Eliminate the Starbucks Red Cup, and never escape the Santa Claus and cute pets floating on the coffee


Reporter | Wu Rong

Green or white Christmas trees, colorful gift boxes under the tree, sparkling ribbons … When these appear every year, Christmas is nearly. Dress the store with the above elements, replace the classic white paper cup into a “holiday red cup”, and the concubine hazelnut latte, which returns to the holiday season, is the most important festival marketing that Starbucks has insisted on the past two decades.


With the increase in the lively level of the Chinese coffee market, more coffee brands have begun to join this Christmas (or “Holiday Season) in this Christmas (or” Holiday Season) -s At the time of living, select fresh elements, and these brands have found some new gameplay.


Taking McDonald’s Mai Coffee as an example, this Christmas gameplay is to allow the blind box cute pets to enjoy a “bubble bath” in coffee, that is, as long as you buy any wheat coffee big cup drink, you can get a cute pet avatar The protein cream (kitten or puppy hook).

Such operations are similar to McDonald’s previous solar egg frosting. After joining the “all things can be blind boxes”, it means that randomness and interest are also increasing. Pet avatars with friendly or ghost horses and cheap expressions, easy to communicate with consumers, meet everyone’s emotional needs in winter, and it is difficult to not attract young people’s ideas. On social platforms such as Xiaohongshu, many netizens have already taken pictures.


With the help of cute “floating objects” to attract eyeballs, there are Tim Hortons coffee and Seesaw coffee. The two still use the traditional Christmas image. The former uses Santa Claus with white beard, and the latter includes Santa Claus, gingerbread people, and Christmas tree biscuits.

It seems that it is difficult to trace the first brand of “floating objects” creative. The coffee or tea industry that needs to continuously stimulate people’s desire to consume has become one of the popular. Whether it is Dugout Coffee & Brunch, the polar bear oatmeal is also the “blizzard ice hockey” lemon tea launched by the likes, it has used similar creativity such as “floating objects”.

Although the creativity is not new enough, it is one of the ways to launch misplaced competition with the industry’s elder brother Starbucks.

Just like the Christmas advertisement of John Lewis Department Store in the UK, Starbucks ’Christmas red paper cup is a tradition of a business society. Under long -term cultivation and precipitation, it is also one of the most representative Christmas elements.

If you want to stand out in the Christmas war, you need to dig out new content. In the field of fast -moving consumer, packaging marketing has long been a way to cooked the light cars in major brands. Consumers’ freshness is actually weakened. If you make articles around coffee other than coffee, it is easy to form a new memory point. Strengthen your own brand image.

Of course, making articles around it may not be enough. Some coffee brands try to innovate the varieties and tastes of Christmas coffee.

Taking Seesaw as an example, the orange cinnamon red American and gingerbread velvet latte is the two special products pushed by its Christmas period. The orange and velvet series is the best -selling model in the Seesaw shop. Add elements such as cinnamon, red wine, and gingerbread man to “old new products”.

In 1997, Starbucks Taigo hazelnut latte was launched as a “holiday drink”, which is limited to two months of sale during the Christmas season. Since it is welcomed by the market, since then, the concubine latte returns at Christmas every Christmas. To the extent, it has become a sign of Christmas.

It is not a fresh road to imitate Starbucks to make special tunes. But jumping out of the established routine of Starbucks Tading Tie Tie, based on its own best -selling models to integrate Christmas and winter elements for innovation, can always give people a sense of freshness, which can relieve consumers’ taste buds fatigue on existing products and create new new manufacturing The consumption growth point is also in line with the development trend of creative coffee at the moment.

In addition, when people can remember from the taste and taste of a cup of coffee, the mark of the brand in the minds of consumers will be more profound, that is, the more likely the brand will be recognized.

The reason why they are willing to be so much is self -evident by Christmas nodes to coffee brands. As the Spring Festival is the main battlefield of all catering and retailers, Christmas is also a big test for coffee brands.

According to the previous research of NPD, in the United States, consumption in the Christmas season often accounts for 25%of the total annual sales. The Christmas season marketing has a significant role in selling Starbucks’ sales and the passenger flow in the store. On the one hand, the red cup limited to the festival atmosphere is generally higher than the price of Starbucks conventional coffee. Driven by the sense of ritual and the freshness of seasonal beverages, consumers are mostly willing to pay. Stimulate consumers to buy other products in the Christmas season and spend more money.

Taking the fourth quarter of 2019 Starbucks (that is, the first quarter of fiscal year in fiscal 2020) as an example, during the financial report period, the global sales of the same store increased by 5%, mainly due to the increase of the 3%average customer unit price increase and 2%of the order increase belt. Come. Starbucks also mentioned at the investor telephone meeting that the limited drinks of the autumn and Christmas season have brought significant growth to the company. The season is one of Starbucks’s strongest holiday growth season.

In addition to the expectations of performance, the coffee brands do not want to drop the team in this war that can build stronger stickiness with consumers.

An independent boutique coffee owner said to the interface news that coffee is an exotic product, and the Christmas season is a period of high acceptance of the brand in the year, which gives the coffee brand an unlimited space for creative ideas. Perhaps Christmas marketing will not allow consumers to produce specific shopping behavior, but it can cultivate the emotional connection between consumers and brands for a long time.

Compared to the forcibly promoting yourself or a certain product in the advertisement, such festival marketing is more of hope and expression of hope, which touches people’s feelings, and deepen people’s favor to the brand in the subtlety.