Which electric vehicle replaces the battery, which one will be more durable? Tell you with data inside


Although the electric vehicle is small and the price is low, it is in terms of preservation. According to the data, according to data, the amount of maintenance of cars in my country is about 300 million, and the two -wheeled electric vehicles are kept. The quantity has already been around 370 million vehicles, and my country’s electric vehicle ownership, output, and sales are at the forefront of the world.

While the development of electric vehicles, the battery of one of its industrial chain members has also developed well in my country. According to data, the output of lead -acid batteries in my country accounts for about 1/3 of the world’s total output. my country is a lead -acidic acid. Battery production, consumer power, exporter.

庞大的消费市场,总能诞生出一些超级品牌,我国的铅酸电池领域中,目前已经有天能、超威、骆驼、南都等大品牌,但对于两轮电动车选择电池的过程中,其实It is still more common with the two major brands of Tianneng and Chaowei. Some netizens asked, which will be more durable for electric vehicles to replace batteries? The inside people use data to tell you, so that you don’t have to choose the wrong again.


What kind of battery will be more durable?

Before understanding the Tianneng battery and Chaowei batteries, we must understand what parameters are the main parameters of the battery durability, because the small walker has seen a lot of relevant big Vs and shared the judgment of this topic, but many of them have been judged, but many of them have People still depend on experience and subjective consciousness, and such judgments will always have a little non -objective factors. Therefore, in order to ensure “fairness”, small walkers try to “quantify” parameters as much as possible.

First of all, the important point is quality, including the quality of battery materials, the manufacturing process, whether there are “cadmium” elements, and first -line brands such as Tianneng and Chaowei, if it is a battery of the same price, in this way, in this way, in this way In terms of, the gap is not large.

The second is the number of charging and discharge. The so -called charging and discharge number refers to the number of charging and discharge cycles completed during the use of the battery. Once the number of charging and discharge of the battery is exhausted, the battery will also fail. For the core factors in the same environment of life.

The last is the weight of the battery. Although the number of circulating discharge is the key factor that affects the battery, the number of times is propagated by the merchant. The more you get, the higher the battery density, the more durable such a battery. This judgment method can be used to identify it by themselves.


With the above method of judging the durability of batteries, below, the small walker compares data for the Tianneng battery and Chaowei batteries. Chaowei and Tianneng’s ordinary lead -acid batteries, including: Chaowei No. 1, Tianneng L3.


Data of the number of charging and discharge of Tianneng battery and Chaowei battery


Electric vehicles are generally equipped with batteries, mainly based on 48V and 60V battery voltage, and the size of the battery is mainly based on three capacity of 12AH, 20AH, and 32AH. We take the 20AH specification battery as an example. The battery of the capable L3 clearly states that the number of charging and discharge cycles is 400-600 times.

In the description of the lead -acid battery, the number of lead -acid batteries did not indicate the number of charging and discharge, but the small experts clearly compared their graphene batteries and in their official website. The number of charging and discharge of ordinary batteries is 1,000 times of superconducting graphene batteries, while ordinary lead -acid batteries are 500 times.


Weight data of Tianneng battery and Chaowei battery

Nearly 80%of the lead -acid batteries are lead materials, and the more lead, the more “real materials” in the battery, the longer the life span will be. The difference between the power battery.


Chaowei battery is actually slightly larger in 20AH. Its standard is 20.2AH, the battery size is 181 × 77 × 167mm, the weight is 6 kg, and 48V is 4 groups of 12V batteries. 6 × 4 = 24 kg, and 60V is 5 groups of batteries, and its weight is 6 × 5 = 30 kg.


The Tianneng battery is a standard 20AH battery. The battery size is 181 × 77 × 169mm, which is slightly higher. This height is also reflected in the data. Each group of batteries is 6.25 kg, 48V20AH battery weight is 6.25 × 4 = 25 kg, 60V20AH battery weight is 6.25 × 5 = 31.25 kg.

in conclusion

: In summary data of the battery capacity and weight, the number of charging and discharge of the Tianneng battery and Chaowei batteries is within a range, and in terms of weight, the Tianneng battery will be higher than that of Chavewei’s batteries. On the basis of exactly the same materials and habits, the L3 lead -acid battery of the Tianneng battery will be more durable than the battery of Chaowei No. 1.

Of course, the small walker is not to say that Chaowei’s battery must not have the durability of the Tianneng battery. After all, we just compare the products of several of their brands. Today, we are here to teach everyone to judge the durability of batteries. In this way, when the electric vehicle replaces the battery, you can judge it yourself to see which batteries will be more durable, and you are not worried about changing to an incurable battery.

So, do you think Tianneng and Chaowei, which one will be more durable? Everyone is welcome to comment and exchange, pay attention to small experts of electric vehicles, and share information and views of electric vehicles every day.