Refrigerator storage MOCAROSE vacuum preservation box, classified storage storage fresh storage one step in place


Spring is here, the temperature is gradually rising, the types of fruits and vegetables are richer and more delicious, but bacteria in high temperatures are more likely to breed. It is very easy to deteriorate at room temperature in the room temperature. The vacuum preservation box becomes the most wise storage space in the summer home. The lid is that the ABS material is stacked and stacked.

Food contact -level safety materials, more peace of mind for family members


The fresh -keeping box uses high borosilica glass meal box, ABS material box cover, and silicone sealing ring, which are all food contact materials, which are more assured of using safety. The tolerance temperature of the high borosilicon-20 ℃ -500 ℃, put it in the refrigerator refrigerated and short-acting frozen.

The transparent design for this Mocarose vacuum fresh -keeping box can be seen at any time to see the storage status of food for easy food. In addition, its material is more resistant to falling, safe and odorless, and the design of the cover is super good, which can effectively prevent the food moldy and deteriorated. The upside down is not sprinkled. Put in the dishwasher to clean.


One -click pull is vacuum, it is easier to work hard

The vacuum fresh -keeping box is matched with an electric vacuum pump. It can automatically pump the vacuum with one click. After the vacuum pump stops, the vacuum state is reached in the box. When the lid is opened, you only need to lift the gray cover on the top.


One box is more useful, fresh and healthy is everywhere

Mocarose’s vacuum preservation box stores fruits and vegetables, snacks, dry goods, and some valuable ingredients and medicinal materials. It is still very fresh for a week and tastes like before. The nine vacuum bags sent by it are also good for storing meat. You can enlarge vegetables, fish, and repeated use. Whether it is a refrigerator or a microwave oven, or even a picnic, it can be used.

Disassembly design, smooth surface, transparent texture


The removable design adopted by the vacuum fresh -keeping box, each part can be removed, the corners are not easy to bump, and it is easier to clean. And each base is protected by rubber, and it will not slide in the refrigerator. Xiaobian tried to put some strawberries and cherries, put it in the fresh -keeping box and put it in the refrigerator. The next day was still very fresh.

Xiaobian will use Mocarose’s vacuum fresh -keeping box to install fruits and vegetables, fish gums, ginseng, etc. to prevent the flavor and bacteria from breeding. For valuable medicinal materials, it can be stored with a vacuum fresh -keeping box, which can make it less likely to lose their nutritional ingredients.

Usually stacked storage in the kitchen, cabinet or refrigerator, which can save storage space and clean. The white preservation box will look good everywhere. A set of less than a thousand yuan, the cost performance is still very high.