Cross -stitch, the fun in my life


Receiving for several years. I do n’t have to go to work just when I just retreat. I ’m not restrained and free. I want to sleep in the evening or get up in the morning with my own mood. There is no regular meal. I want to eat a few o’clock. Watching TV brushing mobile phones is to go shopping on the street. However, after a long time of relaxing time, the life of irregular life will make people feel boring, helpless …

One day, the colleagues who worked together before, the two of us retired at almost the same year, asking me to go to her house to play, and seeing that she was embroidered with the cross -stitching of the river map, which was the full 22 -meter -long work. one third. I really shocked me with my own eyes! In her heart, she couldn’t help secretly admiring her patience and perseverance of embroidery.

As a result, I also bought two cross -stitch works. One is the four small wealth gods, which is said to be able to recruit wealth at home; the other is a six -foot peony map (rich flowers), which looks particularly atmospheric. Suitable for hanging on the sofa of the living room.

I did n’t have the same as before, and I started to arrange life regularly and reasonably. Every day, the combination of relaxation and work and rest. After three years of careful embroidery, two works have finally been completed. Colleagues and friends say that embroidery is good. Thank you for your praise [Pray] [Prayer]! At present, I only took a six -foot peony work, and sent it to you to share it. At the same time