During the epidemic, do not jump your waist during the epidemic


#Headline anti -epidemic science#

There are many new things at home!

A certain sound: Liu “Coach” was on fire ~ The sister -in -law danced ~

Old waist: God …! Don’t jump me …


Dr. Li: Stay …

At present, the media reports that the first batch of “Liu Genghong Boys” and “Liu Genghong Girls” have jumped into the hospital.


Contemporary young people, whether white -collar workers, designers, IT elites, teachers, students, salespersons … Who can escape for too long, stay up late, and lack exercise? Who has no pain?

The lumbar disc herniation has been younger. In the past, we thought that lumbar disc herniation in his 30s was early, but now in his 20s, it is abound!

It is not wrong to exercise at home, but be careful not to flash the waist.

[Popular science] What is lumbar disc?

The lumbar disc is a connection tissue between the vertebral body. It plays a good buffer to protect the brain and internal organs and decentralized pressure to protect the vertebral body in the middle. If there is no intervertebral disc, the bones and bones will directly rub.

Lumbar disc herniation

The lumbar disc is divided into two parts, one is the nucleus of the inside, and the other is the fiber ring that wraps the nucleuclear in the periphery. It is a flexible glue object as a whole. We can imagine it as a double -layer jelly. There is a soft liquid inside, and it is harder to protect the outside.

Lumbar disc herniation position

[Understand] What is the essence of Xunzi dance?

Although this set of action is simple and easy to learn, this core action contains a large degree

Turn torso, hip flexion, internal rotation, and external rotation of the hip joint

Wait, that is what everyone often says

Turn, lift hip, twist

The movement of the movement, the extension of the activity, and the fast rhythm of movement. Although “sweat” can indeed play a role in grease, it is also easy to cause damage.


[Solemn warning] Don’t jump out of lumbosteps? Intersection

Lumbaristosis is a slightly harder fiber ring outside the lumbar discus. The soft myelopa nucleus inside is squeezed and leaked, causing the chemical inflammatory response inside the spinal canal and the surrounding nerve root, which causes back pain and sciatica. Symptoms such as leg numbness. It can be said, as long as you don’t change

The wrong posture habit, lack of exercise

Then you are either lumbar, or on the road of lumbarism. Of course, if

Exercise is unscientific

, Also lead to



Acute attack



The nuclei state in different postures

The lumbar intervertebral plate is exactly in

Bend over, load, rotate

Time is the most stressful. For example, when you twist the waist such as heavy objects, playing badminton, and jumping dancing dances, you are particularly easy to cause damage to lumbar disc, causing flashing waist.

Therefore, patients with lumbar disease and elderly people

As long as the exercise involved in rotating and twisting waist is not suitable

Therefore, Dr. Li solemnly reminds everyone that if there is a chronic low back pain or intermittent low back pain, you must not follow the trend!


[Doctor recommendation] Exercise at home

1. Unilateral roll

Lie flat on the pad, straighten one leg and bend one leg. Put your hands in the depression of the back, and always keep your hands pressed on the ground during the movement. By tightening the abdomen, lift the scapula 30 degrees from the ground, and then slowly return to the starting position. The spine, neck and back are connected.

Three times a day, 3 groups each time, each group 12 times.

2. Core muscle exercise

The nose was inhaling, inhaling the stomach at the same time, and vomiting the breath in the stomach. Extend the time of inhalation and exhalation as much as possible, and put your hands on the abdomen and apply pressure. Use that gas to push your hands when you inhale, and find the feeling that you can control your breath to reach your hands (the muscle group that needs to be controlled in different locations). External oblique muscles and back waist muscles.

Three times a day, the upper, middle and lower abdomen are carried out separately, each part is performed 3 groups each time, each group 12 times.


3. Jogging

In order to better understand how the sports affect the body at different times of the day, the international team led by Professor JULEEN R. Zierath from the Basic Metabolic Research Center of Copenhagen has carried out related research and published in the “Cell metabolism” magazine. The research found that:


1. In the morning, exercise in the morning is more conducive to controlling blood sugar and helping the blood glucose level that stabilizes the day. In other words, high blood sugar people are more suitable for exercise in the morning.

2. In the evening, exercise activates fat oxidation in the muscles. Compared with morning exercise, exercise at night mobilizes fat decomposition, which may be more suitable for people with fat reduction.

4. Swimming (if possible)

Swimming is the most suitable way for lumbar disc herniation. It can reduce the longitudinal weight of the longitudinal axis during flat games. The warm swimming pool water can also relax the muscles and relax the blood. The supine position can also enhance the strength of the back muscles.


Avoid swimming in the water during severe pain, avoid sprains




The nuclei state in different postures