It is recommended that the small man still wear short jackets, with trousers or skirts, which is high and neat, and the key is also temperament.


Various short and practical versatile jackets are very popular in autumn and winter. In addition to the warmth effect, they are also very fashionable. Whether it is a woman in the workplace, or the young lady, the jacket can start. Essence

Especially for girls with shorter children, choosing a short coat that does not press the height, it is very important to create a refreshing and capable beauty. Today I recommend these two practical combinations. It can be copied style, simple atmosphere, easy to change easily, easily changes Fashionable.

1. Pants matching


• Gray knitted cardigan+black leggings


Many sisters are worried that short down jackets are too bloated. They can try small incense -style knitted cardigan jackets. The lower body is paired with black tight pants. Panasonic tightly wear, you can stretch your leg shape and make you perfect. The knitted jacket and tights are capable and delicate. The young lady next door is right.

• Khaki short coat+black straight pants

This khaki suit short jacket is added with silhouette, which has better tolerance for the body conditions. The loose blue shirt is thin and comfortable to cover the meat. The black straight trousers of the lower body have the effect of modifying the leg shape.

Another light -khaki -color jacket is too long. The clothes are placed near the cross -department, wearing the young lady, capable and leisure, it looks very age -reducing, the lower body is paired with black straight pants, the pants tube lines are straightforward, and the legs are slender and straight. Essence

• Gray checkered jacket+denim straight pants


If you don’t like too dazzling colors in winter, try low -key and simple gray. This gray checkered jacket, retro and atmospheric, with fresh and versatile white shirts, full of literary sense. The lower body is paired with conventional denim straight pants, and the pants of cropped pants are more legs and full of fashion.


Another gray suit jacket is more oriented to the formal and serious style. The light gray is not as dull as black, but it has a high sense of sense. The next half is paired with black wide -leg pants, making this set of shapes more biased towards the workplace style. Presumably it is also the favorite of many female strong women in the workplace.


• Black knitted cardigan+khaki -colored straight pants

Basic version of the round neck sweater is very practical. Women of all ages can try. When the weather is warmer, you can try it alone. When cold, you can use it as an inward. Image.


In addition to the black sweater with straight pants, it is also good with black wide -leg pants. Choosing a black dress can easily create a handsome and capable style. This ultimate cold style makes people feel a mystery and suitable for intellectuality. Mature women.

• White plush jacket+blue jena straight pants

For most young and beautiful young ladies, there is no versatile and practical plush jacket in winter. This white plush jacket is very fresh and age -reducing whether it is matched with a half skirt or pants. The waist waist design can also create a sense of vision of the high waistline, perfectly modify the body proportion.


Second, skirt matching


• Rice white jacket+skirt

Many little fairies have a unique feeling for skirts, especially this kind of rice white skirt that looks very ladylike, versatile and durable, short coat and high -waisted half skirt, showing slender beautiful legs, exquisitely exquisite legs, exquisite It also has a small woman.

• Gray knitted cardigan+black skirt

If you want to keep the styling and have a sense of age, you may wish to try the matching sweater and black skirt. The style of the basic model creates a simple and capable sense of capacity. At the same time, the gray sweater jacket looks particularly fair skin. Whether it is a workplace match or out to go shopping, it is okay.

• khaki suit jacket+beige half skirt

The light -colored matching is easy to give people a gentle and elegant feeling. This seemingly formal match is actually not so monotonous, and the lower skirt of the lower body has a good sense of the formal sense of the suits.

Short jackets are practical and versatile in autumn and winter. It is very necessary to master the matching skills of short jackets. Do you also get the style of these short jackets?

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