Hundreds of elastic jeans, bid farewell to “What to wear today”


Refreshing and simple, work sports is incorrect

The elastic jeans are quiet, and the white t2.0 iteration with the red bean men’s classic iteration can be said to be “the sky of the sky”, the white blue is clean and fresh, the visual refreshing and simple echoes, the sports fan is full, release youth vitality.

Life is more than one, but Xiaobai T + elastic jeans can make us easily switch different faces, whether it is documented during the day, or getting on work together, stretch breathable jeans and hand soft little white t for our daily offer A colorful choice, work sports is incorrect, easy and comfortable.


Ready is ready to enjoy the wonderful life in your life.


Leisure, travel

In the morning, March, the stranger bloom, everything grows, is the good time of traveling to the spring. About three or five friends are happy, or together with their families, they are the best choice for the holiday relaxation. Stepping equipment is trying to use practical comfort, the burden is reduced to the body, so it is more recommended that the elastic jeans and jackets are mixed, and the style is casual, and the upper body comfort is excellent.

The elastic jeans is comfortable and breathable, and the casual jacket is light, it is convenient for travel, which can deal with the change of outdoor weather, but also keep an easy experience in walking or climbing, and action anytime, anywhere.

The best scenery is on the road, walking out to enjoy the natural scenery, feel the day and the wind, don’t make a good spring.

Elegant temperament, enjoy the lazy home life


What is the home of the house? In addition to home clothes, soft sweaters and elastic jeans are also a good choice, elegant and not deliberately match, comfortable and unrestrained styles, both satisfying our home watching play games, but also convenient for walking Shopping, add convenience to the lazy home life.

The sweater is soft and warm, the elastic jeans is comfortable, all the items that can be worn, the comfortable fabric gives the body and minds, just like weekends, is a rare relaxation in our busy tight life rhythm.