Japanese families’ favorite landing racks are suitable for kitchen, and the storage volume is so large that the amount of storage is exaggerated


Source: Pacific Home Network


The kitchen is a particularly easy -to -messy place, with various pots and props, and various types of chai rice oil and salt sauce vinegar tea. The meat bought every day is often piled up in the kitchen, which is chaotic and difficult to clean up. It is essential to have a clean and tidy kitchen. Therefore, a landing rack is needed, which can solve a lot of trouble.

1. Stainless steel shelf

The stainless steel rack has a variety of specifications to choose from, which can meet the different needs of users. And the material of stainless steel, corrosion resistance and oil, clean and convenient, is very suitable for places such as kitchen. At the same time, it also has good load -bearing capabilities, which is very practical.

This stainless steel kitchen shelf adopts an open storage method. It is very convenient to get items. The layer of the thick stainless steel is used in foreign stainless steel brushes. It is very shiny and not easy to rust. It is more assured.

2. Small carts of strokes


The scope of small carts is widely used, and it can be used not only in the kitchen, but also in bathrooms and bedrooms. There is a universal wheel at the bottom, which can be moved freely, which is very convenient. A variety of colors can be selected, beautiful and beautiful.

This small cart can be designed to be moved, which is very convenient and can freely shuttle in various parts of the room. Thick stainless steel has a good moisture -proof corrosion resistance, and the industrial brake wheels are more stable to use.

Third, the vegetable basket setting rack

The rack of vegetable baskets is more suitable for installing some fruits and vegetables. Because the design of the hollow basket, it can play a function of draining. In the large space, even large vegetables such as cabbage and fruits can be placed in.

This rack of the vegetable basket uses a patented design to increase the bracket, which has strong load -bearing capacity, increased space, and can store more items. And can combine freely to meet different needs. Environmental protection PP material, safe and assured.

Fourth, drawer shelf

The drawer -type lover has a closed storage space, which can prevent the ash, which is very suitable for placing items that are afraid of dirt. It can be placed vertically, does not take up space, and is very practical.


The slender body can allow it to survive in the gap, which can greatly save space. Extend the depth design, and the storage function is more powerful, and the inner concave handles are kept to facilitate access to items. The anti -off -cutting buckle prevent falling off.

Five, microwave oven rack


Microwave stoves can be placed in large -scale home appliances such as microwave ovens and rice cookers, so that the kitchen space looks more neat and bright, and the number of different layers can be selected to meet different needs.

According to different needs, there are three different styles. The bottom of the library is used to increase the space for storage. Intimate drawer design, convenient classification and storage.

6. Space aluminum standing rack

The material of space aluminum is very durable, has strong load -bearing capacity, wide space, can store many items, and has strong practicality. The touch of scrub brings a handsome sense of industrial style.


The selected stone -oriented surface board has a strong high temperature resistance. The wide space is matched with a five -layer grid design, which can store large -capacity items. The aluminum alloy frame, matte touch, the overall shape is integrated, very texture.

With the help of these shelves, the dirty kitchen can become neat and clean in an instant. The face value is more than a little bit, and it can also reduce bacteria breeding, practical and beautiful.