Customer to buy a dollar pregnancy test paper …


In daily sales, the pharmacy’s family planning items are not affected by the season, especially in the early stage of pregnancy test strips. If the customer wants, you will not give anything, then this pharmacy will definitely have no performance, and it will be closed in the morning. Xiaobian explained through a story case, let everyone learn, how to explore the potential needs of customers to associate a large single.

Pharmacy scene

At about 9:00 am, there is a customer in the local world. Wang Zhipeng (pseudonym) opened a luxury brand coupe car carrying girlfriend Hong Yiqi (pseudonym) came to the XX pharmacy to buy a few pregnancy test strips.

Wu Master saw a luxury coupe in front of the pharmacy door parking, putting down the work of the hand, very excited, smiling and said to all the clerk: “This is a big fish, potential stock, you have to look, I How to tell the words and collect the money back. “

Many of the women’s clerks in the scene couldn’t help but smile, and I felt that Wu Pharmigus was blowing, but he made a daydream. After the guest entered the store, Wu Pharma was smiling, he greeted the guests to say: “Hello, have you need me to help?”

Female customer: “Pharmacist, help me take a test paper for pregnancy.”

Wu Master asked: “Do you want card type or pen?

Customer: “Which brand is quapasted?”

Wu Pharmacist: “This pen is the XX brand, China’s famous brand, high visibility, the best brand in this store, many people buy, very accurate.”

Male customer: “Okay, buy this pen, help me take two, pack.”

Wu Pharmigi commanded the cashier to carefully packaged two pen types, but this did not tell the guests, it seems to have any feelings.

Wu Pharmacist experienced rich experience, observing the color, and took the initiative: “Two, what else?”

Female customer support: “Wu Pharmacist, I have a small problem to consult with you.”

Wu Pharmacist: “But I am very happy to serve customers.”


Female customer: “Pharmacist, eating this contraceptive side effect?”

Wu Pharmacist: “Any drug three-point poison, contraceptives must have side effects, if severe, may lead to menstruation disorders.”

Male customer: “Pharmacist, what kind of medicine do you have to reduce side effects?”


Wu Pharmacist: “Don’t worry, you can take vitamin E + C tablets, this can adjust endocrine, greatly reduce side effects. Now there are activities in the store, buy two bottles, manufacturers give a beautiful gift, please ask a bottle of Still two bottles? “

Male customers do not think, pick up a credit card from the pocket to the cashier card settlement, say: “Well, then you will help me with two bottles.”

Wu Pharmacist: “Excuse me, do you want a domestic brand or imported original brand?”

Male customers have always loved the face, saying: “The quality of the imported goods is definitely good, buy imported. Pharmacist, what else need to pay attention to?”

Wu Pharmacist: “Wang, the contraceptive is not a million, often eats good health, I suggest you take contraception.”

Male customer: “Okay, then you will help me take a box of condoms.”


Wu Pharmacist: “Japan is still Malaysia?”

Male customer: “Take a box of Malaysia, ultra-thin.”

When checkout, the cashier asked: “Mr. Wang, do you have a membership card?”

Male customer: “No.”

Wu Pharmacist: “Wang Tong, is this, our store has recently handled a free membership card service, not as good as you do, and the member points can be exchanged in the store special item.”

Male customer: “Well, you will give me a member card.”


When the customer registers the procedure of the card, Wu Master said: “The king is always, you will go, welcome you again.”

Marketing analysis

When the customer enters the store to see the mountain, I want to buy pregnancy test strips, which is dominated. During the entire sales process, Wu Pharma has always played the role of consultant sales, and the view is colored. When the customer is not settled, there is a difficult question, and when he takes the initiative, the customer finally said his potential demand. Under the guidance and recommendation of Wu Pharma, the customer king buy a bottle of vitamin E + C, and buy a box of continenten pregnant. It is easy to pay a big order on the same day.

The essence of marketing is to meet the needs of customers. We must know more about life knowledge, know how to identify customer’s price, lock the core value, more chat, multi-communication, more questions, through the inquiry method, deep excavation of powerful consumer groups Potential demand, then take the initiative to recommend the right product package to the customer, increase the customer’s order, and the monthly salary is not a dream.

The customer is always God. Before the cashier, you must ask if there is a member card, free to do a membership card for the new customer, and constantly improve the consumer health file, and implement the membership system to cultivate customer loyalty. Special emphasis is emphasized, we need to charge yourself, use specialized pharmacy service levels to conquer customers’ hearts. Each sales champion is a chat master. When you can’t get the trust of customers, then the sales disciplines and transaction strategies will fail.

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