Moms’ gospel, Dream Jie Baby is open!


Every mother hopes that the baby can

growing up healthily.

In their eyes, babies are the cutest

Little princess, little prince.


But the healthy growth of the baby involves all aspects and is indispensable.


To educate and study, as small as a delicious dinner, or a comfortable sleep all night,

Everything is especially important.

Dream Jie Baby

The field of guarding the children, for them


Fairy tale dream

Put a pair of wings.

On October 17, Bailian Outlet Square (Hunan · Changsha), Dream Jie Baby opened

brand introduction

M-J BABY is a brand of subordinates of Mengjie Home Textiles.

Nature, health, and vitality are the main theme of the brand, and the brand’s intuitive understanding and profound interpretation of happiness. In the huge home textile kingdom,

Mengjie Baby chose the field of protecting the children


Essence We choose all cotton fabrics to ensure that every product is

Healthy products

The processing of each detail process allows you to feel in the process of use

Unexpected kindness and warmth

Essence We choose a 100%recyclable packaging bag to adhere to the obligation of protecting the environment; holding the mission of “baby” allows all children to enjoy a healthy and happy growth process.

Because of love, we are happier, professional, and more concentrated.


Activity date:



The audience

Full 500 minus 158

There are a lot of special price special products

Single -product

Children’s anti -mites memory pillow

Product description: low -sensitivity of mites, washing and drying can be washed

Essence Better care for the baby, let the baby sleep more, and support the mites -proof pillow. Class A standard infant level; knitted cotton rhombus lattice littering fabric, uses Sanitized (Sanitized) anti -mite treatment, has the effect of mite anti -mites (Sannitized Sanitized is an international authoritative mites to obtain four authoritative institutions certification); fabrics : 60%polyester fiber 40%sticky glue fiber knitted cotton pad flower furniture, specification: 25.5*45cm, packaging: handle gift box packaging

Original price: ¥ 299

Folding price: ¥ 99

Bear Cai Cai Cotton Long Sleeve Underwear Set

Product description: “cotton treasure” organic color cotton

, 100%cotton, organic color cotton is created by the high -decoration textile processing process. The skin is soft and no bleaching.


No dyeing, no irritation

, Size 110cm —150cm

Original price: ¥ 399

Folding price: ¥ 199

Norridge anti -mites 95%down quilt

Product Description:


The fabric is 100S long velvet cotton (antibacterial anti -mites), filling: 95 Northeast white goose down, lined with aviation warehouse design, more warm, double -line lock velvet beautiful does not run.

Original price: ¥ 6999, ¥ 7999, ¥ 10999,

After discount: ¥ 1999, ¥ 2599, ¥ 3299

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