup can connect to the mobile phone app and automatically recommend daily drinking water based on body weight.

Every time, you will remind the user to drink water. It is also possible to make a health plan according to daily drinking water, it can be said to meet my imagination on the smart insulation cup.


Cup: Small!

If you plan to buy a cave cup, listen to me, persuade: Don’t buy too big! I have also liked greed, the biggest thermal insulation cup is 1500ml. Later, I found myself wrong, the cup is too big, the hot water inside can’t drink, after the water temperature dropped, didn’t wait for some drinking.

So now I like to bring a peacock insulation cup with my hand – small and exquisite, 400ml capacity, can be placed in the pocket of the down jacket.

The reason why I want to choose this thermal insulation cup is because there is a common problem on the cave cup: the cup is stainless steel, easy to fire. This cup of cups, the intimate in the cup, a plastic ring. Sticking on your lips, you can only feel faint.