12 shower gel comparative evaluation: overall safety available, Weilus preservatives super European standard, 2 models detected trace carcinogens


The autumn and winter dry peeling and sweating in the summer, such a large body area, is not as expensive than a small face. Everyone point to a bottle of reliable shower gel to save. Savory……

However, as a daily necessities with a huge consumption and consumption, do you also pay attention to its composition safety?

Recently, 12 shower gels have been tested in the long distance. The test items include safety indicators such as allergenic preservatives, formaldehyde, dioline, and pH.

Test brand

Doffen, Lux, Keran, Philippine Shop, Julie Kou, L’Occitane, Six Gods, Australian Treasures, Watsons, Shu Lei, Hope, Weili

The test results show,

Shu Lei, Australian Treasure, L’Occitane

Find the trace amount of formaldehyde,


L’Occitane, Watsons, Australian treasure

The content of trace carcinogens is detected, and the content is within the scope of national standards.



MIT detection volume exceeds the EU limit;



The detection of preservatives MIT and CMIT did not marked on the packaging, which belongs to unspoken products.

Weilins can cause sensitive preservatives MIT to exceed 5 times the EU standard

That’s right, you are your familiar partner -MIT/CMIT.

This preservatives appear on the evaluation list of the long -term long -term long -term long -term long -term evaluation list, right? Don’t blame the elders of the Taoism, who makes it a “net red” that is now on the anticorrosive industry.


Whether it is the water or milk that everyone wipes on the face every day, or the shampoo, shower gel, or even detergent, all kinds of chemicals in life, what you think of you may have, may be with MIT/CMIT preservatives. At the side, it also has potential allergies. With such a large degree of exposure, we have to pay more attention.


The country is naturally restrained for the content of MIT/CMIT preservatives in cosmetics, but compared to the European Union, it is a bit “small witch to see the big witch”.

At this stage, my country is 100mg/kg in the medium limit of MIT in cosmetics, and the upper limit of the time when the MIT/CMIT mixture) is used for leaching products is 15 mg/kg; the use limit of the EU MIT is 15 mg/kg, only Used for scrubbing cosmetics.


Through the detection of 12 shower gels, the long -distance road was found,

Weili, Aobao, Watsons, Shu Lei, Hope, Philippine Poems

Six tests are not equal to MIT and/or CMIT preservatives.


Healthy shower gel (fresh lime) detected that the MIT content is 68 mg/kg, which meets the requirements of my country’s standards, but it is nearly 5 times that of the EU standard limit.

In addition, the incomplete cosmetics component logo is a taboo, which is undoubtedly a major obstacle to the purchase of consumers, especially skin sensitive people.

The popular Korean brand on the e -commerce platform

“I didn’t learn well.” Although the MIT and CMIT contents detected by the milk shower gel this time have not exceeded the standard, they have not been marked on its packaging page.

Do not meet the requirements of cosmetics, it is a product that does not meet the standards.

▲ I hope that the milk shower gel composition label (not indicated that it contains methyl chloropotenopromoline, methadollyzolerine ketones)

Shu Lei, Australian Treasure, and L’Occitane detected trace formaldehyde


As a strong allergenic substance, formaldehyde is familiar with everyone. In the past few years, many people also talked about the color change of “formaldehyde”. Now, many netizens have ridiculed that they are even a bit “poisonous”.

However, many manufacturers are now gradually reducing the amount of formaldehyde in cosmetics, and the limited edition of the shower gel national standards on formaldehyde is also stricter than some cosmetics: it must not exceed 500 mg/kg.

Testing through the length of the custody road,

The three models were detected for formaldehyde, and the content was between 60 and 140 mg/kg. It did not exceed the requirements of the shower gel national standard, and the remaining 9 shower gels were not detected for formaldehyde -the situation was relatively clear.

However, in order to prevent consumers with sensitive skin allergies, pay attention to the component information on the packaging when purchasing. “Waiting for the ingredients of” 脲 “, then this bottle of shower gel contains formaldehyde and is not left. You can avoid such products according to your own situation.

▲ Shu Lei milk water tender and smooth shower gel composition table

▲ Australian Bao Classic Moisturizing shower gel composition table

L’Occitane, Watsons, and Ao Po detected the trace two -vicious alkane

Disar alkane, 2B -level carcinogen, cosmetics disabled substances. However, it often appears “presence” in washing products such as facial cleanser, shampoo, shower gel.


However, dioxane is not an active ingredient in the washing product, but the impurities brought in during the production process. Even so, in view of its strong irritation and damage to the liver, we cannot take it lightly.

The state stipulates that the dioxane limit in cosmetics is 30 mg/kg, and the EU Consumer Safety Science Committee (SCCS) pointed out that the safety content of binary alkanes in cosmetics should not be greater than 10 mg/kg.

The test results of this time show,

Three shower gel detected ductal alkane, with the content between 2 ~ 3 mg/kg, which meets my country’s standards and the requirements and suggestions of the EU SCCS. Normally use should be hindered.

Lux, Weli, Keran, hopes are alkaline, or stimulate the skin


Adults’ skin is usually weakly acidic. The normally epidermal pH range is 5.5 ~ 6.5. Over acid or alkali, it will destroy the skin barrier function. Therefore, the pH value of shower gel is best to approach human skin.

After testing,


Lux, Weli, Keran, hope

The four pH are 9.01 ~ 9.63. As a result, alkaline is alkaline. Although it does not exceed the scope of the shower gel national standard, it is also close to the upper limit of 10.

For the normal skin of the human body, long -term use of alkaline shower gel may stimulate the skin, which may cause dry and sensitive skin. Therefore, it is not recommended that you use such shower gels for a long time.

[Special Statement]: The test results in this report and mentioning the brand are only responsible for test samples, which does not represent the quality status of the same batch or other models of products.


Shu Lei, Australian Treasure, L’Occitane

L’Occitane, Watsons, Australian treasure