Recommend a few practical water pot racks


The kettle frame seems inconspicuous, but the frequency of use is very high. I believe that all riders have installed.


Running mountain enthusiasts stated that they could not drink water on the mountain, and they were usually put in the bag, so they could not use the kettle frame.

It can ensure that the kettle is not easy to fall. The main installation position is in two parts of the lower pipe and the middle tube, but some small size or special car may have only one place to install. For riders who love to drink drinks, there are currently a pot rack designed for beverage cups, beverage cans and thermos cups. It is very compatible and very convenient. It also reduces the danger of drinking drops.


Common kettles are divided into three materials: aluminum alloy, plastic steel and carbon fiber. The lighter the weight, the higher the price. The most important thing when buying a kettle is to easily and complete the placement. Pay attention to whether the size is consistent with the kettle, whether the structure is solid, and pay attention to whether it may cause damage such as scraping the kettle. When installing, pay attention to whether it is firm. The kettle frame and kettle that is loud and loud by the left shakes the mood and speed, and the control of the rider will be hindered.

Those who do not use plastic on long -distance cycling. The kettle frame is installed on the frame. Following the wind and sunlight with the bicycle, the most susceptible to weathering is the plastic water pot rack. It is recommended that you check the signs of weathered by the pot rack before you travel. In order to avoid encountering bumpy roads during cycling, causing the kettle to fall off.

It is cheap to use aluminum alloy, but do not buy cheap goods, because the kettle rack that has not been treated with good thermal treatment is very soft. It is recommended to go to a bicycle store to buy. Of course, you must choose carbon fiber for riders who are pursuing lightweight!


The editor summarizes some different types of kettles for reference. Everyone should choose when buying a pot rack!

Aluminum alloy bottle rack -Specialized Roll Cage

Compatible with SWAT Portable Equipment, an aluminum alloy water pot rack. The three installation locations are convenient for accessing the kettle from all directions. You can take the kettle from the left, take the kettle from the right, and take the kettle from it. Moreover, the kettle frame will be completed after the safe completion of the safe completion. You can also adjust the location.

Sugged retail price: ¥ 65

Carbon fiber pot -Giant Bottle Cage


Open shape, take a convenient opening angle, use 3K carbon fiber to make, with both the dual advantages of rigidity and lightweight. The carbon fiber pattern on the surface adds beauty to the kettle frame. In addition, its lightweight appearance design is only 23g, which is suitable for the Giant kettle. Ride a carbon fiber pot.

Sugged retail price: ¥ 198


The kettle frame that can be converted-GUB G-23

Under normal circumstances, we will fix the kettle to the position of the lower tube or seat tube. If your frame has no holes, or you want to make more convenient hydration, the converting seat of this kettle frame can be installed at the back of the cushion or the back of the cushion or The front part of the group is determined by the habit of the cyclist.

Sugged retail price: ¥ 78

Suitable for night riding kettles -a shiny water bottle rack

TOPEAK IglowCage Night Elves

The best choice for safety and fashion

Are you tired of the unchanged pot rack? TOPEAK has launched an absolutely eye -catching IglowCage water pot rack, which is both fashionable, colorful and creative. Equipped with ultra -shim -discolored LEDs, provided 5 different types of light sources of the context, can switch the color to turn the kettle into a luminous body, protect the safety of your sides at night, and the waterproofness of IPX68 can be used even if it rains. Do not miss the distinctive riders.

Sugged retail price: ¥ 204

The weight loss party, the gospel is here


Invisible kettle

Fabric Cageless Waterbottle


Picture source: library club

Fabric Cageless Waterbottle from the UK, its invisibility is actually inserting the kettle to the kettle frame screw. Fabric on a small design on the kettle subverts the concept of the kettle frame in the traditional sense, allowing the kettle frame screw to directly act as a pot rack frame stand as a pot rack frame. The role of the traditional kettle is not as restrained. The kettle is more complete, which also allows the kettle to be closely integrated with the frame, which restores the simple lines of the frame itself.

Suggested retail price:—

In the end, I told again that when riding, you must pay attention to the correct action of drinking water!

You should not drink water on the downhill.


To drink water first to confirm the non -downhill section. remember! Drinking water on the downhill section is a harmful behavior.

When drinking water, the kettle must be in the mouth. Raising the pot on the front will affect the sight. If you can’t see it clearly, you can’t respond, so unfortunately, it is heard from the accident.