Can the door lock in their early thousands of yuan protect the safety of the home? Xiaomi Mi Family Smart Door Lock Experience


Since entering the intelligent era, our lives have begun to be contracted by various smart devices. We hope to get a better experience by replacing smart devices. Smart speakers, smart rice cookers, smart table lamps, etc. are unknowingly entered our lives.


Imagine that when you return home, the moment the door is turned on, the lights and air conditioners are automatically turned on. The water heater, rice cooker, and sweeping robot have begun to work automatically. And you just need to lie gently on the sofa, you don’t have to do anything.


The key point is, is your door on the smart door lock? After having their own small houses after 1980, they dreamed of creating a perfect intelligent scene, and all this was inseparable from the smart door lock.


Relying on its powerful intelligent ecology, Xiaomi Mi Family is not difficult to build this dream scene. Xiaomi launched Mijia’s first smart door lock, priced at 1299 yuan, and crowdfunding was as low as 999 yuan. Xiaomi, known as the “price butcher”, lower the price of smart door locks to a thousand yuan gear, which also allows more people to enjoy the convenience brought by smart door locks.


Exterior design

The overall shape of Xiaomi Mi Family’s smart door lock is relatively simple. The main tone is black, and the door with various colors will not be obtrusive. The front panel uses acrylic explosion -proof and tempered glass, and a metal lock rack is under the panel. The digital keyboard of the front panel adopts a hidden design and has a strong sense of one.


The fingerprint recognition area is set on the door handle of the front panel. The elliptical groove design can be used to obtain more accurate fingerprint information, thereby achieving rapid unlocking. When holding the handle, you can complete the unlocking operation in one step.


There is a press button on the handle on the back panel. When we open the door, we must press the button at the same time to go out, which can effectively prevent the child from opening the door by accident. There is also a physical insurance bolt below, which can be locked when indoors.

The bottom is the speaker and Micro USB power port. When the door locks are used up, the power can be used urgently. The 8 -knot 5 battery is powered. The official said that it can provide 18 months of battery life. Even if there is no electricity, you can open the door through the supporting physical key.

The main function of the lock is anti -theft and provides security. The Xiaomi Mi Family smart door lock uses the C -Class lock core of direct -inserted core, which is the highest safety standard in the industry and has a good electromagnetic shielding level. The built -in intelligent module of the lock core can monitor the state of the lock core in real time.

Installation process

Xiaomi Mi Family smart door locks are provided by green rice service providers to install after -sales and other services. Users provide information such as door specifications, door opening directions, etc., and can wait for the door to install. The installation service covers first, two, three, and fourth -tier cities, providing free guarantee for 3 years.


Users can take pictures in the applet and upload self -test, whether it meets the installation standard.


After the smart door lock is installed, we can download the Mijia APP, add fingerprint/password and start using it.


As a smart door lock, what is the experience in daily use? Support fingerprint recognition, password unlocking, temporary passwords, Xiaomi mobile phone NFC, mobile phone Bluetooth and emergency keys. There are six unlocking methods.

Basic fingerprint unlock

The official stated that it has a fingerprint recognition pass rate of up to 98.7%of the fingerprint recognition. In the actual experience, there is almost no deliberate fingerprint recognition process, and the door is unlocked.

Password unlocking

It is more convenient for some old people and children with lighter fingerprints, or friends who visit regularly. Support 20 virtual passwords, and set a one -time effective temporary password and periodic effective temporary password unlocking method. This can also prevent the risk of being peeping when unlocking.


Xiaomi mobile phone/bracelet NFC opening

Compared with other similar products, Mijia products are the biggest advantage of being able to use other smart products that can link Xiaomi. Xiaomi mobile phone NFC is locked, using a certificate signature mechanism, using segments to send a key to the end encryption, the door card cannot be copied. At the same time, you need to verify your fingerprints on your mobile phone before using the door card. When the door lock fingerprint is not available, it is an emergency solution with a mobile NFC unlock.


Key unlock

, Xiaomi Mimi’s smart door lock is equipped with two mechanical keys, which can be placed in a friend’s house. When the door lock is out of power, or it can be emergency when encountering other emergencies.

Mijia APP experience

Have you ever tried to encounter such a situation, and you will suddenly forget whether you have locked the door after going out. In the Mijia APP, we can check the real -time dynamics of the door lock at any time, check whether it has been locked, whether there are people enter and exit, and further grasp the situation of the family in and out.


In addition, the “Dream Scene” mentioned at the beginning of the article can be implemented by setting Mijia smart door locks. It can customize smart home scenes to realize automatic lighting at home and suspend camera monitoring; automatically turn off the lights from home, restore monitoring, etc. Rich smart home linkage.



Xiaomi, who is good at creating the ultimate cost -effective products, finally launched its first smart door lock, lowered the price of the early cost of smart door locks to 1,000 yuan. If you want to feel the convenience of smart devices, you can experience it without spending high costs. At the same price section, the Mijia smart door lock at 1299 yuan is undoubtedly the best choice.