Why is most children lose their interest in insects?


Imagine if every garden in the UK is a wild plant friendly, a vanilla, wildflowers in the village garden, and the healthy vegetables that we grow, perhaps in the corner, there is also a homemade descendant bee nest. place. Why can’t we disable pesticides in gardens and cities? There are some cities in the world that have been doing this, and there is no pests that have disaster.

Imagine, if you use the land of the city hall to raise wild plants: roadside lawns and roundabood do not need five minutes, but a wild flowery; the lawn in the park can grow for a long time. We should convince the local relevant department not to place a year of flowers in each spring, but planting a perennial plant that can attract bee and butterflies in the narrow flower bed in the park. In the campus of universities and middle schools, we can also build some flowers of hay. In the industrial zone and the technology park, do not plant evergreen foreign plants, but planting native shrubs that can be blooming, so you can provide food for the bee, and can provide berries for birds.

Gold Giant Bee, Image Source: Pato Novoa / Wikimedia Commons

Why can’t I grow apples, pears and Li? On the suburbs of the streets? In this way, residents can pick fruit next to the street, and the children can taste the taste of Apple on the road to school. We can plant green plants on the roofs and walls of the building; protect the wild plants, let them open to the public, rather than selling them into trees, can be green, let wildlife Among them, and create the largest natural protected area in the UK, and these don’t need additional money. Our children can also be more close to nature, more respectful nature, can capture hankers in the high grass field, can observe the bees to fly in the pouch beans, can look for 螈 and edge tonals in the local river channel.

If all this is a gift we want to give, then it will now take action. I enthusiastically hopes that our descendants can have a chance to get close to nature, so they can fall in love with nature.


My mother is my grandchildren (if I have something) grow up in a gray, exhausted reinforced concrete world, I can’t get close to nature, and I can’t know what I have lost, because I have almost disappeared. Exhausted. There is no such situation because we can do green cities.

Since we are integrated with a day, then we should play an imagination, let our urban turn becomes an extension of the natural protected area, where human and wild plants can live more side by side. Perhaps our city has become a “UK’s rainforest” is a bit whimsical, but if we really try, our descendants will be grateful.

“Search: A Global Travel of Insectologists”, [Ying] Dave Goulson, Wang Hongbin, Yan Hao, Translation Forest Publishing House, November 2021.

Almost all people have a time to love insects

We will walk towards forests from 500 meters from primary school. The children have been holding hands and talking while talking. I took some contacts and collections in front of the front, and their teacher Xiari Ms. Xia Mi followed, exhaustive to keep the children form.

This is an afternoon in 2009, the weather is very good, sunny. At the end of the semester, I took the big son Finn and his classmates who were in Dunbran Newton Primary School. Dunbrand is located in the middle of Scotland, a small town in the West of Ohisill, is not far from the side. After the forest, I went to the insect network and other equipment and taught them how to use it, and the children aged seven or eight have been urgent. In their hands, all the nets are huge and awkward, and the nets of the butterfly are enough to put the children with a small little child.

These insects like a kite look very good, but they want to catch the insects that will fly, there is a tip: gently turn the insect network, let the box of the insect net press the net bag, seal the bottom of the net bag Prevent insects from flying again. I teach them to put the collection dish (a huge rectangular cloth that protrudes with the wooden frame) in a lower branch and let them shake the branches. The bugs fell on the white cloth, and the fell and burst into the body, and the Huang fled. Everything is busy. We need to use this solid white net (insect network) to hit high grass and keep the network port. I found that if you want to do this, you need to bent your waist, squat, pull it from the side side to the other side. When I did this, I looked like a broken dance in a broken step. After the “dance” ended, I touched the network, levy from the insects insects. I called the children to check everyone’s capture results.

Opening the insect network is always a very fun experience, a bit like opening Christmas gift, because you don’t know what good things will be in it. Many small creatures – ants, spiders, bees, beetles, flies and caterpillars – fly from the net, squatting out or twisting, the children shouting. I teach them how to use insects to collect bottles to catch the smallest, most vulnerable worms, and give them a few bottles of prey every person, and then send out them spread. The children run toward the bushes, hit it, sweep around, or use insects to collect bottles, and play the eyes, it is easy. We opened the rotten wood and the moss of moss (after it was carefully destroyed), discovered many tide, steps and marine. Every time they caught a new thing, they will always come over and let me see. From the huge red scorpion to the fragile ordinary grass, they caught the things that they caught rich. Suddenly, a excited scream was suddenly came out, there is a child who caught a huge European bear. This bee screamed loudly and expressed protests to us. Finn is difficult to resist the temptation of all between MasterCon, introducing everything to his classmates.

Scream screaming. (Source: Ivar Leidus / Wikimedia Commons)

The scene of the capture is abnormal. However, after about one hour, we have harvested a variety of insects and sizes. We all put them in a jar and put it on a collection disc, and it is classified according to the department to understand the difference between flies and bees, beetles and 蝽, 蜈蚣 and martoli. I gave the children a rich and unique life: Which bugs eat feces, which are eating leaves, which are other insects; parasitic bee will eat the caterpillars from the outside; Most of the time will hide Use your own saliva.

When we release these bugs, I encourage children to take those heads and look strong. There is a beautiful original, with bright green and rust colors, the back angle is clear, the end tip. It was proud to raise a few steps, then patted the wings, suddenly flew away from our hands. An unfull-developed bush is a bright leaf green, mixed with black small spots. It seems to have some myopia, to explore the road with a huge tentacle that exceeds the length of three times. A weak red, it seems that I can’t believe that I am actually released. It is carefully staring at us with a highlight big eye, then expanding the sparkling wings, and flying quietly.

When I saw the children’s smile, I can’t help but think that the great biologist Edward Wilson: “Every child has a time to love insects, and I have never come out.” Why do children love nature ? Why do they like to collect seashells, feathers, butterflies, embossed, pine cones or birds? Why do they like to catch a variety of little life, willing to observe and collect them? These issues are thinking about thinking about it.


I guess, in the distant past, when human beings rely on hunting and collecting as a born, this curious heart is extraordinary for human sense, because if we want to survive, we must accumulate knowledge related to nature, especially which animals can eat, Which will bring us danger. This curiosity can make us get some subtle trails from nature. Interpretation of the birds may make human beings to be in danger, perhaps they can also know the position of food and water. Often someone asked me, when I was a fascination of nature, I seem to be a different. But in fact, I think I am very typical, as Edward Wilson said, almost all people have a time to love insects.

Generate fear and attack behavior, originating from their ignorance of insects


A bigger problem is why most children lose their interest in insects, and lose their interest in nature? It is clear that these children can concentrate on the forsworms climbed in the palm of the palm of eight years old. What happened? Unfortunately, when it is a teenage, the insects and their buzz will make most children from fear and attack behavior, and these are from their ignorance to insects. They are very likely to slam the poor little organ, and then stepping with a foot. If it is just afraid, it is the best result.


What exactly happened here? Why is their favorite feelings in childhood become extremely disgusting now? This reminds me of Dumbleland’s children, they are now teenagers. Did they feel strange to the insect? Do they remember the sunny afternoon? Remember the things that I found to make them fascinated? Parents will also affect their fearship of insects, let them have an excessive reaction to the spiders on the curtain rod, or the bees built in the family picnic? Today, our family has moved from Scotland to Sussex County in the southern United Kingdom. However, Finn told me that his new friend is mostly not interested in wildlife plants. They don’t feel the relationship between the world of nature and them. They are more likely to play on football, gaming machine or in social platform. On the way home, they will throw the beverage pots and potato chips into the hedge. In their eyes, there is no fun, collecting, shooting, breeding butterflies or moths, is a fool and a talent.

Red tail bee. (Source: Ivar Leidus / Wikimedia Commons)

I boldly guess that this change is because of the opportunities for children and natural contacts in the modern world of urbanization. Children in growth can only come into contact with nature, it is possible to cherish nature. They are hard to fall in love with things that don’t know during growth. If they have never been a grassland that is full of wild flowers in the late spring, they have never smell the flowers in the sky. They have never listened to the birds and insects singing there, and they didn’t appreciate the scenes that flipped from the grass. So all this is When they destroy, they will not care at all. If they have never had a chance to climb in an ancient field forest, they never kick those leaves and green mountain indigo, never smell mushroom rot and growing, then they are very difficult. It is understood that the tree is cut into a particleboard.

Even if I have Shakespeare’s Tianshui, I can’t really express the beauty and magic of the natural world. In recent decades, some excellent natural documentaries have been released, so that we can enjoy the singular creatures that have no chance to see locally. Although this is a good start, I think it is far less than enough. We need to let the children go out of the house and let them go to the ground to go to the fun of nature. In my opinion, spend ten minutes to observe the shrunk, it is more valuable to watch the paradise bird in the remote tropical forest in the TV documentary in the TV documentary.

Of course, unfortunately, there is not much child now has the opportunity to have experienced by Wilson to cultivate the interest of nature. From a bigger environment, I think the children will have no chance to discover and get in a corner of the British countryside in the 1970s in the 1970s. Today, most of the people in the world live in the city, in the UK, this proportion is more than 82%. Children are no longer roaming around us.

From the age of seven, I played in the country near the village. Sometimes I miss a few hours with my friends, my parents don’t know where we go. We climb the trees, go to the lake and touch the fish in the river, camping in the forest. Now, even if you live in rural areas, there is no freedom. Because their parents worry about the vehicle, it is completely correct. There is also part of the fear that their children will be kidnapped by the unwanted bad guys, this is a bit worried. My thoughts can be a bit irresponsible, I think there should be more opportunities to explore children, do some adventurous stupid things, which makes them learn a lot. In my childhood, this stupid thing I did, I didn’t live it?

I collected the marine, tida, beetle in the yard, and the red mites hastily climbed.

My earliest memory is about a variety of insects. They simply penetrate my soul. At the age of five, I found some Cherosa mothy caterpillar, they grow horizontal, black and yellow, and the European thousands of miles of European millet leaves in the crack of my primary school are also eaten. I got a big pile of bugs in the lunch box, bring them back home, and pick a thousand miles to feed them. I am very excited when they grow into moth. These moths are not flying, but very beautiful, shining, presenting magenta and black color. (Later I only knew that this is a poisonous sign, which is the result of the European thousands of miles to protect their toxins accumulated in their body.)

I collected the marine, tid, beetle in the yard, and the red locust hastily climbed from the short cement wall in front of the house in a good weather. I put them in the jam, and I was opened on the windowsill in the bedroom. Most of these poor creatures are all dead, but I have learned a lot. Later, parents bought me this “Oxford Insect Book”, the purpose is to let me know those treasures collected, I will benefit from it. In the evening, I carefully study those watercolor illustrations and develop plans for my local exploration. I think I can find a more legendary creature – width tooth, emperor Weiyu and 带 天 天蛾.

Owaln Nansbee. (Source: Ivar Leidus / Wikimedia Commons)

At the age of seven, we moved from a semi-independent small house in Birmingham to a small village in Shropshire – Echmund, which provides more opportunities to my biomah. I have paid some fun friends in the school. At lunch, we will search for beautiful mulbervets on the hawworm around the school, they are like black velvet, decorated with a stripe formed by a cluster of red, black and white, just like a Mosi’s headnder. Same. On weekends, we will travel around our humbers, grassland and sprouted forests, and search for other kinds of caterpillars.


My parents gave me another gift – “Caterpillar Observer”. With the help of this book, we do our best to understand the found bug and find the right leaves to feed them. I found that the habits of them are very interesting. Most moths and butterflies can only eat some or one or two leaves, I would rather starve to die. There are also a few kinds of caterpillar, such as the larva of leopard moths. This is very huge, this bugs with black and orange, except for the grass, they eat almost everything. Once, we saw a larvae of a black branch of the two-tailed boat to eat willow leaves. This green and black bugs are very strange. They are scared when they are scared, and they extend a pair of rounded swing from the tail of the bifurcation to show threats. I have waited for nearly a year, until the second year, I saw them became a moth. They are very fat, like a kitten, as well as black spots grow on white and wings.

I started collecting bird eggs when I was only seven or eight years old, and my father did a similar thing. In my memory, every boy in the village will collect bird eggs. (I don’t know what the girl is doing – I don’t have a sister, but it is a man’s middle school, so until the age of 14, I know that there is girl existence.) We can find different ordinary bird nests, for each other The harvest is still full. Of course, this time you can’t leave the help of the “Observation Manual” series of museum books. I still still retain the “Bird Egg Observation Manual” that has been turned into a fragment, which is almost 50 years of history.

I remember that I found a blue bird egg with light brown spots, it was abandoned on the slope of the Langmao Mountain in the south of Squip County. I am confident that the bird egg of the ring neck, belongs to a rare bird that I have never seen, live in the highlands. My friends said to this, we also argue for a few days. Judging from my “Ming”, this is just a crow egg. In this process, we have learned a lot about birds. Because every bird is mostly in a specific place, nest in a specific material. A few times, we found the nest of the tail tailed tail tail, which was woven by a spider web and a soft moss, which is an extra beautiful spherical structure.

I used this as a starting point, developed to collect butterflies, then it is a moth, then the beetle, and finally, I have become an expert that identifies their. The skill of feeding moths and butterflies has brought me a benefit, which allowed me to collect perfect, there is no deforens. However, to the age of 12, I finally tired of killing these cute creatures, the ultimate goal of feeding is to place them nature. It is particularly worth mentioning that I have raised hundreds of peacock butterflies and nettle butterflies. I look for caterpillar from nettle, raise them in their cages so they can avoid flies and bees. In the wild, these butterfly caterpillars have difficult to escape these parasite’s claws. Seeing these new feathers for the first time, I tried to fly, watching their wings, and then tapping wings, flying to the sky, and finally flying from our yard, it is a gratifying thing. .

If there is no soil and bee, what is the use of money?

Now, human activities have occurred, and climate change has also threatened most of the world, making them no longer resumed in the near future. At the same time, the soil soil in the earth is lost at a rate of 100 billion tons per year. Under such a background, environmental issues are fresh in the political agenda, even if the Green Party is no exception. The focus of politicians debate is mainly concentrated. However, if there is no soil and bee, what is the use of money?

If we want to save this world and eventually save yourself, then we need more people to pay attention to its fate. The primary thing is that we need to provide more opportunities to the children, let them explore natural, let them catch the mud water to catch the frog, climb into the hedge to catch caterpillar. We need to express their chances to express their curiosity, let them observe the butterfly broken, looked at the little bodies, and realized the excitement of the snake lizard under the wood. If we give them these opportunities, then they will love nature in the future, cherish nature, and struggle for nature.

Blue bell flower forest land. (EDMUND Shaw / Geograph and Wikimedia Commons)

I am very lucky, can have the opportunity to get the above experience in small, this experience has prompted me to explore the mystery of the mystery with my life. I am fortunate to travel around the world, watching the bird wings and doctors in the rainforest in Borneo, listening to the monkey in the forest of Belize, there are many impressive experiences, simply unhappy.

In the way, those who are not spectacular in France and the United Kingdom, but also in the same wonderful forests and grass, I don’t know how much time to find insects, birds, reptiles, mammals and wild flowers. It is really my luck in the countryside. My career is also a bless, which makes me have the opportunity to pursue the most interesting bee in the world, and I hope more about them, revealing the details of their lives, and then find ways to protect them, so that others Can have the opportunity to see them in the future. This book describes these journey of finding bee.

We will start with home as a starting point, starting from hiding in the United Kingdom, where, wild plants are still vibrant. Since then, we have to go out of the country, first to the wild mountain of Poland, then go to the New World Andes and Rocky Mountains, there is a tragedy of the bee. Finally, we will return to the UK, witnessing the recovery of nature, which will be encouraging and full of hope. Welcome to my “Search”, set foot together with me.

This article is selected from “Search Bee: A Global Travel of an Insectologist”, the small title is the editor. The pictures used here are from the book.

Origin Dave Gullsen


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