Langqiang: Basic applications of various HDMI signal transmission, HDMI allocation, switch


In the conference rooms of courts, public security, justice, schools, transportation, energy and other enterprises, such as remote training, monitoring and command centers, video teaching, remote video conferences, and multimedia conferences. These occasions often need multiple display devices to display the same screen. With the help of HDMI video distributor users, the video can be transmitted to multiple computers at the same time, and the quality of the video is not affected. There are usually HDMI video distributors such as 1 to 4, 1 in 8, and so on.


The HDMI distributor also uses a gold -plated interface and metal case in design. In addition to making the appearance more atmospheric, the gold -plated interface mainly makes the contact more stable and safer, which is conducive to transmission signals and enhance the stability of signal transmission. The metal shell is to increase the heat dissipation performance of the product. If the long time is used in the supermarket shopping mall, the heat dissipation performance is not good, just like the mobile phone is severe, leading to the decline in equipment stability and performance.

Langqiang Technology HDMI video matrix refers to the use of matrix switching methods to output the M road video signal to the electronic devices on the monitoring device on the N road. Generally, the input of the matrix is ​​greater than the output, which is M> N. Generally used for video matrix generally used for various monitoring occasions. It is also a complicated and expensive equipment in these HDMI devices.

The HDMI switch can handle the transmission and switching of audio and video at the same time, saving many operations and costs of operations. The current mainstream video matrix of the market shows the 1080P HD signal, which can switch the display screen through the mobile app.

In some performance occasions or high -definition video conference systems, you need to frequently switch the video signal source, and manual switching signals not only spend time, but also easily errors, leading to serious on -site accidents. It’s right. HDMI switches are widely used in engineering cases, such as large -screen display, shopping mall advertising, multimedia conference rooms, medical systems and other application scenarios.

With the increasing family entertainment equipment, more and more video terminals need to access TV, such as Android boxes, high -definition machines, blue light machines, PS4, computer, etc. For many peripheral input devices, the HDMI interface on TV will become caught, and it is troublesome.

The HDMI switch perfectly solves the pain point of the lack of the input device in the family life and the lack of the TV HDMI interface. It can connect multiple peripherals at the same time. Just one HDMI cable is connected to the TV. The source no longer needs to be inserted frequently, reducing unnecessary losses to the interface of the device and the connector of the device.

HDMI signal transmission device can combine multiple video signals to output all the way and enter a monitor, so that multiple pictures can be displayed at the same time on a single screen. There are often 4 pictures, 9 screens and 16 screens. The quality multi -screen division also has a single -way playback function, that is, you can choose any way to choose the multi -way signal video signal at the same time on the monitor.

The HDMI signal transmission is specially used to display a video screen with multiple high definition. It is designed for large and medium -sized monitoring, dispatching, and command center. It is mostly used in command centers, video conferences, multimedia multi -functional halls and other places Provide a set of ideal video display solutions for such places.