How do beginners choose Getting Start Ukulele, what brand to buy? Novice must watch


Regarding the introduction of Ukri, and how novices choose the size characteristics and material differences of Yickley. Common questions for beginners, and Nursing maintenance of Ukri.


Table of contents:

1. What is Yuxili

Second, how to buy Ukri for newbies and choose to be suitable for you?

Third, recommend a few high -cost brands


Fourth, the basic question about Yokrili learning piano:

Fifth, how should Yuxili take care of daily?

Ukulele, a four -string guitar, also known as Ukili, originates in Hawaii. It has the sound of warm -hearted Uchryi piano like Hawaiian sunshine. Yuxili is a small musical instrument. It is easy to learn. It is a very good instrument choice as an amateur and entertaining self -entertainment. This musical instrument is very suitable for children, adults, and parents.

We explain from this size, price, material, and brand.

1. Size selection

Ukryi conventional size: 21 -inch S type, 23 -inch C type, 26 -inch T type (these three sizes are commonly used sizes).

[21 -inch S type] treble piano, small and portable, suitable for singing, the sound is clear and simple, but the medium bass is slightly insufficient;

[23 -inch C Type] The medium bass is stable, the treble is clear, the size is moderate, the quality is obvious, and the performance of the performance is wider. It takes into account the characteristics of 21 -inch play and 26 -inch solo.

It is one of the most choices of novice tiders


[26 -inch T type] Suitable for finger bombs, louder resonance boxes, full sound, thick bass, excellent sound, suitable for tall girls or boys.

2. Price choice

First of all, the budget consider buying more than 300, one price, one point, good materials, good craftsmanship requires cost, and the quality and service of the brand are more guaranteed. Friends with insufficient budget can also buy a piano piano of less than 300 yuan as the entry piano (a brand with good quality).

3. Material selection


The advantages and disadvantages of a piano are mainly determined by materials and craftsmanship. The price of a piano is determined by the value of materials, crafts, quality, services, and brands. We will analyze this.

Introduce the concepts of combination, single board, and full orders.


It means that the piano box uses the three -in -board board, and the composite wooden board is not solid. The advantage is that the cost is cheap and almost no need to worry about maintenance; the disadvantage is that resonance, volume, and tone are relatively poor.

Single piano:


Refers to the solid wood adopted by the front panel of the piano box, and the back plate is still a fit. The advantage is that the tone is better; the disadvantage is that the price is slightly more expensive. In maintenance (after all, it is solid wood, the main attention to humidity) needs to be paid a little attention.

All piano:

It means that the overall piano box is solid wood. The advantage is that the sound is good and the volume is large; the disadvantage is that the price is more expensive, and you need to pay attention to maintenance.

Under the same craftsmanship and the same materials, stand -in -board piano is better than the piano. The sound of the single board is more solid and better; and the requirements for making the board piano are higher.

4. Regarding the craftsmanship, is the advantages and disadvantages of a piano just look at the material?


Of course not, in addition to looking at the material, it depends on the craftsmanship. Comparison of the same process and the same grade materials must be compared. It is detailed to analyze it. For example, the different dry and humidity of the same wood will also affect the sound. In the production time of each process and the control of the temperature and humidity of the production workshop, the design of the neck, the box, the sound beam structure, etc. , Including the craftsmanship of the producer, have an important impact on the sound, quality, and feel of the piano.

Novices do not make accurate judgments about the quality of the piano. You ca n’t see the special online shopping. Then your best choice is to choose a brand. The quality and service of the brand are still more reliable.


5. Brand selection


Each brand has its own characteristics and positioning, and it is easy for us to entangle brands with much difference in price. In fact, the price is about the same, and it is more cost -effective to consider the price / performance ratio. If online shopping can be considered from product warranty, after -sales service, etc.

Getting started: Tangnong, Andrew, Pagel, UMA, Tom Tom, Kaka, etc.;

Advanced brands: Enya Enya, Ruisheng, Rainbow people Anuenue, Yangyang, etc.;

International brand: 4K+1G, by Kamaka, Koaloha, Kanile’a, KO’OLAU and GSTRING. These five brands are internationally renowned brands. Of course, the price is also expensive.

Third, the following recommended several high -cost brands:

Recommendation of starting piano for beginners:

1. Popcorn/Pagel D15 Reference price starts from 138 yuan

This grade belongs to the entry -level piano, and it is also the choice of most zero -based friends. It is recommended that Popcorn Pagel D15 basic entry piano, Shatilia material, good workmanship, and good market response. The price is close to the people, the appearance is relatively simple, and it is suitable for new practitioners.

2. Tangnong Donner’s reference price starts from 328 yuan

The gospel of the design is unique, the gospel of the face value control, and the single -board piano around 300. If there is not much budget, you can try this piano. The brand has cloud shirts and peach core wooden piano. The sound is clear and the sound is good. The workmanship is not bad, and the details are also very particular.

3. Popcorn/Pagel D25 Yunshan single board reference price is 298 yuan

For novices, you can consider this spruce single board series, and the queen sheet is matched with roses (two types of backplane selection of Taohua core). The closed knob sound is good and the feel is good. You can choose according to your own needs.

4. TOM Yuxili 200 series reference price is 468 yuan

The most well -known domestic brands, workmanship and feel are first -class, and the craftsmanship pursues excellence. The 200 series is currently the entry series of the brand. It is configured with peach blossom core. The sound is round and full of tension. The high and middle bass are very balanced. The sound is warm and sweet. The strings adopt the U.S. Dadrido transparent piano strings, high and strong, and soft in texture. Compared with the above piano, TOM’s cost performance is slightly lower, but the accumulation of many years has indeed made the piano product control better.

Advanced piano recommendation:

5. Anuenue Rainbow TM2 Reference Price 502 yuan

Anuenue is a rainbow in the local language of Hawaii, and it is also an older brand. I recommend their high -end series, but the configuration of this peach core single board is also good for novices.


6. Enya X1C single board reference price is 799 yuan


The configuration and face value are high, and the sound is warm and bright. There are only 23 and 26 inches and corresponding electric box models. The original AJ barrel type is simple in appearance. The box is made of HPL veneer, which is a synthetic single board. This material is common on the low -end series of well -known big brand Martin guitar, but the resonance of this material is limited and the tension is small. Therefore Shangdu is equipped with an electric box pickup. On the basis of X1, Enya launched an angle version of X1C on the basis of X1, which can be convenient to play high positions.

7. KAKA MAD full single reference price 999 yuan

Within thousands of yuan, the whole single -level piano is made, and the tone of the whole peach core material is warm and plump, and the tone is good. The low string distance is matched with Enya piano string. Novice, you don’t need to change the piano within a few years. The overall appearance is slightly luxurious, and the sound is clear.

1. Can Yuxili learn? Can I learn itself?

Answer: You can learn from self -learning. Youkrili is easy to get started. There will be 5 chords and 2 universal rhythm types to play a lot of songs; the distance between the finger board is small, and the fingers can be easily pressed and converted; buy this book yourself; Or there are many teaching resources on the Internet (station B).

2. How long can I learn? How many tunes can I learn a month?

Answer: This question is relatively broad. This is different from person to person, and what is the learning? In addition, the degree of difficulty of each song is also different. Some songs can be more skilled in a few or a few days, and some songs may take a long time. Without learning, there will always be new songs that let us want to learn to play!

3. Is there a age limit for learning the piano?

Answer: It is suitable for all ages, the preferred instrument! Whether you are an office worker, a student or a parent, or an elderly, we need the partner of the soul and the company of music in old age!

4. Can’t see the spectrum, the five -line score, can you learn?

Answer: Banturi does not necessarily have to look at the five -line spectrum. These scores are easy to understand. I won’t see it, I will watch it after learning.

Answer: 1. First of all, it is more bomb, more bomb, and then bomb more. Piano is the best protective piano.

2. When you do n’t play the piano, put the piano in your bag, do n’t put it on the ground or leaning against the wall, and place it flat on the table. Do n’t rely on the wall, do n’t put pressure on the neck.

3. Don’t put it in the air -conditioned room, don’t approach the heating, people will adjust themselves, and the wood in Ukri leaves the tree’s embrace. If you can’t adjust yourself, we need our piano friends to take care of them! Let the little U’s cold and hot heat hurt our little U very easily!

4. For some dry places, you can consider putting a musical instrument humidifier and put it in the sound hole of a small U to keep the box of the box of the Ukri Li. The whole piano can consider using the humidity table to measure the humidity inside, so as to better protect the piano.

5. Poor more or more bomb, don’t let the piano get water, don’t touch the piano if you do it as soon as you wash your hands. Under the piano cloth care, the fingerboard of Ukri.

Good piano can make you handy, I wish you all encounter Yicklery you like. If you have any questions, you can leave a message or private message, and you will reply one by one. Friends who like this article can like me. Essence

1. What is Yuxili


Second, how to buy Ukri for newbies and choose to be suitable for you?


Fourth, the basic question about Yokrili learning piano:

Fifth, how should Yuxili take care of daily?