High self-discipline! The “Isolation Diary” of China Olympic Menters


The members of China Sports Delegation returned to China

self-discipline! The “Isolation Diary” of China Olympic Menters

Guangzhou Daily Full Media Reporter Yang Min

After the Tokyo Olympics, the members of China Sports delegation were returned to China. In a non-spacious space, athletes still maintain a high degree of self-discipline under the conditions of lack of equipment, and persist in physical training every day. These days, their “isolation diary” fire!

The elastic band is blown out of the maximum drinking water into the artifact

In the exercise video uploaded by the athlete, the expansion rate of the elastic band is the highest. Whether it is Chinese ping’s “double circle” full of Malong, or women’s 87kg weightlifting champion Li Wenwen, is applying from this simple fitness equipment. Another isolation training must “artifact” is a complete box of drinking water, Chinese women’s tennis “Little Devil” Sun Yusha and men’s 61kg level weightlifting champion Li Fengbin uses it to practice squat and abdominal muscles. Among the freehand athletes, the whole redness of the gold medal (Zhanjiang and Guangzhou co-cultivated) and Fan Zhendong did not deciple how to effectively roll abdomen.

Although the Olympics is over, the national pages also have the game mission of the National Games in September. It is important to know that the National Games is difficult than the Olympics. Therefore, during the 21-day isolation period, Malong, Chen Meng, Sun Yusha, Xu Wei and other main force, even if you can’t immediately return to the ball training, and use the simple equipment in the room to perform physical training, and there is no relaxation.


Sun Yousha and Xu Wei did not agree with drinking water. Xu Wei used three bottles of drinking water to demonstrate how to exercise the balance of limbs, Sun Yusha moved to the whole box of drinking water for deep training. Malone uses the elastic band to strengthen the core power, Wang Mun, with the elastic band exercise leg muscles, Chen Meng started fitness exercises in the room, Fan Zhendong demonstrates how to complete the standard rolled abdominal actions in bed.

Like country ping, the champions of China Diving Team have not delayed training during isolation. Only 14-year-old full redness in bed insisted on sit-ups, gotting a double-gold sink with two barrels of drinking water and a chair exercise arm and leg power. Demonstration from Guangdong demonstrates a single leg standing deep squat, Cao Yuan did inverted support. Chen Hua’s jumping aerobics movement cute was praised by netizens. She also updated their video on the yoga mat and back muscle training.

The champions of China’s weightlifting team broke out, and Li Fengbin, who won the men’s 61kg gold medal, showed four “golden chicken independence” on the Olympic Games. During the isolation, his exercise is easy to jump to the cabinet, and also demonstrates the push-ups, and the difficulty is shocked. When he was carrying out heavy training, he and Sun Yusha were the difficulty of strengthening the difficulty of tank training with the whole box. He also left a message saying: “I can’t find something weighing, griever you, I haven’t been Drink I have been borrowed by me. I use it, the abdominal muscles of weight-bearing training are particularly powerful. You can try it, don’t borrow it. “Men’s 73kg weightlifting champion Shi Zhiyong challenged a push-ups for 30 seconds, but also let netizens helped him have a total of a total several. He explained that there is no basket in the room, the cabinet table is too short, the coach believes that his arm force is better than the waist leg power, but also practice more.

Women’s 87 kilograms of weightlifting champion Li Wenwen demonstrates “playing force belt” during isolation, fully practicing the arms and legs. She used her hands after winning the gold medal, and she was praised “big body little cute”. In fact, her cute is “genetic”. In the recent connection, Li Wenwen revealed that he first showed the gold medal to his family in the first time. As a result, her grandmother asked: “Is it pure gold? Yes, come back to give me a bracelet.”

Guo Tenni, feathers, fun, king, Wang Man, chase, praised, Sun Honglei

China’s badminton team is more isolated from the Chinese table tennis team. At the beginning, the female single champion Chen Yuxi and the mixed double champion Wang Yubi / Huang Dongping teamed up with the demonstration of how to exercise the abdominal muscle and the pace of badminton. Waiting for the ping-pong athletes, and the two national characters who have prepared the Olympics in Hainan Lingshui Base have begun full of fun.

During the Olympic Games, the unique badminton female double silver medal will organize the fancy ball performance of national ping and national feathers. In the video produced by Chen Emperor, “pick up”, “pick up”, including Guoyu, the main force, Huang Dongping, He Yingjiao, Li Yinhui, Du Wei, Jia Yifan, Huang Yongqi, Chen Yufei, each player’s ball is different, Chen Emperor Chen The female double partner Jia Yifan also performs the head. After the badminton, Chen Chen also sent a table tennis. This time, the empty team of the table tennis gigant is Chen Meng, Wang Mang, and Sun Yizha. After successful coming, Chen Chen Chen hobby “Chen Sister”, and she and Sun Yizha have established a deep friendship during the Olympics, because they have doubled their double fans in the first competition. Sun Yusha is “Sama Father” in Chen Xima. Now that it is in the isolation period, Chen Jie has made it, and Shames immediately stabilized “pick up” to live the ball.

In addition to maintaining exercise and email, athletes also use this rare relatively relaxed time to finish the beautiful moments at the Olympics. Table tennis women’s singles champion Chen Meng and netizens shared their heads during the Olympic Games, more than the video carefully. Wang Mangyan took the time to chase the time, and also discussed the plot with netizens, and praised the acting of Sun Honglei, Heilongjiang Tongxiang: “During the isolation period, the drama! Li Chengyang will not be for the master in Cao Yingxin! Sun Honglei teacher is also me Master’s favorite actor, Sun Honglei teacher acting awesome! “As a result, she also successfully caught the attention of the other party, Sun Honglei replied:” Your backhand is great! “Wang Mandan opened the mind” Hahaha, Sun Honglei teacher, I can teach you.”

Because short hair long hair styling salt, sweet and red woman, three people, Bronze medal, Yang Shu, I sent “Xiao Yang’s isolation life” video, showing my netizens all day life isolated, then she forwarded I have a wonderful fragment of the National Games preliminaries, but I still wrote helplessly: “When can I touch the ball?” Although there is another day of returning training field, she received unexpected surprises in these two days, it is gold The State Warrior team scored Thompson called her.

“Yang Shusu, congratulations, you got the Olympic bronze medal, I heard that you are a very powerful player, shooting the ball sample, you can play, congratulations, you and your team have achieved such a great achievement, I hope you Keep the enthusiasm for basketball, next summer, we can meet in China, and ratio shooting. “For this, Yang Shujin recorded a video reply. “Tang Shen, I am very happy to receive your blessings, forgotten when you start to appreciate you, but no matter whether it is still a steady heart, you are my example, I am looking forward to your return next season. I also look forward to your next China. I will continue to practice dunk, and we should be almost. “

Source: Guangzhou Daily