Ultra-long down jacket, balance the vision of bloated, still keep warm!


Ultra thick, thick version, superfolded cotton filled, high warmth, can not afford to

South Korea direct explosion, design novel farewell to bloated! 90% white duck velvet locks the temperature in the cold winter, so that you have a temperament in winter.


2015 Korea is the most popular latest, very casual and unique down cotton coat long coat! Ultra-thick warm! Resist cold! And the version is a loose shape! Elegant and generous! Exquisite tailor is more appeared in the quality of the clothes and elegant temperament, which is more beautiful, which is more beautiful, this jacket is added with a protective glove

The fabric uses 400T / 20D Ni-Spinning fabric, waterproof and anti-fouling treatment, the fabric is softly treated with the Japanese R2 auxiliary, so that the fabric is in the unlimited soft skin, customizes high-end buttons, custom high-grade waist, reflecting the whole clothes Big name

Enter deep winter, down jackets began to become an irreplaceable main force in the cold season! Choose a high quality and novel style, this winter can be properly safe! The design of the collar makes the entire model of the whole increase, and the collar can be pulled high when the cold is cold. It is cool.

This down jacket fluffy and soft fur collar is very eye-catching, not only can the skin color, but also a small face thin ~ there is a rope in the middle of the body, so that the inclusiveness is very strong, no matter what the body wear, you can put problems All the clothes, the effect of the body is still so obvious, this wonderful design is often used in long down jackets, the upper body effect is very good, emit a young breath, fashionable and aged ~


Very very big big down jacket, it is very warm. The sleeve double-layer sleeves have been threaded, and the girl with long is not worried. The flexible collar is put down, it is the lace of the atmosphere, and the standstick has a big style.


This downpan fabric adds an elastic process, waterproof and windproof. The material of peach parchment, delicate and soft and comfortable. Mid-year 90% duck fill, warm windshield. The partial slimming is not too bloated.



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