China’s new year, Hong Xingrk also sells free shipping? The most worth buying 3 running shoes, the price is good again


Another country brand success reversed, from once

“Small Transparency”

Becoming a present


“The Light of China”

Hong Xingrk finally ushered in his spring in the hot summer day.


Continuing to seize the monks list, the goods are sold out, there is a break in the goods, the supply is not short, the line is robbed, the line in the store is queued than the purchase limited amount AJ team is still long …

So the problem is coming:

How is Hong Xingrk’s product?

The product whose sports brand is most concerned is the shoes, Hongxingrk is different from Li Ning and Anta, its main attack

Running shoes, casual shoes





To be honest, from the overall appearance, Hongxingrk’s shoes are mostly traditional, which is relatively tradition. However, it can be seen that Hong Xingrick has a product, and try to transform, for example

The three series of shoes, the three series of shoes, no matter the quality or design, it is worth it.

Hongxingrk “奇弹” series running shoes


To be honest, Hongxingrk’s signature – odd-bomb technology running shoes, really promotes domestic competitiveness.

As we all know, measure a pair of sports shoes, depending on the application of underlying technology. Hong Xingrkege bounces in the middle of the sports shoes

α-flex intelligent fluid material

, Give the shoes outstanding softness and elastic effect.



The α-Flex intelligent fluid material is a non-Newtonian substance, referred to in the shoe circle, is called P4U, soft and elastic. )

Thermal technology running shoes mainly

Midshore, large bottom, gang face, carbon fiberboard

Equisical, equipped with mainstream technology systems, supersed ultra-thin weaving, taking care of the color and technology performance running shoes also talent.


Sitle of 1.0 to 2.0, then to Pro, Lite,

With the upgrade of the version, the non-slip durability of the shoes is enhanced.

But it is worth paying, although the shoes are upgraded, the price is much different, it can be said that it is a well-deserved “conscience Chinese goods”, everyone wears black technology running shoes.


Especially the odd bomb Lite, also joined Hongxingurk’s independent research and development.

“Artificial Muscle” Technology

And the middle end is normal.

Double Technology’s blessing creates more outstanding performance.

And the biggest characteristics of artificial muscle materials are

Monitoring foot movements, greatly reduce the discomfort caused by foot muscles due to exercise

Monitoring plus prevention, it can be described as true and meticulous.

Hongxinglike “浔” series running shoes

There is a saying,

If Hongxingrk’s “oddball” series running shoes main attack technology, then the “浔” series must focus on the value.

“浔” series is really in line with the modern trend aesthetics, and the theme also has a sense of national style and the mid-two, for example


Pangu, Thunder, Yu You, Jingwei, Criminal Day, Xuanwu, Poor,


Wait, really giant!

The whole is used along the old deck design, smooth lines and retro shoes, and look good.


It is also very rich in color, whether it is


Simple black and white ash


,still is

High saturation bright colors

It is easy to control different styles to wear a model.

Especially in summer, a pair of Hongxing


“浔” series of old shoes

It can be easily set.

With five-point trousers, tooling shorts or wide-leg pants, with a variety of different color style T-shirts, sports fashion is very small.

Hongxingrk “Shark” series running shoes

“Shark” series includes

Straightened shark, shaking shark, hurries, shark

Each of the subjects, and each of them is more value and performance.

With marine bio-sharks, it combines sports DNA and environmental protection ideas to bring new personality sports trend experience.


Combine the shark soft bone ridge with sole to create a good touch, equipped

Hydrogen technology center PLUS

Excellent shock absorption, breathable, support, lightweight and rebound effects, leisure fitness can wear.

Overall, Hongxingrk’s running shoes, compared to Li Ning and Anta’s biggest advantage lies in “cost performance”, and the design and technology performance is very good, it is a “conscience brand” in China.

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α-flex intelligent fluid material