Family flowers must be kept in mind: 5 kinds of pots are not suitable for indoor, once rotten roots and once


Now more and more people like to raise flowers. Flowers are relatively simple for veterans, but it will be more troublesome for some novices, and it is easy to occur. In fact, the prerequisites should be done well. It is also critical to plant flower pots in the family, especially in the room. There are 5 kinds of flower pots inappropriate. It ’s time to change the pot, otherwise the problem will be very fast.


1, self -sucking pot

现在网上有好多植物都在卖自吸盆栽的,比如我们知道的栀子花,发财树,包括一些观叶植物,小型的草本植物,都在用这种自吸花盆,这种自吸花There is a white trunk on the basin, there is soil inside. This cotton rope is connected to the bottom of the support. The cotton rope is connected directly from the soil inside the flower pot to the bottom. There is a transparent plastic cover at the bottom. This is no bottom hole. In addition, add water to this transparent plastic cover, and the cotton rope has been connected to the soil to supply water for the soil, so that the soil will always be in a wet state.


Have you ever thought? The soil where she is farming is a process of seeing dry and wet. No problem. If the soil keeps wet, the root system will not breathe smoothly, and it will rot the roots in the rotten leaves. We can understand this that the bottom of the soil is very wet to plant the flowers in the flower pot. Find water, so that its entire plant will be healthier, and growth will be better. If the soil keeps wet, its roots are prone to stuffy situations in a silt environment.

This is what we call lazy flower pots. Lazy flower pots are not suitable for planting flowers. So why do merchants say that this flower pot is good? If this flower pot is not good, how can he sell it? Definitely tell you, you can buy it again if you have to die, right? Recently, there are also many flower friends who use the flowers of self -sucking pots to send a picture to see Xiao Qi. What is the reason why the rotten leaves are? It is because his soil has always been very wet, which will cause its root system. So the best way to improve is to quickly change the pots and plant them in a separate flower pot. Watering is too lazy to raise flowers. no? This is not better than our hydroponic plants, because the soil is humus, the soil has always been wet, the humus in the soil will be mildew, and it will even cause rotten roots.


2. No bottom hole flower pot

Some flower friends will choose some flower pots without bottom holes in order to save trouble. They will add some pottery filter layers to the bottom, and then add soil planting flowers. , Even some flower friends will directly add the soil to do not make the water filter layer. After you water it directly, he will make the water filter layer. After you poured water, you do n’t know if there is water at the bottom of it, and you do n’t know if you have poured through. You can’t judge how much water is stored at the bottom. If there is water at the bottom, the soil will dry it. Very slow, the slow roots of the soil are prone to problems. Flower soil should be quickly seen and wet to ensure that there is no problem. Do not use any plants without low -hole flower pots.


3, porcelain pot

Many businesses now choose to sell porcelain pots for the flower pots. This kind of porcelain basin is roasted on the outside. This kind of flower pot is almost without any breathability, and the bottom hole at the bottom is very small. If you go to plant flowers, the soil will be very slow, and it will also cause the plant to rot the roots of the plants. Therefore, you can use those real flowers. For those plaques of the plaques, if you use this kind of flower you use, this flower you use Pot is easy to get problems, especially the drought resistance of the fortune trees we planted. If the soil is dry, the rotten leaves and rotten roots will occur frequently.

4, high pot

We went to the flower market to see a lot of fortune trees, happy trees, peace trees and the like. These large green plants were planted with that kind of high pot. This high pot is very beautiful in the flower market. Huayou will buy at home when you watch it. As a result, you wo n’t take long after buying the home, the leaves will rot yellow, and the withered and withered. There are also on the upper part, and when planting, the soil height in the original flower pot is very shallow. Put the entire flower pot on the bottom with the bottom of the soil. In this way, the whole flowerpot is very wet when we watery, and the humidity at the bottom of the bottom is very wet. The humidity at the bottom It is also very big.

Looking at the soil surface or one or two centimeters, in fact, the bottom is still very wet. You can water it again, and the roots at the bottom will be rotten in a wet environment for a long time. This kind of flower pot is difficult to grow well, so if you want to use it, you can make a water filter layer, add some pottery foam plates to the bottom of the flower pot, including adding some broken bricks Blocks are okay. The height of the water filtration layer is selected according to the flower pots you planting plants. For example, the caliber of the plant flower pot you planted is 25 cm, so you can keep the water layer of 25 to 30 cm in the upper part. It’s okay.


So why do we use this pottery pot when we buy flowers in the flower market? The plant is also very lush? In fact, after they bought flowers, these flowers were planted in an ordinary two -color pot or soft leather pot. They went directly to buy some high flower pots in order to sell them well, and then planted them with garden soil. If you do n’t go to the roots or wash your roots, plant it directly to it and then sell it. There will be no problems in a short time, because they do n’t water it. When you buy it, you can buy it indoors. OK, and you have to water and fertilize it to grow quickly, and eventually the yellow leaves will happen. They do this to sell easily. If we carry a double -color basin and a soft leather basin, will you buy it? If you don’t look good, you will definitely not buy it.

5, large pot


Some flower friends like to raise flowers once and for all. Buy a small seedlings. It was originally planted in a small flower pot of a five -centimeter or six cm. In the flower pot, there will be problems in the flower pot that changes like this. Because the soil is very slow after the large flower pot is poured into the water, it is dried in the small flower pot in itself, and he will water it. As a result, you plant it in him. All the root systems are wrapped together, and the water itself is dry for a day. Now it is not dry for ten days and a half months, and it may not even do it for a month.

The humidity of the entire soil is very large, and the roots will be wrapped in the rotten roots. His roots will not grow at all. In the end, the entire seedlings will die completely, and you will not save it. Therefore, do not use large pots in the family. The pot is one or two larger than the original flower pot. For the garden soil, we can plant half of the nutrient soil when we fill the soil. The nutritional soil he used to use can be planted directly with nutritional soil.


If you want to raise flowers, you must keep in mind that these 5 kinds of flower pots are not suitable for indoor use, once once rotten, because the indoor environment is not suitable, the ventilation is relatively poor, and the light is relatively weak. It is easy to rot the roots. After the rotten roots, you want to save the chance of saving very small. Small flower pots in the family are the most suitable soil with good breathability. If you want to look good, many pottery pots are more beautiful now, we can buy it. If you want to use a plastic basin or other flower pots, but you need to choose a large bottom or a large bottom hole When planting plants, use a smaller, with good breathability soil to ensure that if you do not water too much, it will not be a problem.