Wear jeans in autumn, jackets can be selected like this! These style combinations make you fashionable and not outdated


Autumn is approaching, as in the past spring, summer, autumn and winter, boys still choose jeans as their own fashion match. But in the fall, you can also try a fashionable match with a considerable season -jeans and jacket combinations.

For men, jackets seem to be not much different, but in fact, items with different shapes and different colors can show different styles. With jeans, the shape of the whole person looks versatile. From this autumn, you may wish to choose a jacket that suits you to create a different fashion effect.

1. There are many jacket styles, and the effects of the upper body are different

When pairing jackets with jeans, we must first consider the choice of style. The seemingly similar jackets will actually make the overall shape a significant change. Flexible selection according to personal temperament can present the best effect.

① The elegant jacket is very casual


The loose and a little elegant coat will make the whole person look quite casual. This kind of combination is often more suitable for literary and artistic men to choose from. A pair of light -colored jeans colorful and elegant long jacket jackets easily create unparalleled fresh and casual sense.

② denim jacket is cool

Different from the elegant long jacket jacket, denim jackets often make the whole person look more cool. In men’s clothing matching, denim jackets often do not use the profile version, but use the conventional straight version, with the coolness of the dark denim, make the whole person look handsome.


③ The trend of a suit jacket is not rigid

Compared to the above two styles, suit jackets are obviously more suitable for mature men to choose from. Because the underlying jeans are paired with it, this item is often full of trendy fluid, which will not allow the stereotypes of the suit and formally affect the overall matching effect.


Second, the choice of fabrics has skills, and the sense of softness is different


Even if you choose similar jeans under the next place, jackets of different styles will make the overall state effect a larger difference. You can choose from multiple aspects, and the impact of the fabric on the style cannot be ignored.


① Standard the fabric fabric showing the gas field


For example, the fabrics of the suit and denim material have a certain sense of stiffness, which will make the body’s body line look more tough, so it will be more qi after the upper body. As a lower dress, on the one hand, it will take care of the upper body material, and on the other hand, it will make the shape more trendy, prevent the shape from being too “domineering”, and lose the fashion trend.

② The soft sensor fabric is more friendly

The lines such as linen, cotton cloth, etc., the lines presented are quite soft. When the jacket chooses the soft material, it will make the whole person look quite affinity, and it will be more fresh and vibrant with a pair of jeans. If you want to wear age -reducing casual wind, try this combination.


Third, the color effect is large, there is a difference between light and dark color matching

When choosing a jacket, in addition to considering the fabric factors, we must also pay attention to the effect of color on the overall effect. The style of warm color wearing and cold tone combinations will be very different.

① Warm color tone is more warmer


The warm color represented by khaki can make the whole person look quite warm. In autumn, a bright top can make the whole person look more outstanding. The chopped jeans selected in the lower part are dark colors. In contrast to the bright color, the layered sense of the overall matching can be greatly increased.

② Cold tone through small cooling


Of course, the cold -colored jacket can also wear fashionable. Deep color matching does not mean mediocrity. With light -colored denim trousers, you can also wear youth trend. Although dark denim and dull color matching jackets will slightly weaken the overall sense, the overall sense and cool fan created are also unparalleled.

Fourth, the version determines the shape, each jacket is versatile

When choosing a jacket, the version is also an important factor that affects the overall view effect. It can be said that different versions directly determine the style of the shape. Fortunately, the jacket jacket is often versatile. Error.


① Loose version with straight pants, this match is very personalized

The loose straight version will make the whole person’s temperament look quite casual, and the wide body has a strong tolerance for the body. Even if it has a greasy small belly, it can add a few points to the lining of the loose jacket. Fresh sense. This version often brings visual horizontal expansion, so you can choose a pair of straight pants to balance. The combination of the two can not only gain good visual effects, but also highlight the fashion personality.


② The slim version lining curve, with leather shoes, elegant and fashionable


The slim -fit jacket often integrates suits to make the shape look a bit elegant. Such a coat can make the figure look more smooth. Even if it is matched with the trendy jeans, it can still show a high -level texture with a pair of leather shoes.

③ The profile jacket creates a sporty style, showing extraordinary effects

The silhouette jacket is the most common version of daily life. It often appears in the form of “baseball shirt”, which greatly increases the dynamic and motion vitality of the whole body. And this itself is also quite versatile. You can cooperate with jeans to wear the coolness of the street. You can also implement the sports atmosphere to the end with sports pants.

Jeans can indeed be used as a fixed match for the year and four seasons, but the fashion effect it presents is definitely not a single. In the autumn, try the combination of jeans and jackets. It is fashionable and simple, and it can easily create an avant -garde fashion!

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