Liu Wen Shanghai attended the event, white T -shirt with wide -leg pants, interpreting minimalist leisure style





Yongzhou, Hunan, born in 1988, was the first Asian model to appear on the “Victoria’s Secret” in 2009.

In 2005, Liu Wen participated in the New Silk Road Model Contest, and entered the model industry. In the same year, Liu Wen, 17, packed his luggage and came to Beijing, and began the modeling of the modeling career. Three years later, the 20 -year -old Liu Wenchao Class A model participated in the invitations of well -known brands such as Chanel, Marcjacobs, Bulgari, Loewe, etc.

After 2008, he became a super -A model, and Liu Wen’s career had grown rapidly. Especially in 2008 and 2009, although Liu Wen was very busy in the past two years, he received more praise in the industry in the industry. And praise.

In 2013, the website MDC ranked 3rd, with the global model TOP 50 list, ranking first in Chinese models.


The model itself is closely related to the fashion industry and has an inseparable relationship with the fashion industry. Therefore, the sensitivity of models to fashion is unmatched by us. And Liu Wen is such a top model, so her fashion match is also worthy of our learning.


In daily life, Liu Wen prefers simple style,

Recently, Liu Wen is currently in a event in Shanghai. It is wearing a simple style, simple black and white color matching, and the solid color is not as decorative, but the high -level sense created is amazing.

The loose version of the tailoring method does not have a little slim design, but Liu Wen relies on the perfect figure and has a high sense of shape. This classic style is very suitable for daily life.


In particular, the effect of versatile is dazzling, and the test of all the time of HOLD’s residence can be easily controlled even with Xiaobai. Liu Wen is particularly favored by the super loose version. Wearing the upper body is not only covering the meat but also very comfortable.

In fact, Liu Wen’s daily life is the same. The simple style is even a little casual, but it is very charming. In addition to its own model, the other is the personal temperament.

This temperament is emitted from the inside out, so when we improve our personal matching skills, we can also improve our self -confidence, especially when facing some difficult items that are difficult to control, we must tell ourselves the most beautiful.

In 2015, on the “Global Money Money Money Money Money Money Money Most Most, the most profitable supermodel” announced in 2015, it ranked 14th in the world. After that, Liu Wen’s fame became more and more popular, and more and more people knew, so Liu Wen participated in the reality show variety show “Let’s Fall in the First Season”.

Liu Wen lives sober and real. In the model circle, the same is true in the face of career, which makes people feel that sincerity and truly love for the model of the model.

How good is Liu Wen’s figure? It is better to look at Liu Wen’s waist and hip ratio, it is simply amazing. Looking at the picture above, Liu Wen’s waistline is displayed. This small waist is like a folding. It is too slender.

Because Liu Wen’s waist and hip ratio is really good, you can drool when wearing slim products. Even if Liu Wen often wears loose items in daily life, he still can’t resist his good figure.


Although Liu Wen is thin, it is not the kind of skinny, but a healthy slim and thin, especially the vest line is particularly obvious. This can be perfectly displayed in the dew -waist dress.


Coupled with Liu Wen’s beautiful waist and hip ratio, you can control many fashion red carpet.

Liu Wen’s camera posture is also very good, because the model itself is very sensitive to the camera and fashion, so each selfie of Liu Wen can form a textbook -like existence, and the sand sculpture Xiaobian has changed a lot, and he wants to worship.


Therefore, you can refer to Liu Wen ’s photos in daily street shooting. You will find that Liu Wen’ s photos are very casual and comfortable, and the shot of the capture is also very natural.


If Liu Wen in daily life is a girl next door, which is very simple and simple, then Liu Wen on the catwalk is like the existence of a domineering queen, absolutely high -end fashion. Especially wearing some neutral shows, it also perfectly shows the charm of the aura.

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