Can touch only complete refinement selection two super popular touch screen notebooks


With the popularity of tablets and smart phones, multi-touch screen operations have become an essential function of an electronic product. After all, they are directly movable than mouse, and the keyboard operation is more convenient. Let’s take a look at the current market. Tothermost a few touch screen notebooks.

01 Huawei Matebook 13s, Matebook 14S

能触摸才完整 精挑细选两款超人气触屏笔记本

Huawei Matebook 13S, Matebook 14S uses a touch screen, equipped with Huawei mobile app, integrates the PC application ecology and mobile application ecology together. These two laptops are equipped with Core standard compressors, upgraded shark fin cooling systems, with 2520 × 1680 resolution screen, support 90Hz refresh rate, 1070 million colors, 10 points touch and hardware level low blue, have up to 13 hours of battery life Support super fast charge, charge for 3 hours for 15 minutes.

02 ASUS Ling Yao X Double Screen PRO

ASUS Ling Yao X Double Screen PRO is equipped with Intel 11-generation compulsory Core i9-11900h processor, supplemented by RTX3080 alone and PCLE 4.0 SSD, 100% DCI-P3 color gamut 4K OLED touch screen and 4K full width can be raised Empty sub-screen, and the touch pen, through Rhine and Pantone certification, DC dimming is supported.

能触摸才完整 精挑细选两款超人气触屏笔记本

03 Microsoft Surface PRO 8

能触摸才完整 精挑细选两款超人气触屏笔记本

Microsoft Surface Pro 8 uses a 13-inch 120Hz high-brush screen, choose 11 generation cool decent processor (i5-1135G7 / i7-1185G7, CPU increase 27%, GPU upgrade 54%), pre-installed Win11 system, 2 lightning 4 interfaces for the first time Wait, the whole machine weight is 888g, nominally for 16 hours.

04 Summit E13 FLIP EVO

Summit E13 Flip EVO is a well-made business, and the artistic masterpiece created by CNC integral forming processes is used to meet the 360-degree shaft of ergonomics to meet different work needs. In addition, MSI SUMMIT E13 FLIP EVO is a typical design of gold proportion, from the most conspicuous LOGO to excellent reading space, high work efficiency 16:10 screen, which is designed with the gold proportional rule.

Even high-end business notebooks, MSI still insists on providing as superior performance. Summit E13 FLIP EVO has obtained Intel EVO platform certification, ensuring you excellent performance performance, equipped with the new 11th Generation Intel® CoreTM i7 processor and Intel Iris XE display adapter, with strong performance performance under lightweight fuselage, A laptop compared to the same level provides up to 10% effectiveness.

能触摸才完整 精挑细选两款超人气触屏笔记本