The first sweater in the autumn, handed over to Xinjiang long velvet cotton.


The coolness of autumn is getting better, and the happiest thing to cool down is to buy new clothes. If


The most indispensable fashion items in autumn and winter are not sweaters.

It is comfortable and fashionable.

There are several sweaters in each tide wardrobe.


And no matter what single product combination, it can create a different style of dressing and let you

Become the most in the autumn and winter mixing and fashion.

However, choosing a sweater is also a knowledge.

There are many sweater styles in the market, and many big names have also launched a limited edition. Buy expensive. Wallets cannot support, cheap, and worry about texture and comfort.

We took a lot of thoughts and found the brand Zhen’ao. It comes from


Hailan X Family, POLO Little X Duck, Back X and other brands of brand

The quality of the quality is particularly strict.


Pure cotton sweater, with the texture and fashion of a big brand, and high cost -effective! The selection of Xinjiang long velvet cotton is comfortable and breathable on the upper body.

The version is also thin and reduced


It is divided into


Round neckline




, Men and women the same paragraph. And there are a variety of high -grade color options, which can be called autumn and winter wardrobe wearing items!

In addition to sweaters, there are


Can be selected. Match a set, let you


Fashionable and easy to solve the problem of temperature difference.


the most important is,

The price is very close to the people,

Only from 69 yuan, just

But beautiful in autumn and winter.


Whether it is dating, home, or going out, it can be easily adapted to the scene, and it is fashionable enough, whether it is worn alone or inward, can hold all the matching.

As soon as I got the sample, the girls in the office were gathered. Not only did they leave a set, but they also brought a set of boyfriends.


Formed a couple outfit and exploded on the weekend.


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To create a high -quality cotton sweater, cotton is critical.


Global cotton looks at China, and Chinese cotton is looking at Xinjiang.

This Zhen’ao sweater is selected from

Xinjiang Changye cotton.


In Xinjiang in my country, there is sufficient calorie resources,

Lighting time is up to 3,000 hours,

There is the heat and light that fully meets the growth needs of long velvet cotton.

Cotton growing in such an environment,

The head is bigger and the color is white.

The fiber is particularly soft and long, generally 38-45mm, and it can reach 64 mm in length.

It can be described as “one ride”.

Each sweater,

They are all strictly selected a white and large Xinjiang long cotton cotton,

After the deep cleaning process, make a circle of cotton yarn.

Zhen’ao cotton sweater created in this way,

Not only is the cotton feel soft and comfortable, the color is good, the texture is more advanced, and it can also keep warm.



Breathable is not boring,

It is not easy to breed bacteria, and wearing it is particularly healthy.


As soon as I got my clothes,


I smelled the faint sun cotton,

Without other odors, you can wear it with confidence.


Zhen’ao · sweater series is on the new three models, namely

Round -neck sweater, hooded sweater and pants.

| Sweater |


Classic versatile comfort and natural


The sweater is divided into

Round -neck model and hooded model, 9 color options,

They are all low -saturated soft colors,

Do not pick skin tone, show white temperament.


· Round -neck sweater ·

· Hooding sweater ·

Black, white, gray, dark blue, light blue, green, pink, ancient orange, fog brown

Black, white, gray, deep sea

Blue belongs to

Classic colors, simple and versatile.

Light blue



Clean and refreshing

, Especially can gain goodwill.


The representative


, Give people a kind feeling.


, Not only white, but also specially created a kind of

A sense of gentle atmosphere.


Ancient orange and fog brown,

With laziness in retro, it is relatively unique. It is also used to support the field.


The round neck model is simple and natural, which can make the overall dress more harmonious and textured.


Matching other clothes will not have a sense of culprit.

The number of round neck models is: S-5XL, the same model of men and women,

80 pounds to 200 pounds are suitable.

The hooded model is in the cold prevention and warmth, especially the windshield is more advantageous!

With sports pants and jeans, the youthful youth is proper! Essence

If you feel that the coat is too calm and solemn, you may wish to try a hooded sweater inside, you can quickly weaken the dullness of the coat!

The number of hooded models is: S-4XL, the same model of men and women,

The maximum can be worn to 200 pounds.

| Guards |

Easily adapt to you

There are 4 color options,

Each is a classic solid color system,

How to wear is versatile and good -looking.


Low -key texture, visually thinner,


It can easily adapt to every color system of the sweater.



a kind

Gentle temperament.


Go through

Refreshing, high -level.

Full of youthful atmosphere!

If you want to break the dullness,


Navy blue

It is also a good choice.

The design of the pants is loose, the legs are long, and there are styles! The size can be worn from M -5XL to 200 catties.

On both sides of the pants, you are still careful

Design deep pocket

It can be easily concave -shaped or storage of small items.

In the past, we chose a sweater and encountered bad fabrics and versions, which would show a soft and collapsed texture, bloated, and very temperament.

This Zhen’ao cotton sweater,

The fabric is soft but tough, the version is loose but not hypertrophic, and it is quite included.


Put on it, the body stretches freely, and

Comes with advanced and lazy.

In addition, it is tailored and the details are remarkable.

Look closely, the neckline, cuffs, and trousers have a loose band design. Whether running, yoga or stretching,

The body will not be restrained.


And, the clothes are used

Tight and meticulous dual -wiring processing

, Make it difficult to deform and turn. In addition, the whole clothes cannot see a line head.

Remove the cloth tightly, loosen it,


The clothes are restored to the original shape without creases.


It also adopted

Active printing and dyeing color fixing technology, not easy to fade, not easy to get up! Wash like new.

Don’t think that sweaters are just exclusive to boys and girls, it

It is also highly compatible with the mature age groups, and the upper body is reduced.

Especially this set of pure color Zhen Ao sweater,

Temperament is advanced!


I do n’t know what to wear when I go out. This set can be done. The problems with the matching are solved, and it is easy to wear a sense of fashion.

The girl who wants her boyfriend style can enter a large size.

Choose a variety at a time,

Replace the style according to the mood every day,

Breaking the dullness of autumn and winter, wearing vitality.

With a boyfriend with a couple, friends with girlfriends, all eye -catching and bombing streets!

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