Ying Caier couple endorses Sony Ericsson: 8000 mAh+three -defense mobile phone, only 789 yuan


Some users have a high demand for battery life, such as some takeaway brothers, courier and customer service. They generally use a long -range smartphone. At present, many mobile phones are very strong. The power consumption is also very large, which is equivalent to automotive power. The stronger the power, the greater the fuel. At present, there are a lot of 100 yuan machines with strong battery life. They are cheap and cost -effective.

As a niche brand, Sony Ericsson is mainly active in the low -end market. Now it is also more angry. I invited Ying Caier and Chen Xiaochun to endorse. Other mobile phone manufacturers generally invited only one spokesperson, and Sony Ericsson asked two at once. This time Let’s talk about the Sony Ericsson P90 mobile phone, and it focuses on the three defense mobile phones.


Many users have mobile phone power anxiety. Once the mobile phone is about to be out of power, it is very anxious. This phone

Equipped with 8000 mAh battery, which can meet the user’s battery life. Although its battery capacity is smaller than the Gionee M30, the thickness of the body is only 12mm and the body weight is only 178g. It is better, so it brings a more extreme feel experience, and it is convenient for users to carry.


This phone is a small screen mobile phone. It uses a 6.2 -inch water droplet full screen. The fuselage maintains a 5.5 -inch handheld grip. This comfortable feel is more shocking than many thousand yuan machine. The front is higher than many mobile phones at the same price.

Sony Ericsson P90 is a three -defense smartphone. It uses a solid body and is a relatively excellent outdoor mobile phone. Many farmers users are more suitable. They often go out to work. The mobile phone is very important. This phone has three -proof function of anti -drop, anti -pressure and dust prevention, sturdy fuselage, and high sealing standards, which can effectively prevent sand and dust from entering the mobile phone. Therefore It is also more suitable.

In addition, the Sony Ericsson P90 adopts a dual unlocking solution, which is the same as the current mainstream mobile phones. It uses side fingerprint unlocking and AI infrared recognition.


I found that a lot of thousand yuan or even more than 2,000 yuan, which is not equipped with infrared unlocking. They cannot be unlocked in dark light. Sony Ericsson P90 is not afraid of dark light. It can intelligently detect 1024 feature dimensions at the face, and the identification accuracy is high.


This mobile phone uses a 16 million high -definition camera. It is interesting that it also supports a 5x hybrid optical zoom dual camera. It can be clearly visible to shooting a long distance. The camera adjusts the facial features to shape a more ideal beauty effect

Sony Ericsson P90 uses a large volume, Dolby panorama, with three major effects of panoramic surround, overweight bass and clear human voice. Because some elderly people have bad ears and have high requirements for sound quality. This phone can be met.

Written at the end:

Sony Ericsson P90 is very cheap. The original price 8+128GB version was priced at 999 yuan, and now it has fallen to 789 yuan. This phone is a Sony Ericsson’s many smartphones. The highlights are battery life, three defense and unlocking methods, etc. This phone is equipped with an octa -core processor