When wearing jeans in summer, choose these 4 colors, 3 types, wearing it is beautiful enough.


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Speaking of this kind of jeans, probably no one will do it? As one of the pops of trousers in the four seasons, jeans are suitable for men and women.

It is a classic, hundreds of people don’t pick up the body, it is an object that everyone is pet. It is also because of this, jeans also becomes a must for everyone’s wardrobe. For such a trousers, how do you match to be more trendy?


Before you match, first you have to choose these 4 colors, 3 types, so that you can do more beautiful! Let’s take a look at the footsteps of lily!

First: Jeans wants to choose these 4 colors


Dark blue jeans

Everyone has a jeans, how can we wear it to be more trendy? First of all, choose the color of it to wear, like this classic dark blue jeans, the mirror rate is high in daily wear, is important, no matter what kind of shirt you choose, it is very Good-looking, it is not easy to make mistakes!

Light blue jeans


In the summer, how to wear cool is the most important, in addition to this, the color of the clothes is not negligible. Light blue jeans, it looks more cool than dark blue, if you prefer to wear light pants, this color is indeed a very good choice!

White jeans


This year, you should start a white trousers for yourself, perhaps, in the eyes of many people, I feel that the white jeans is easy to be fat, but as long as the version is selected, you can make you look very thin. Clean and refreshing white pants, wearing a hot summer summer, it is really easy to meet the effect of cooling, and you can look good with any color!


Black jeans


Classic black jeans you pass? Lily is relative to this color pants, people wearing in the summer, but more than three colors above, the black jeans are more thin, not only the stovepipe is still a hundred, but can be “拗” all kinds of style Wearing.

Second: The three types of jeans will be more thin

1: Wide leg version

Why is some people wearing jeans so good? Actually, this is exactly because she chooses the reason for the version. For the lower body, the legs are thick, the legs are not straightforward, and the loose pants is more suitable for more and friendly.

Take a wide-leg version of jeans, this style of jeans is really thin, don’t pick up your body, and you can control the body.

2: straight version


What is the difference between jeans and harsh version of the straight version? To say that these two styles of trousers are different, Lily feels that it is the effect of wearing. They have the same advantages, that is, it is very meat, straight version of jeans wear more legs and slender, especially when choosing nine-point jeans, not only is the length of the legs.

3: Wera version

The big pants version of jeans, the biggest feature is the upper part of the slim, the lower half is relaxed. Like some calves, it is very suitable for wearing a micro-ladie version of trousers, in addition, the micro-print pants, wear a lot of legs, and the temperament has a soft gentle. No matter what you want to use, it is suitable!

Three: How do you wear better in summer jeans?

Wear LOOK1: White T-Shirt + Bullet


No matter what kind of jeans you choose to wear, it will not be wrong with the white T-shirt. Simple and clean white t, match the jeans, it is really good to look ~ slightly wear the sleeve of the white T, feel very good.

The most favorite is that it is on the jeans, straight version of the straight, not only looks long, but also is thin. The design of the fork helps to modify the leg line, which looks like the legs of the legs, and there is wood?

Wear LOOK2: ice silk short-sleeved shirt + nine points jeans


Hot summer, how to make it cool and cool? In addition to selecting a thin breathable comfort, you can work hard from the color. The blue-green short-sleeved shirt of this ice silk fabric is too white, and it is too white, right? The contrast of the cuffs and neckings looks quite a gender.

Down to match a nine-point jeans, plus a pair of leopard cool slippers, after the ankle is eaten, the feeling of giving people in the visual legs is thin and long.

Wear LOOK3: Beige Short Sleeve T-Shirt + Light Colored Jeans


In the summer, we must wear more light tones, compared to dark, light and bright, make you look more spiritual and energetic. This set of wearing a whole style is a Korean, minimalist Ins style, beige short-sleeved T-shirt with light jeans, a pair of white sneakers, very refreshing set.

The small shawls with the shoulders, not only adding a sense of layering, but also a smooth and casual. Orange duck cap, youth, youth.


Ok, today Lily’s share is here, thank you a small fairy to read it. When wearing jeans in summer, choose these 4 colors, 3 types, you can make you feel beautiful!

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