The sliding door did not have anti-collision strips. I know these best! Lin Feng decorative thin girl


Recently, the thin girl I heard that some small partners may be in the decoration, it may be to make the whole effect can be harmonious, so there is no anti-collision strip, and if the sliding door is collided, it is easy to slide out of the track. .

The anti-collision strips mentioned here are also known as protective strips, protective angles, etc. Mainly used in school kindergartens, household wall corners, rhodes of various furniture facilities, etc. It is the main purpose to prevent children from being hurt by furniture, and the doors.


For some large sliding gates, the installation of anti-collision is more necessary, and the anti-collision strip is installed in the sliding door to protect the glass, so the sliding door of the plastic steel is more need for anti-collision strip. protection of.


Undage of anti-collision strips

1. Clean the grounded surface to protect, remove the above greasy and dust


2. After drying, it is pasted.

3. Measure the length of the corresponding length after using the length.

4. Tear the adhesive and put the protective strip in the plane.

5. Press the entire anti-collision strip.

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