Two girls recruit room friends to rent, a man came to see the room for his girlfriend, and he appeared again in the early morning


“I felt something kicked in my sleep, and I was holding my mouth as soon as I opened my eyes.”

In less than 4 am on May 29th, two 20 -year -old girl Xiaoli and Xiaoling were tied up with their hands and feet with their hands and feet in Hangzhou. , Subsequently, the WeChat transfer was snatched 31,000 yuan.

Zhang refers

He said he wanted to rent a house for his girlfriend, he once came to step on the point

Recalling what happened at the time, the eyes of the two girls were still full of panic and anxiety.

It turned out that they had seen both the robbers who grabbed the money, and had communicated with each other.

“Two days ago, he came to see another room in our house, saying that it was renting a house for his girlfriend.” Xiaoli said that there are 2 independent rooms in the 80 -party suite that they now rent. They and the landlord discussed to recruit another girl to share the rent.


After publishing the shared information online, a man came to contact in a few days, saying that he wanted to rent a house for his girlfriend and wanted to come to see it. Accompanied by the landlord and the two girls, the man said after watching the room and said that he would consider it again.

In the early morning, the girls slept in the bed, but the man secretly touched it.

“This is the first time I have committed the crime. I was very panicked. Every time I did a step, I had to smoke a cigarette.” During the interrogation, the robber Zhang said. Because of his unemployed and spending money, Zhang, 33, already owed more than 500,000 foreign debt. Because the creditors were tightening, he was anxious to repay his debt and decided to take risks.

The door was not locked, and it opened at a light pull.

At more than 3 am on May 28th, Zhang was carrying a black toolkin with hammer, knife, tie -tie and other tools in the bag. He rode a bicycle from Xiasha Road to Wan Nande Shengdongyuan. “I wanted to go to the community to pry a lock and steal something.” Zhang said.

Since he went to see the room before, he knew that he had only two girls in the room and decided to start from their home.


Due to fear, before the crime, he smoked a cigarette downstairs. “After going upstairs, I found that the door of their house was not locked, and the door opened gently. I walked directly into the house.” In the living room, Zhang smoked another cigarette, and be careful while smoking cigarettes. Finding valuables in the house, but found nothing.

He took a deep breath and pushed the bedroom door of two girls, and found that the girl was sleeping. “When I saw someone, I was very guilty to escape.” Zhang lit a cigarette and smoked.

After smoking, Zhang calmed down a lot and began to squat beside the bed to find. Suddenly, Xiaoling in her sleep stretched out her legs and kicked Zhang.

Before the awakened Xiaoling had time to react, she was held by Zhang. Xiaoli also woke up at once, and Zhang hurriedly took out the hammer and a knife to intimidate the two. “You call, I will kill you and give me the money.” Zhang roared in a hurry.

Since neither of them had cash, Zhang could only use his mobile phone to transfer all the money in the WeChat wallet of the two. “You are not allowed to call the police, I won’t come to you again in the future. If you dare to call the police and walk.” Zhang took a photo of Xiaoli’s ID card, tied the two with tie and tape, and fled. Essence


At 5 o’clock in the morning, Xiaoli and Xiaoling reported to the police after breaking the binding.

After investigation by the police of Xiasha Police Station, at 4 pm on May 29, Zhang arrested Zhang in a bathroom in Yancang, Haining.

According to Zhang’s explanation, the money he grabbed was repaid by him.

At present, Zhang has been detained and the case is under further trial.

There are many people who choose to rent with people in order to save money, but the safety risk of leases is greater. Houses with people must have a strong sense of self -prevention and try to introduce joint rental targets through regular intermediary companies.

Before the lease, you must figure out the identity information, family, working address and work nature. Do not put too much cash and valuables at home. It is best to choose a person who is familiar with them.

In addition, beware of the “three major traps” for renting a house.

1. Beware of “black agencies” to cheat the house fees

Some illegal intermediary personnel seize your psychology of renting your house, and he said that there are good houses that meet your needs in your hand, but you ask you about 300 yuan or information fee for about 300 yuan before watching the house.

When renting the rental information, renteders should try to overcome the psychology of renting the house as much as possible, and carefully distinguish between the house rent of the house, verify the qualifications, credibility, and the original ID card of the landlord, and the original ID card.

2. Beware of fake landlords to cheat rent

Some people pretend to be fake landlords to deceive, and they will rent the house that is almost expired and profit from it. The real landlord has to come to collect the house, or other renters who have passed down to take care of the contract, and at this time, the fake landlord has escaped.

Be wary, check the landlord’s ID and real estate certificate when renting, and then talk about the various matters and expense transactions of renting the house after confirmation.

Third, rental house anti -theft


Because the safety awareness of rented households is relatively weak, and most of the rental houses are older, and security facilities are relatively backward. Rental houses often become the targets of thieves frequently patronize. Therefore, when renting and living abroad, we must be particularly alert to foreign strangers, especially those who are suspicious. When they meet, they should be carefully questioned.

When going out, you must lock the doors and windows, notebook computers, mobile phones, jewelry and other valuable items to take away as much as possible. Do not store a lot of cash and valuables in the room. The neighborhood should be strengthened, and it is found that there are suspicious phenomena to report to the police or inform the property manager in time.


Source: Comprehensive Qianjiang Evening News/Zhejiang 24 -hour reporter Xie Chunhui correspondent Shi Yan, Changsha Police