Where is the airbags of the car, and what should I pay attention to?


The airbag is the most important equipment for protecting the personnel in the car. The car accident occurs suddenly. Due to the huge inertia of the people, people in the car will hit the steering wheel, the instrument platform and other components of the car, causing injuries. At this time, if there is an airbag popping, people hit the airbags, the airbags are soft, and the damage is greatly reduced. Therefore, the number of airbags in the current car is getting more and more. So where are the airbags and what should I pay attention to?

1. The location of the airbag

In the middle of the steering wheel, most cars are actually pressed by the horn. To prevent the driver from touching the steering wheel on the front collision. The pseudonym is on the top of the pseudo -pilot table, which can clearly see a rectangular trim, which is not a whole as the instrument table. It is also aimed at positive collisions to prevent the head of the co -pilot from hitting the instrument platform ahead. Side airbags, whether it is the front or rear side airbags, most of them are located in the middle of the back side of the seat. For the side collision, the area after opening can cover from the shoulder to the bottom of the rib. The role is to protect the upper body of the person. The side air curtain, also known as the head airbag, is located at the top of the roof, outside the roof, and above the door. A long section from the front door to the back door. For side collisions, rollover, etc., the area is large after opening, and it can basically cover the entire window glass to protect the head of people. No matter where the airbags are, there will be an English logo of Air Bag. As long as you see these letters, it shows that there is a airbag in the place.


2. The condition for detonating the airbag

The airbag sensor is distributed in the front and side of the car. The more airbags, the more sensors. The sensor is used to monitor whether there are accidents that occur. When there is an accident, the sensor transmits signals to the airbag computer module. The computer module compares the value through the value. When the preset value is exceeded, the gas generator work will be controlled. Plug the airbag. So you usually go to shoot the airbag itself, and you will not detonate. If the airbag system fails, or there is a problem with the line, it will light up the airbag lamp. When the airbag light is lit, the airbags cannot be used, and accidents may not be detonated. Therefore, the airbags are on and must be repaired in time.


3. Repair for airbags


The whole set of equipment of the airbags is irreversible, including airbags, airbag computer modules, airbag sensors, etc. As long as the airbag burst, it must be replaced. Of course, the cost of replacement is very high, so some repair shops will not be replaced to repair the airbags. Fold the expanded airbags, install it back, and re -program the airbag computer module. After repairing it, it seems that everything is normal, but it is easy to use, whether the accident can explode smoothly in time, everything is unknown, and the safety hazards are very large.

4. Precautions

a. First of all, do not add things to cover the airbags. The common ones are added to the seat. There is no reserved opening at the side airbag. b. Put sunscreen pads to the instrument, high summer temperature and strong light. In order to sunscreen, sunscreen pads will be installed. Some sunscreen pads are very hard, and there is no opening at the pair of airbags, which will affect the pop -ups. c. The mobile phone bracket on the fixed steering wheel is very dangerous. When the airbag pops up, the mobile phone can hurt people. d. The airbags should be used in conjunction with the seat belt, otherwise there will be no effect. The accident airbags occurred normally, and people had no seat belt already flying out, and airbags were useless. In addition, the sitting position should be correct, especially the auxiliary driver. Some people like to extend their feet on the top of the instrument table. An accident not only does the airbag work, but also has side effects.

In the end, there are still questions that the car is very old and the years are very long. Will the components of the airbags fail to fail? Will those inflatable chemicals deteriorate? Rotten, not inflatable. There will be no problems. First of all, if there is a problem with electronic equipment, it will light up the fault light. The chemicals used for inflatable are sodium nitrode and ammonium nitrate. The chemical properties are stable and will not deteriorate. Just don’t soak it in water. The cloth of the airbag is a nylon product. The inner layer is coated with a polythylne, and the weathering degradation will not occur. Therefore, the life of the airbag is consistent with the life of the vehicle.

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