Opening school stocks HP all-in-one: color print copy scan all HOLD live, cheap cry



The children started, and sometimes there is a material that needs to be printed, and the print shop is too tossing. I am worried that I have a printer is too expensive, it is not cost-effective …

However, I met HP small Q

One machine

After that, I immediately put a concern.

This is really a variety of all-round players with high performance!


As long as 749 yuan!

👆小 q real shot map

This price is only black and white, I feel very cost-effective.

I didn’t expect it, it


It also supports color, can connect to mobile phones, tablets, and computers.

What can’t I thought is that copying and scanning have also achieved this small machine.

(Also black and white color)!

The function is awesome,

The value is not low!

No wonder the nickname of others is small Q ~

In addition to the color of the previous display, there are

Red model


Buy printers now, just

Send a pack of photo paper


Friends who have decided, you can grab it directly!



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1 Print, copy, scan all in one


In general, the purchase of printers at home, you need to copy, and you will find a print store near the scan.


But, but


Do not buy one machine, not because it is not needed, but feel that the one machine is too large, the price is also high

Looking back


The baby’s thing is covered by the space.

, Counted a calculation – don’t buy it.

And HP small Q can eliminate these concerns,

It also

It’s almost long (40cm or so) with laptop (40cm), height, and the width is similar to the length of the iPhone (10 + cm).

Small, it is very good at home.

👆 Real shot small Q and MacBook AIR size comparison


If the price doesn’t say, hundreds of pieces can buy long-term use, really exceed imagination.

Let me put my small Q function

Trial process and effect


They are presented to everyone, prove that small Q children’s shoes are not vases,

But a good look


Black and white color

First of all, small Q can be called,

It is very suitable for a baby family, and the information given to the children is a lot of flowers green cocoa love. If it makes it black and white, there is too much color.

👆 👆 打 网

Little Q’s color performance is still quite good


. I did test with my mobile phone and the computer, and the mobile phone printed a photo of a high-resolution child, a single-resolution illustration, the computer printed a color page.


👆 👆 photo

👆 👆 打 插

Small Q is present in the text, nor will it lose

. And support draft, ordinary, best three kinds of print quality – but I contracted the ordinary and best two models, the naked eye seems to see too much difference,

It is recommended that you can use the default normal mode.

👆 Ordinary print quality and best print quality, the naked eye is not big


As for this, the speed is very fast, the speed is slow, but the speed is slow, but it is also acceptable, after all, it is inkjet printer, and it is not possible to measure the standard of the laser printer.


👆 Print web page process dynamic display (to ensure the quality of animation, have accelerated processing)

👆 Print image process dynamic display (to ensure the quality of the animation, do acceleration processing)

If you print a document, it’s very fast, and it’s all.

As if it is Xiao Q, saying to you: Hello, still doing it, I have already finished playing!

👆 Print the pure text document process dynamic display (original speed, no acceleration)

If it is mobile phone, you can


Set the printed page range, print quality, etc.


. Computer end, it is usually using printers

General operation



Copy function

Let’s see the copy function.

The operation is very simple, press the copy button to click – if it is

Color copying, press the color button on the left, black and white copy, press the black and white button, very intuitive

Because small size, when the target image is collected, the small Q is inhaled:

👆 To ensure the quality of the animation, there is a speed of acceleration

Easily implement it regardless of color, black and white mode, or copy images, text, can be easily implemented.

From the copy effect, the picture, the performance of the text is still very good.

, The reduction of the original document is very high.

👆 copy effect: above is the original file, the bottom is a copy

Scan function

Let’s take a look at the scan function. I used HP my own documentation to test, the effect is very surprised:

👆 Scanned pictures

👆 Scanning process show (to ensure the quality of the animation, have accelerated processing)

The scan is also a suction collection image, so some relatively thick, hard-working materials, small Q suction may be a bit force, compare insurance or scan paper materials.

👆 Adjust the image boundary

After scanning,

If you pursue perfection, you can

Manually fine-tuning the collected image boundary on the app

, You can also use the APP’s own image processing function to perform


Edit and optimization


👆 Send to the computer

After adjusting the picture to your satisfaction, you can

Direct delivery to your computer


Save in your phone, send it to WeChat, email

Waiting for App, it is very convenient.

——- I don’t go away from the wonderful continuation of the line ——-

Small Q printing, copying, scanning basic functions and effect tests, will introduce you to here. Let’s take a look

Specific operation method

– If you are a small genius of digital products, you can jump, because it is really simple.

2 fool operation

Computer mobile phone double management

Although the little Q is very good, it is never a beautiful woman, she is very flat,

Whether it is connected to mobile phones, computers, or the button control on the body, it is very simple, almost no need to guide or dedicate instructions.

Cartridge installation

The new machine you received will be a state in which the ink cartridge is not installed, and the ink cartridge given in the box will need to be installed.

👆 紫红 的, black and white ink cartridge

The operation is very simple, open the cover of the front of the small Q, you can see the original vacuum ink cartridge.

Put the color ink cartridge, black and white ink cartridges can be installed in the color of the color.


Turn the printer’s power to the switch

, You can connect your phone or computer.


Mobile: WiFi directly

If you want to print something on your phone, you can download it yourself.


HP smart

This app, then


Connect your phone to


Network, open APP selection to add devices

, Follow the step by step by step.

After connecting the printer, you can select a print photo in the app, print a document, and select the target file you need to print.

If you want to print the child class group or your own files in your own working group, you can choose the target file directly in WeChat.


, Select “Open”, select “

Print using HP SMART

“It’s okay.

HP Smart APP also supports

Picture editing

Before printing pictures, you can do some

Treatment, brightness contrast adjustment

Can also be used


Produce special visual effects, or yourself

Add text

If you want to scan, you can


Select the scan function on the app


, Put the photos that you want to scan, the side of the paper, etc., you can take a paper. Scanning quality also has drafts, ordinary, best three selection, according to testing,

It is recommended to use ordinary mode.

As for copying, the front is also introduced, and it is possible to operate directly on the fuselage, but also the document that you want to copy, the photo is placed in the slit of the strip.

Computer: data cable connection

To connect your computer to print, it is easier. If it is Apple computer,

It is only necessary to connect the all-in-one and computers.

👆 小 q and computer connection


Apple’s computer uses the USB interface, no need to install the driver, after the connection is easy to print, you can see our little Q in the printer list:

When you install your Windows system, you need to simply install one driver.

3 consumables


Incidentally, the printer products, everyone is very concerned about the problem of consumables.


The small Q’s ink cartridge is still quite useful, using HP 680 ink cartridges,


According to the data given by the official,

Black and white print volume is 480 pages, color printing volume is 150 pages

However, it is also necessary to explain that the two ink cartridges given by the machine belong to the experience, and the print amount is half of the ink cartridge.

We don’t sell ink cartridges this time, if we experience it,

Everyone can buy themselves on their own trust.

I don’t doubt all the search comparison capacity, but I also take advantage of the price of the supplies, the official channel is about 70 pieces.

Calculate the color

No 5 cents a page


Black and white average

A hair multi-page

Current price is still good

Of course,

This simple rude calculation is for reference only


The price actually purchased the ink cartridge has a relationship with the platform, shop and purchase activities, and actually printed.

Number of sheets


Depending on the type of your print file.


Ok, about Xiao Q, I will introduce it to you.

Don’t forget the gift, just buy the printer, just


let us go

– END –

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* Logistics Description: Tendon, most parts of the country, Xinjiang, Tibet, please contact customer service, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan do not ship.

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👆 To ensure the quality of the animation, there is a speed of acceleration