At the end of the year, you must enter the “Sili Qi” limited washing suit in Japan.


In addition to wrapping yourself in winter, there is also a static electricity produced by hair friction.

A scarf can see the flying hair, and there are a lot of forks. The dry and dull hair appears worse against the lining of static electricity.


The messy chicken nest is a nightmare of everyone, and people who add lazy cancer every winter have become lower.

Not only do you have to face static electricity, but also to fight the oil head.

The selection of shampoo is a science. The fluffy shampoo may make your hair transform into the golden lion king, and the soft -effect shampoos may make your hair consume up by half.


The most terrible thing is that there is no effect after being carefully selected in the effects of dedue, moisturizing, and smooth effects.

From the Japanese Student Hall

TSUBAKI (Si Bei) Premium shampoo set


It will not make people have such frustration experience and the effect of polarization, let alone the same use as it is useless.

This set of 2020 planned Sili Qiqi Qin Run Zhen Showing Hair Nursing Set uses its unique exclusive innovation infiltration technology, and continuously injects the hair component into the hair core.


At the same time, like a professional hairdressing, the injection and absorption of the hairdressing ingredients can be controlled, and the hair is flexibly protected.

Effective repair of hair scales,


It is very friendly to damaged hair quality.


The number of annual limited models that I have provided for you today is limited,

Limited for sale, empty after selling!

There is also a very cost -effective price behind, don’t miss it ~


When I used it for the first time, I had obvious feelings. Usually, I had to blow my hair with essential oils, but I used this set of protection.

There is a kind of immediately after blowing

“I made a high -end spa for hair at home”


a feeling of! I just want to exclaim OMG ~

Speaking of Si Beiqi, I really like to go back to ten years ago!

As a Japanese washing brand, when I was in college, it was a high -level existence. At that time, the use of Si Beiqi was a symbol of being willing to invest in myself.

From the white bottle ten years ago, the white bottle was evolved into today’s golden bottle and red bottle. In addition to the Great Leap Forward in the packaging, Si Beiqi became more and more amazing in terms of effect.

Focus on

“Enjoy a private custom hairstyle maintenance SPA at home without leaving home”

Experience, no effort to blow ash, you can bring your hair to your hair -level hair care experience without spending money!

Qin Runzhen’s Nourishing Series

The red style is the nourishing series of Qin Runzhen, suitable for

Dry hair


Ordinary hair

The main effect is moisturizing and preventing the loss of moisture in the hair core, and the shiny shine.

The taste is the aroma of the flower and fruit of Si Beiqi, sweet

The flavor of the peach,


Moreover, the sisters around me said that the love was very red, and she said that after washing her head, the male ticket could not bury her head in her hair!

The red model also added



The ingredients, the essence of the double amino acid essence can achieve gloss and smooth purposes through simply washing.

The red model also specially added the moisturizing ace corner sharkane. During the process of shampooing to the drying process, it continued to enter water for the hair, from root to the hair tip synchronized light.

If a friend who has a good foundation in itself, it is no exaggeration to say that you can take a shampoo advertisement with red models ~

Qinrun Zhenzhi Repair Series


Gold model is Qin Runzhen’s repair series, suitable for



Oily hair

The main effect is to repair hair due to hot dyeing or daily cumulative damage, helping the hair to restore the health state.

Gold -colored washing is used to ensure bilateral amino acid ingredients while using silicone -free formulas. It is mild and non -irritating. It can double repair damaged hair and make the hair more and more healthier.

After the hair was washed, the fragrance of the camellia was a faint camellia. I felt that the whole person seemed to have sprayed a good salon perfume and became a walking scent machine.

Gold models have also become a repair and shampoo in 2020, which is a beautiful heaven. Friends who dye their hair every year will never be wrong.

Camellia essential oil


As well as

Royal jelly

as well as


Soy Protein

The blessing of the three high -quality essence, from the core to the hair of the hair, penetrates efficiently, fried chicken is suitable for lazy people who are afraid of trouble but want to have good hair quality!

This set of new products in 2020 follows the unique innovation penetration technology of Shushengtang. Even if the conditioner can be quickly repaired as the hair as the hair, the repair time can be short, but the effect is not discounted at all!

Expansion -penetration -locking, three hairdressing steps are strong, frizzy can be smooth, healthy hair development records can easily get.


The foam fried chicken is dense and the cleaning power is full. I have used a lot of silicone -free shampooing water to make my strength.

Can make a dense bubble

, Swed chicken comfortable!

Silicone no oil

Don’t worry about hurting your hair, not to worry about fake slipping, and it will not be astringent after washing. Kill a lot of silicone -free shampoo with a bunch of hairless hair!

When the condition is coated with the hair, I want to scream at the moment, it is too! Silk! slip! It’s! I feel that the hair ends began to dance cheerful ~ Wash it out after three minutes, the hair is smooth!


After washing, it is soft and fluffy, and at the same time moisturizing, the top of the head is still good -looking fluffy, very stylish ~


The contrast before and after use is also obvious!

Why Qin Runzhen is so popular and sought after, perfect cost -effectiveness, not inferior to the use and effect of big -name washing, smelling, and selling out of stock in minutes!

The repair effect on dry hair ends is better than a certain poem of three or four hundred bottles! The female colleague sitting next to me washed her hair three times a week after starting, and she said in surprise after two weeks:

“My forks have disappeared!”


Si Beiqi does not engage in those false ones, so that you can clearly feel that your hair is nourished and repaired when you first use it. The more you use your hair, the better the hair!


Because it contains the penetrated amino acid

Make hair scales not easy to peel off

Keeping fluffy while keeping the hair obedient and smooth.

With this set of washing, the hair mask and essential oil can be saved, and the moment when the hair blows dry, you can feel that the gloss is strong.

It is especially suitable for lazy people and office workers. After all, go out for a gallery to take a care of five or six hundred oceans. Such a set of salon -level washing care

Can use at least two months

, But not even one -fifth of the price of hair salon care!

The sisters said that her boyfriend had occasionally used her to occupy her washing suit. The frizzy hair of the steel straight male was sorted out during the shampoo. lie.



The savior of the flat star

It is not better than this, while the naked eye can be seen as soft and smooth, it can also maintain a fluffy air.

Suggestions to the hair star:

If it is too difficult to give birth, it is better to let the fluffy help you increase the amount of hair. The fluffy feeling is going up, who dares to say that you have a small amount? Intersection


I also made an exclusive discount for you!

The price of a Tmall supermarket is required


108 yuan

, But today places an order in the applet, only need

99 yuan

You can buy a set!

(Shampoo 490ml+conditioner 490ml)

You read it right! Buy two for one price, or the limited version of the project in 2020, which is too valuable. At the end of the year, the hairless shampooing shampoo Beiqi must be on the list!

Select TIPS:

Choose red and ordinary hair quality, oily and damaged hair selection gold! It is strongly recommended that you stock up. After all, this kind of consumables are never too much, it is still so easy to use ~

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