In order to avoid becoming a layman, this group of literati four hundred years ago made a card house


Although the long object is not enough to cover the body, it is enough to cover; although it is not enough to the belly, it can nourish the heart. Although it is a literati reward, it is also entertaining, and it is impressive to go to the leading Hua Fan Dai. Although he is a nosy affairs, as a long thing, he is indispensable for people to observe the charm and think of the gods.


However, what I want, what I want is too useful, it may be useful, and it is useful to talk about practicality, but although the long objects are water and moon, they can also turn into flame poison. Observation is editor, you can know the deep intention.

The characters of the mountains and rivers are all illusion; outside of one body, it is just a long thing.


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Author | Li Xiaen

Nightmare. The teenager woke up from his dream. Tears penetrate the screen of dreams and reality.

Looking up, the familiar bed and the familiar curtain seem to be no different from the past. But in dreams, everything that is familiar to become weird is very weird: a foreign body with long buds stands outside the curtain, his hair is scattered, naked naked, and the most terrible thing is its face, mixed with dense pink and ink ink. smaller. It was standing in front of the account, his eyes were pushing, and he stared at himself. At the time of his scales, he found that under the bed, there was a foreign body that seemed to be as if he opened his eyes and shot his eyes, claiming to ask for his own life.

The nightmare on June 29, 1638 is of great significance to the pest of Xinjiang. This year, he is 28 years old and is a good year for enjoying life. Many gorgeous dreams are waiting in line to wait for the time to turn into reality, and his origin is enough to provide real paving materials for his dream. The fake family of Rugao is the giant of Rugao. The ancestors were officials, and their ancestors and father all served as local important positions. He also followed the servant side by side. Dong Qichang, who is in the literary world, is prefaced: “At the age of fourteen years old, it was a brushwork, which is already superior to famous artists.” The social networks of outstanding talents and the Clan family are enough to make the social class that the vast majority of peers cannot reach when they are young.

In the Ming Dynasty’s name “Nandu Fan Drawing”, the prosperous scene of Nanjing City in Nanjing.


“Talent” and “Juvenile Famous” are the two most important keywords so far. Dreams are becoming a reality step by step. Are all this really being interrupted by this sudden nightmare? For today’s people who are in the event, of course, the answer to this question has no suspense -not only does not be taken away by nightmare foreign bodies, but life is becoming more shining. The following year of this nightmare, in the ancient capital of Nanjing, who came to the ancient capital of Nanjing, who came to the ancient capital of the ancient capital of “Vegetables and wine guarantees brought six dynasties with six dynasties”. His best friend Chen Qinian described the “car ride, passengers, Youxi and Tongcheng and Jiashan orphans who were full of ride. Plushered and expensive king and grandson. In this year, he and his future confidant, a generation of famous prostitute Dong Xiaowan met for the first time -this one will become a unique love love in later generations, and gradually ripples on the Qinhuai River, which is greasy. When Dong Xiaowan wore a thin western red shirt with a thin cicada yarn, and went hand in hand, “Guanzhang was the most victorious place in Jiangshan, and tens of millions of people struggled to embrace it. Essence

“The dribble of the car, the fresh clothes, the pearl trees and the Qiong Zhi, the light movement, and the stuns, thinking that the people in the fairy” -The friends who are in the same place, the famous Jiangnan celebrities Chen Hu is amazed, and the riverside Xinjiang His background, talent, and style may also need to be added to allow him to enjoy the beautiful and elegant life of the immortal people in the red and dusty world. All of this has made Zhejiang a model for scribes of life art and taste. He played around, enough to satisfy his admiration and imagination of that elegant era today. The dream of the dream of that era can be described as the dream of that era. At that time, it was also an era that made elegant and dreamy for scribes such as 这样 而 — as long as this dream should not wake up too early.

“The portrait of the sage” comes from the Ming Dynasty painter Qiu Ying’s “The Sky Pavilion to the Song People’s Book”. The painting is a typical scribes of Chinese scribes.

to make

Elegant battle

Dreaming is true, not only fantasy, but also to give fantasy to those real things, to cause them to be so delicate and elegant in dreams. Wen Zhenheng is such a person who focuses on dreaming. Four years before the nightmare of Zhejiang, the Suzhou Smarts published his work “Long Together”. As soon as this book came out, it became a masterpiece of scribes at that time. Even after four hundred years, it was still famous and readers.

Although “Changwu Zhi” can be attributed to the popular essay sketches at the time, from the content, it is a manual. Teach readers how to appreciate and design things that conform to the elegant and exquisite taste of scribes. Wen Zhenheng is divided into twelve volumes in accordance with the room Lu, flower and trees, water stones, poultry fish, calligraphy and calligraphy, several couchs, equipment, clothing, boat car, location, fruits and vegetables, and fragrant cream, which almost includes various categories of clothing, food, and transportation. In each category, he was careful and detailed, to the point where he was tireless.

Wen Zhengming’s “Lan Ting Xiu Map”, Wang Xizhi’s Lanting Xiu was a model of elegant life in the minds of the Ming Dynasty.

From the size to the decoration to the shape, it is all in detail. It is simply that the author is an antique furniture shopping guide with severe obsessive -compulsive disorder. And this is the most distinctive point of Wen Zhenheng’s “Long Tuzhi”. It does not like the sidelines as the previous appreciation manuals, but the most specific and meticulous description with the most elegant writing of the scribes and packaging plugs. To the reader’s hands. Although for readers, such a detailed description really helps to draw gourds according to the same. However, it can also read a kind of dedication that the author is not doubtful for his taste.

Wen Zhenheng has a capital of his elegance and style of his scribes. His origin, like an analogous Xinjiang, is a family of family. However, to a certain extent, Wen Zhenheng has a more family origin in the style of scribes and elegance. The Wen family is famous in the Jiangnan region. His great -ancestors are the most famous famous famous artist Wen Zhengming in the Ming Dynasty. Painting and calligraphy is not only famous at the time, but Fangze was even more distributed in the future. In the era of Wen Zhenheng, many painters in Suzhou made money by fake painting and calligraphy. From Wen Zhengming to fall, the Wen family is good at the world in the name of calligraphy and painting. Wen Zhenheng himself is also an excellent painter. And his appearance is also worthy of his elegant identity, “long -body jade, good self -marking, the must be cleaned by the must be clear, sweeping the floor and burning incense.” It is a model that is no less than that in the fairy.

Although there is no evidence that there has been an interaction between Wen Zhenheng and the riverside Xinjiang, as the most prestigious scribes at the time, the elegant taste between the two naturally had a cherishment. Tea is an indispensable thing as a scribe life, and it will naturally be detailed in the “Long Tuzhi”. Wen Zhenheng believes that the “best of the grade is the best of the grade, headed by agarwood, and the tea is headed”, which is exactly the most interesting tea product that is the most interesting tea product of Dong Xiaowan and his red confidant Dong Xiaowan.

The statue of Wen Zhenheng comes from the title page of the “Changwu Zhizhi”

Wen Zhenheng’s taste is not doubtful, and it is enough to be a representative of the graceful taste of scribes. Therefore, he can understand why he disdain for his own book, because he himself is already authoritative. And these utensils that he is so doubtful in the book is so doubtful, and unquestionable descriptions are as “long things” as the book title.

“Long objects” are extra things outside of life. As the preface in the book says, the things mentioned in the book are “cold, can’t be worn, hungry”, so “in the world is a nos, as a long thing.” Even if you know nothing about the content of this book, life can continue as usual, and the days can be as usual without any interference. However, with the guidance of this book, the vulgar life day after day, it will be given an elegant taste of scribes, which can be used to make high standards, can be used to taste charm, and can be used to show talent.

Dehua Kiln White Porcelain Flower, Wang Tianxiang Zang. Mohua is located in the east of Fujian. Since the Ming Ji Long and Wanli, everyone knows that it is well known, and its fame has gradually become popular. The white porcelain was burned, the porcelain was snowy, cheap and good -looking. This antique bronze -style flowers are used as furnishings because of porcelain in the Ming Dynasty ordered folk sacrifices. However, in the evening of the Ming Dynasty, the ancients of the ancients were popular. This kind of virtue white porcelain antique porcelain was also used as a flower arrangement for furnishings in the book.

Long objects are indeed superfluous, but not useless. It is a dividing line that separates all vulgar and elegant and exquisite regions, and the only criterion for dividing is whether to pay attention to these extra “long objects” -the scribes that are dedicated to elegant life are qualified to tastor pursuit of these redundant excess. The long objects, and ordinary people, either unsatisfactory mind, or because they do not enter the elegant church Austrian, seek elegance and customs.

This is why in the eyes of enthusiastic fans, “Long Tuzhi” is more like a practical manual to teach readers how to fight vulgar and finally achieve an elegant victory. The vulgar representatives are the “rich and rich, one or two of the slaves, and the dull man” in the preface of “Long Big”. They are “died with good things, every appreciation, vulgar exit, and rough start.” Even though they were elegant, once their crickets were protected, “humiliation” -drhornly defiled the reputation of “elegant”, Let the “true rhyme, true talents, and true feelings not talk about the wind and elegant”, and also make the long objects from reducing the elegance to customs. Therefore, one of the purpose of this book is to rescue Feng Ya from the insults of these vulgar upstarts.

Wang Jiansheng played by Wang Tianxiang in “The Old Dream of the Three Mountains” is dividing tea in Bingcuo. In the evening of the 17th century, the ethnic and elegant interest of scribes in the early Ming Dynasty, despite the four centuries, still has endless charm today, making people imitate the pursuit, like relieving old dreams.


Such a tone sounds quite cynical for heroes to save beauty. In order to save elegant long objects, they do not hesitate to completely offend those “wealthy families” and “mediocre slaves”, but in fact, this is a used trick of this type of reading. As early as three centuries ago in the early Ming Dynasty, an appreciation manual “Gugu Yao theory” already had such a tone to talk about the appreciation taste of his recommendation, but it was a lot of euphemistically: “Taste the elder son Xi Qingshi ancient times. There are also people, but although their hearts love but not know it. “


“Gugu Earth” can be said to be one of the many originators of “Long Tuzhi”. After that in 1508, Lu Shen wrote “Gu Qi”, the popular best -selling masterpiece “Zunsheng Eight Bituts” written by Gao Yan in 1590, and another Smmer Tu Long earlier than Wen Zhenheng “” “The remaining things” can be included in this genealogy. The purpose is to teach people how to live elegantly and leisurely, and at the same time, it also expresses the necessary regret or indignation of the vulgar or euphemistic, or fiercely expressing the popularity or euphemism.

Whether it is regrettable or indignant, this kind of intentional offenders to vulgar, to some extent, is also a deliberate marketing method: no one is willing to be a wealthy family and upstart that insults elegant and elegant, in order to avoid If you don’t pay attention to the vulgar mud, let’s read this book.


Taste extravagant

Avoid becoming a vulgar person, this kind of anxiety mentality is generally popular in any era, and books like “Changzhi” are catering this kind of anxiety. In the late Ming Dynasty in the middle of the 17th century in the middle of the 17th century, it was precisely this anxiety reaching an extreme era. Especially in the Jiangnan place where he is, this kind of anxiety is increasing day by day, and the source of anxiety is the high growth of material consumption, forming a luxurious style.

Some keen observer noticed that this extravagant style began to emerge during the Jiajing years at the end of the 16th century. Songjiang Smart He Liangjun recalled his banquet in his youth. In his later years, what he saw was “ordinary swallows, ten dishes, and water and land, or to find far -fels, seeking leisure.” By the beginning of the Wanli era in the early 17th century, this extravagant wind continued to increase.


In the “Pipa Ji” in the “Pipa” gallery.


The desire of the appetite can be exhausted, and the clothes are also increasingly gorgeous. The 17th century Nanjing scribes Gu Qiyuan described in the “Words of Words”. But “there are more people who have a lot of clothes, and there are fewer people who serve the philosophy.” In Changshu, Suzhou, the clothes in the market were mostly rough. The furniture furnishings are even from rough wood furniture to fine wood furniture. Fan Ye of Songjiang wrote that when he was a teenager, fine wood furniture “once did not see each other”, and folk furniture “stopped there is ginkgo gold paint square table”. Today’s “绔 如 如”, “Several tables in bed cabinets use rosewood, beef, ebony, acacia and yangwu, which is extremely expensive, with 10,000 yuan, and one of the vulgar luxury.”

“Words of Palace”, author: (Ming) Gu Qiyuan, version: Shanghai Ancient Books Publishing House December 2012


On the surface, this extravagance of extravagance is the wealthy family and mediocre slaves that are strongly criticized by “The Long Tuzhi”. They waved money like the soil, fighting for the wealth, but the only vulgar word for buying. However, what the “Long Wind” is advertised as “the meaning of deleting complexity and extravagance.” In the book, “Ningjian and Vulgar” can be seen everywhere, and it is synonymous with vulgarity to warn readers extravagant extravagance.

But is this true? As mentioned in the preface of the “Long Big Shin”, the reason why the long thing is a long thing is precisely because it is the extraordinary thing beyond life, and it must be a matter of simplicity. Wen Zhenheng’s requirements for the screen in “Long Word”. He wrote that the screen “is expensive with the fine inlaid with marble, and the second is Qiyang Stone, and the second is the stones; those who are not old must also imitate the old style.” Wen Zhenheng’s highly respected marble screen can be said to be synonymous with rich and luxurious extravagance. In the property list of the Ming Dynasty, he has a large number of exquisite marble screen. The best marble quality is a tribute to the royal use. In order to minimize the gorgeous stones, from the official road of the deep mountains of Yunnan to the Beijing Division, the people were wounded and wounded. However, compared to the marble screen, the simple and luxurious sin, which is not so deep and the wooden screen and wooden screen, Wen Zhenheng scoffed: “All are not in the product.”

The elegant life of scribes also does not reject extravagant fine wood. Wen Zhenheng specifically mentioned the bed that conforms to the elegant taste. – Anyone who understands the price of ancient ancient antiques furniture will know how difficult it is to find a small bed of Song and Yuan Broken Lacquer beds five or six hundred years ago. It is also known that the small wood (fine wood) bed made by the master can be worth it for one year. The essential bookshelf of readers must also be antiques or masters of the masters. Despite simple and cheap, -still that evaluation, too vulgar.

Black lacquer embedded Luoyou Lou Ge Shanshui inserted screen, tomorrow’s late work. Although this kind of snail -inlaid black paint screen was regarded as a vulgar object by Wen Zhenheng, it was popular in the 17th century. The picture comes from “Products”.

So, we have to ask a question: what is the intention of the extravagant extravagant extravagance in the name of elegance? From the perspective of still good antiques and exclusion of market products, the scribes formed by Wen Zhengheng played in the name of elegance, which is a luxury of the consumer market. rich. Like several cases created with gold and gems, it is filled with copper smell that makes the Qingya Wenshi cover the nose. However, if this desk is replaced with natural cases made by rosewood, iron pear, and Xiangnanmu, it is slightly carved with cloud heads and Ruyi patterns. Although such a few cases cost 10,000 yuan, it is elegant and simple. The posture successfully covered the copper smell that it cost. Three generations of Dingyi, which are furnished on several cases, are full of copper green and green. Although it is likely not to buy a square table in the market, they are only placed there, showing the extraordinary value of the owner.

The true meaning of the so -called “long thing” is not to exclude extravagance, but to make extravagance less obvious, and use the deliberate frugality to make people an elegant illusion. This is the use of long objects as superfluous things. The so -called elegance may be just a synonymous. The so -called redundant is just an elegant excuse.

In this way, it seems a hypocrisy of the promotion of the long thing. However, the sentence in the preface of “Long Big” is “different from being frugal, it is not hindered, its rhyme is talented, and the politics cannot be concealed.” Essence

Both ears are four -legged bronze furnace, Wang Tianxiang hid. This thing is an antique reel furnace made of imitation business and Zhou bronze wares. Since the prosperity of the Jinshi science in the Northern Song Dynasty, the scholars are widely collected in the three generations of Dingyi, and a group of antique bronze has also appeared as the furnishings of several cases. The form of this tripod is almost consistent with the Ding furnace unearthed from the tomb of the Southern Song Dynasty, and the era of casting is also during the Song and Yuan Dynasties. In the late Ming Dynasty, scholars were good. In the Ming Dynasty Gao Yan’s “Zunsheng Eight Books”, the bedside was small in the bedside, “or setting up a furnace”, this kind of Ding furnace should be mocked from time to time. Copper jade is expensive to be packed. What is the paste? Hand Ze is also. “


Nightmare Dream

Being able to live in such a home environment must be a dream. But you may wish to go back, get out of the Qingya Shuzhai of Dingyi Chen, walk out of the pavilions surrounded by mountains and rivers to see the elegant and glittering world piled up by this long object. If you still remember the gloomy nightmare mentioned at the beginning. This nightmare is a microcosm of the real world outside the long thing.

The signs of ghosts and gods who attributed nightmares to the ghosts and gods were at the end of this year. His eldest son suddenly infected acne, and he was ill ten days later. Soon after, his seventeen -year -old dwelling also suffered from acne and died of illness on the fifteenth day of the first month of the year. When the two died, because “the face was black, the family was painted with powder and medicine, and the knot could not be combed when dying”, like the two “long -bodies, wearing a naked body, a small dot for the noodles” in the nightmare. The shape of a foreign body.

Nightmares come true, so strange and weird, it sounds incredible when it sounds shocking. But in fact, the nightmare of rising Xinjiang was instead of ghosts and gods, but it was rather to be a portrayal of the popular dreams of the Jiangnan disaster at that time. Acne, the so -called smallpox, broke out in North China in 1637, went south to siege, siege counties, and arrived in Jiangnan. Jiaqing’s “Rugao County Chronicle” only records the terrible plague that seizes millions of life: “Chongzhen eleven years, great drought, hunger, and epidemic.” At that time, the main means of treating smallpox was to apply the acne acne with medicinal powder to open up the foreign objects with a small amount of miscellaneous powder in the dream of Xinjiang. Patients with smallpox.

The victims who were displaced in Shen Zhou’s “The Map” of the Ming Dynasty.

Looking at the dream of the people in the immortal, he will see another nightmare -like world beyond the prosperity of the golden powder, and he does see the nightmares like the ink of the nightmare, and the unscrupulous flow on the map. A few months ago when he was praised by Chen Huzan as “the immortal”, he just faded from Rugao’s cloak and traveled to Hengyang to visit his parents for more than 3,000 miles away. Seeing along the way, Jiangnan splendid is hungry everywhere. In the north of Rugao, there are fifteen people who are hungry, and in the tent of the nights at night, the seven people in Tianming are self -proclaimed, and five of them died of frozen and hungry. Yangzhou, who is in the Yangtze -Spring February, “Snow is heavy, the people who are away from the cold and the cold are yellow and black. Thousands of people died in the four doors, and their bodies were died. ” At the point of the boat, I saw the “Zombie Mountains”, a nearby dilapidated horse house, the land did not make a bunch, “81 people died in the thirty -year”. Wearing a martyl Qiu’s ribbon, I saw a couple who only covered the seats and hugged each other. They were Gaoyou people. They were flowing here. The mother died for three days, but she had no money to buy a coffin and burial. Capitated Xinjiang hurriedly contributed to contributing to comfort. But the surroundings are all around, all of them are like mountains, hungry, and their dreams are also sinking into nightmares.

The scene of civilians escaped from the Ming Dynasty “Pirates”.




“To this day, my generation has nothing to do with him.” Zhejiang wrote in his diary on this day. Just like a ironic fable, on the same day, Yangzhou’s literary leader Jiang Kai first was completed because of the new house. Although he was on the feast, he faced the singing singer’s knees and frowned. But others around him are not observing, indulging in joy. But to a certain extent, letting all the frowning all over the country urged all the exquisite life of elegant scribes. His restlessness, in a sense, is just like the nightmare of his 28 -year -old, but temporarily interrupted his dangerous episode of his young and beautiful dreams. In the light of Sheng Ge, he is still the “immortal” in the eyes of the scribes in his eyes.


The dreams and nightmares of the ribbon, just like the era of the era he was in. Two years after the banquet, the Ming Dynasty’s death from the Ming Dynasty. As the soldiers were leaving, they found that they became the protagonist who watched the nightmare. Rugao County has been turned into a tiger and wolf nest. The family of “all turns to the deep forest, the hut fishing boat, or the monthly migration, or the day of the day, or the day to count, hunger, cold and rainy, bitter and not writing” -This noble son finally felt his former Bo boat. The pain of those hungry beggars when they saw in Yangzhou, and death waved the sword behind his head. In a encounter with the chaos, his servant maid was killed in more than 20 sidewalks. Although he and Dong Xiaowan escaped in chance, he “played things and clothing in life!”


The statue of rivers in “Biography of Scholars in the Qing Dynasty”.

Compared to his own life, these lives that have been accumulated in life are just foreign ministers. They are like a tree magnolia, which blooms a tree in the mid -spring season. However, although the branches are full of spring and splendid and prosperous, the roots of the tree have been rotten, and the trunk has been rotten. As long as the snow is snowing, the tree will fall into the tree. Those blooming flowers will wither and scattered, and it is made of dust -maybe, the reason why these flowers are so gorgeous is precisely because they squeeze the nourishment of the tree roots to decorate their delicate posture of their own delicate posture —— But before that, only one of people seeing this light moved.

Even if it finally faded, there was only the flowers and elegance in the gaze.

However, this is just a long thing.

Author | Li Xiaen

Edit | Gongzi, Wang Qing


School pair | Xue Jingning