Traditional stripes beautiful? Try these irregular striped single products Japanese style



Irregular stripes

The designed single product is more interesting than the traditional stripe, but also makes the shape more vivid. Therefore, this time I brought some Japanese style of this irregular striped single product, maybe you will be satisfied.

Irregular striped top X trousers dressing


Red-based irregular stripes belong to casual style, suitable for matching light beige loose pants.

By making the shoes on the feet are the same as the top, it will not become too casual.

Based on white-based striped sweater is a fashionable commodity, the color and thick lines of stripes are also different.

With simple black pants and beige accessories, complete mature styles.

Multi-color irregular striped knit tops containing white and blue and light blue lines.

Take it into a thin light blue pants with a centerline, which is ideal for a new style of office commuter.


Leisure multi-striped knitted tops can be equipped with a variety of styles.

Black harsh pants are tightened, creating a less tight loose appearance.


This striped ribbed knit sweater has four colors, mature colors are impressive.


Slightly with retro, suitable for a denim trousers with a mid-line design to highlight retro atmosphere.

This striped knitted top of this line is thick, and the heart-shaped leader exposes a woman flavor.

At the same time, white and black lines with beige are gorgeous and basic impression. It is very good to look at a jeans.

Red multi-striped ribbed sweatshirts can make mature shapes with vitality.


Combined with high waist jeans, it looks very fashionable.

Multi-striped knitted tops, boat collar loose design, is a single item similar to men, the background is white, the line is red and the navy blue.

Choose a simple skinny jeans and high heels to show an ankle, random add to a woman ♪

Irregular striped top X half skirt styling

This candy color half-sleeved striped headshirt gives people a lovely impression.


It is a single product of shorts, which can be done, or it can be used as an inner.

With the Navy Blue Body Skirt, it is consistent with one of the colors in the line, and the model is complete.

This irregular stripe shirt gives people natural impression through the nature of the beige.

The color of the half skirt, high heels and bags are beige, and the female modified monochrome shape is completed.

Multi-striped knit sweater based on white bottom. A beige tight dress with natural woman.


The key is black high heels to tighten shape.

White multi-striped tops with bright colors such as red and orange.


Match with white trumpet skirts, create a complete refreshing shape.

Similarly, such a bright shape, please choose a black high heel.

Simple top X multi-striped half skirt styling


Based on light gray multi-striped skirt with green lines, it gives people vivid impression.

Slug the hem of the yellow cardigan, with colorful high heels, showing colorful but mature appearance.

This is a multi-striped design of knitted skirt, with a flared profile, giving people an elegant impression.


The focus of shape is to add a black line on the basis of rice, and the shoe selection is also black.


The top of the dress is the same as the background of the skirt, give you a similar set of styles.

This is a plurality of striped skirts with wool materials, very spring feel.

The color of the convergence of green and navy blue creates a beautiful effect.


Silver high heels on your feet help to improve the stylish of shape.

If you feel that the traditional stripes are beautiful, not fashion, please try an irregular striped item. It can give your shape to bring more choices and fun.