The new boyfriend of Kaia Gerber, you must be familiar! “Poster Street Shooting”


This week’s European and American street shooting is too lively. First, there is a new KAIA boyfriend exposed. In addition to the slightly heavy dark circles, he has other fierce materials to dig. Another sister Jin’s family was besieged because of video words and deeds. There are gossip and beautiful pictures. The street shooting of the supermodel town field is absolutely guaranteed. Brush it happily!

European and American stars

Kaia Gerber and Pete Davidson Out of the street on November 13

Kaia Gerber交的新男友,你们一定很眼熟!「海报街拍」

Leather: Danielle Guizio

The scandal is true. This pair of officially pulls out of the street. Ten fingers are intertwined. Kaia is 18 years old and Pete is 25 years old. His previous relationships were slightly high -profile and progressive, and he broke up quickly.

The previous editor of the second -generation Margaret Qualley reported to you before that in September, he exposed the relationship with Venice in September. The exact time of breaking up is not known. However, he started to rumors with KAIA in October, so he may be partially parted after the trip. BTW, Margaret, this little white skirt is too good -looking with Maryzhen, and edit the next time you go on vacation with the male ticket.

Kaia Gerber交的新男友,你们一定很眼熟!「海报街拍」

And Kate Beckinsale (the heroine of “Pearl Harbor” that year) began to communicate in January this year, and broke up in April. In addition to routinely pulled out the street, the two also contributed a set of kisses during the game.

The most eye -catching period with Sister A, began in May 2018, engaged in June, and broke up in October. When the two were interacted, they were like a babies every day. Regardless of whether they were out of the street or the red carpet, they were sticking together, and the breakup also made a lot of movement.

After discovering, this little brother’s peach blossoms have been very prosperous in the past two years, and they have attracted all beautiful girls. So, do you optimistic about this paragraph with KAIA?

Karlie Kloss and her husband Joshua Kushner on November 9th in New York

Kaia Gerber交的新男友,你们一定很眼熟!「海报街拍」

Jeans: J Brand x Elsa Hosk

Kaia Gerber交的新男友,你们一定很眼熟!「海报街拍」

Jacket & sunglasses: Celine (Celine)

Back to the street to take a picture, Xiao KK’s legs are not polite to her husband. It is said that the Couples of girls who are higher than boys is actually quite loving. It is not the most adorable height difference. It is the most handsome height difference. There are several pairs in the entertainment industry.

Karlie Kloss on November 9th on the street in New York

Kaia Gerber交的新男友,你们一定很眼熟!「海报街拍」

Total Look: Celine (Celine)

Without her husband, it is more handsome. It is more “presumptuous”. The hair jacket is equipped with tall collar, and short boots in suit pants. Although it is simple black and white, the aura is full. Yes)).

Irina Shayk and her daughter Lea de Seine out of New York (November 11)

Boots: Bottega Veneta

Kaia Gerber交的新男友,你们一定很眼熟!「海报街拍」

Yi Ge was dressed in “daily” this time. Once I came to New York to cool down, and the other was to come out of the baby, it was enough to wear it. However, the editor’s attention is attracted by Xiao Beibei. It will grab the mirror at such a young age. It really is the daughter of the supermodel!

Gisele Bundchen (Gisele Bundchen) Out of the street on November 13

Shoes: Common Projects

Kaia Gerber交的新男友,你们一定很眼熟!「海报街拍」

“Ji Niangniang” was really seen for a long time. The editor just thought about her nickname for about 10 seconds. She didn’t write her for too long. Visual inspection is a plain face, the overall state is good, and the low -key and practical wearing as ever.

Charlize thermon on November 12th to New York to participate in the event

Kaia Gerber交的新男友,你们一定很眼熟!「海报街拍」

Queen Selon has recently promoted the new film “BOMBSHELL”, and the exposure rate is quite high. The propaganda modeling is mainly capable, and the suit look is just her masterpiece. This hair is matched with this body, handsome!

Bella Hadid (Bella Hadid) on November 14th in Paris

Kaia Gerber交的新男友,你们一定很眼熟!「海报街拍」

Shoes: Nike (Nike)

Bella appeared in Paris in her small vest, regardless of the Dress Code of the Girls in Paris, and took her favorite American cool girl style as usual.

Kaia Gerber交的新男友,你们一定很眼熟!「海报街拍」

Emma Roberts (Emma Roberts) appeared on November 12th

Emma, ​​which is full of autumn, went out of the street to bask in the sun. Each item was very comfortable. It was originally smooth. Finally, a leopard bag was added. It was very Emma.

Vanessa Hudgens (Vanessa Hudgens) went out of Los Angeles on November 14

Mueller shoes: by far

Little V’s dirty denim jacket grabbed the mirror. She was worn with jeans with jeans. The jacket was added with a hair lining, but the inside of the dew was la flavor.

Hailey Bieber and Justin Bieber appeared on November 11

Top: Joah Brown

Pack: Prada (Prada)

Shoes: VANS

Kaia Gerber交的新男友,你们一定很眼熟!「海报街拍」

This pair of dog food is steadily and stable. Xiao Jia was obsessed with these “small cars”. Some time ago, she posted a video of challenging the single -wheel bicycle. Recently, she started an electric bicycle and took a beaver to play.

Kim Kardashian (Kim Kardashian) appeared in New York on November 6

Kaia Gerber交的新男友,你们一定很眼熟!「海报街拍」

Top: Burberry (Burberry)

Kaia Gerber交的新男友,你们一定很眼熟!「海报街拍」

He was hit by Sister Jin again. The family lined up and walked out of the hotel to participate in the event. However, their family has troubled them recently. In the latest “Keeping Up with the Kardashians”, Sister Jin and other family members dumped each other. It was really wasteful to watch. Many audiences were asking.

Charlize thermon on November 13th in New York

Fracked skirt: Dior (Dior)

Queen Salon’s other set of promotional outfits, the man’s head was meticulous, and the tassel skirt swayed.

Maya Hawke, on November 12, went to New York to participate in the screening event of “Strange Story”

This mushroom will be shot when they go out of the street, but wearing a slightly flat, Star Second Generation aura is not very strong. Only this kind of attending the event, dressed up before going out and then dazzling.

Karolina Kurkova (Karolina Kurkova) went to New York to attend the awards ceremony on November 12

Kaia Gerber交的新男友,你们一定很眼熟!「海报街拍」

Da KK is out of the mountain, and this activity is very seasonal. Just standing on the way and daring, it looks good.

Kaia Gerber交的新男友,你们一定很眼熟!「海报街拍」

Hailey Bieber, November 8, went out in Los Angeles

Pants: Nike (Nike)

Kaia Gerber交的新男友,你们一定很眼熟!「海报街拍」

The curly beaver is so drifting. Although I feel like I want to go to the makeup, I have to wear it with Gym, but she can’t resist her beautiful figure, and the editor cannot criticize.

Kaia Gerber交的新男友,你们一定很眼熟!「海报街拍」

On November 7, Elsa Hosk appeared in West Hollywood

Skirt: Boohoo

Bag: Chanel (Chanel)

Kaia Gerber交的新男友,你们一定很眼熟!「海报街拍」

Shoes: Christian Louboutin

Kaia Gerber交的新男友,你们一定很眼熟!「海报街拍」

Blond Barbie turned into real people! The beauty is a bit thrilling, isn’t it?

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley appeared on November 8th in New York

Coat & necklace & inward: Bottega Veneta

Trousers: ZARA

Kaia Gerber交的新男友,你们一定很眼熟!「海报街拍」

Bag: Celine (Celine)

Knee boots: Jimmy Choo (Jimmy Choo)

There are three groups of sisters in the finale! She is now the number one fan of the Die Family, and moves the rhythm of all the season’s design. Fortunately, these items are in line with her temperament and complement each other.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley appeared on November 11th at Kennedy International Airport on November 11

Kaia Gerber交的新男友,你们一定很眼熟!「海报街拍」

Jacket & Pack: Bottega Veneta

Trousers: The row

Boots: Saint Laurent

When Su Yan rushed to the plane, he set up a pair of sunglasses to save all the “not beautiful”, and it looked two meters in aura.

Rosie Huntington-WHITELEY on November 9th on November 9th

Kaia Gerber交的新男友,你们一定很眼熟!「海报街拍」

High heels: Jimmy Choo (Jimmy Choo)

She is most suitable for big red lips, and red -eyed editors will not be processed. With her look, it will be better and bring her own pupil function.

Chinese star

On November 9, Ni Ni appeared at Chengdu Airport


Belt: ALYX

Shoes: Converse

The editor has received the signal of the pickled cowboy items quietly, and a pair of jeans, with a black leather suit, don’t mention it.

Ni Ni was tailored to be very different, and it was unexpectedly white. She is paired with loose suit pants, and her belt also chose the “functional style” model of the current popular people, which is fashionable.

On November 12, Li Feier appeared at Beijing Airport

T -shirt: RE/Done

Kaia Gerber交的新男友,你们一定很眼熟!「海报街拍」

Hat: we11done

Bag: Alexander Wang (Alexander Wang)

Kaia Gerber交的新男友,你们一定很眼熟!「海报街拍」

Shoes: Converse x ambush

I do n’t know if the editor is broken every day, have you obediently obedient to buy a leather suit? If you buy it, the editor touches his head, and then watch it here.

On November 9th, Qi Wei & Li Chengyi couple appeared at Shanghai Airport

Although it contributed a lot of airport couple street shooting, this pair of the same frame is rarely deliberately paired with the direction of the couple’s outfit. Edit can accept the small area in the details, and it cannot be too much.

On November 15, Liu Wen appeared at Beijing Airport

Soft imitation leather jacket is the biggest placebo in winter, especially in the north where the wind warned when it is impossible. There is no way to really wrap the quilt. Have the courage to go out.

Kaia Gerber交的新男友,你们一定很眼熟!「海报街拍」

On November 14, Jiang Shuying appeared at Beijing Airport

Sweater: Isabel Marant

Kaia Gerber交的新男友,你们一定很眼熟!「海报街拍」

Bag: Tod’s

Kaia Gerber交的新男友,你们一定很眼熟!「海报街拍」

The sweater with jeans and the short boots, Jiangjiang and we are all wearing it like this.

Wenqi Airport Street Shooting

This little girl is a bit unusual, you can see one or two from the wear. This is also one of the reasons why so many people like her and are optimistic about her.

Lin Zhiling appeared at the airport

Coat: Mackage

Kaia Gerber交的新男友,你们一定很眼熟!「海报街拍」

For long lace -up coats, Sister Zhiling chose the positive red. The wedding invitation just exposed the past two days. It is also a big red to wear big red. “, Sister Zhiling’s words, also give it to everyone.

On November 13, Jolin Tsai appeared at Beijing Airport

Bag: Gucci (Gucci)

Boots: vetements

One of the fun fun in winter is to play stacked, as long as you are stacked with creativity, all are established. This is more interesting and warmer than Sister Zhiling’s regular way of wearing.

On November 11, Gui Lunmei appeared at Beijing Airport

It is not a lot of dressing, but watching this group of street shots is full of warmth. This is the charm of Xiamei magnesium.

Yang Mi Airport Street Shooting

Backpack & boots: Chanel (Chanel) (Chanel)

Hat: Adidas (adidas)

Da Mi Mi is really relaxed now. Long T with Leggings and then kick a pair of short boots and go out to catch the plane. It is really comfortable. Give, the airport street shooting.

Kaia Gerber交的新男友,你们一定很眼熟!「海报街拍」

Music Festival Street Shooting

The CAMP Flog Gnaw Carnival Music Festival is said to be Woodstock of Gen Z, which is founded by rapper Tyler, The Creator, and is eight years old this year. Every year Tyler finds a celebrity friend who is a celebrity friend, so that fans can queue up to buy tickets. Without any fake publicity, it is simply calling friends to call friends, and find a broad place to jump wild.

Kaia Gerber交的新男友,你们一定很眼熟!「海报街拍」

This year’s performance list is not only liked by generations of generations. Who does not want to listen to the scene of FKA TWIGS! Intersection Let’s take a look at what the children who go to the scene are wearing, and feel the atmosphere first.

Kaia Gerber交的新男友,你们一定很眼熟!「海报街拍」

Gen Z, how can you come, not afraid you are too blame, you are afraid that you dare not do it.

Windproof mirror, waist bag, skateboard shoes, jumping field standard.

Kaia Gerber交的新男友,你们一定很眼熟!「海报街拍」

This silk scarf borrowed from the mother’s wardrobe is also coquettish.

Kaia Gerber交的新男友,你们一定很眼熟!「海报街拍」

Unconvinced enough, is it the result of barbaric growth?

To tell the truth, from head to toe, all! think! Hold! Have.

This iconic camera POSE is now swept social networks. No matter what generation you are, you can use it, easy to use.

So, I have n’t been dyed and pushed the flat head, and I am embarrassed to say that I am a generation of Z?

Don’t be red or green. Carefully think you are different.

The vest with a bikini TOP? Mao Seton opened, it is really street shooting on the festival.

Kaia Gerber交的新男友,你们一定很眼熟!「海报街拍」

A music festival can gather music fans in all directions, and then you will find that in the end, the most attribution group in this field is a bit similar from wearing to makeup or even appearance. The so -called odor is because they are the same dimension.

The street shooting in this issue is finished, see you next week!

Kaia Gerber交的新男友,你们一定很眼熟!「海报街拍」

Bag: Celine (Celine)

Kaia Gerber交的新男友,你们一定很眼熟!「海报街拍」

Coat: Mackage