One hour, hundreds of pieces! “Foshan cream” catering robot debut in Winter Olympics


On the transparent glass track that came up, the cloud trolley is free to shuttle, and there is a cockroach, Dongpo, dumpling and other foods “from the sky”, not only improve the efficiency of the dish, but also eliminate people to contact, provide cool and safe Eating experience … Recently, Beijing Winter Olympics Main Media Center – The wisdom restaurant in the second phase of the National Convention Center is put into trial operation, which has obtained the focus of CCTV, Xinhua News Agency.

On January 14th, the southern + reporter learned that more than ten full-scale research and development of the wisdom restaurant has been automated, visualized, and high-efficiency smart catering equipment from Foshan robots, all of which are “Foshan manufacturing”, and related equipment has previously been applied. Scenic spots, exhibition halls, transportation hubs in the country, etc., this time is its first service important international sports event.

Wisdom Restaurant trial running scene.

It is reported that the wisdom restaurant has set up a variety of featured districts such as the dining area, the Chinese cloud track experience area, and the bar area, providing more than 100 dishes and dozens of cold meals, drinks, desserts, more than 200 varieties, divided into 8 The set of menu is looped, the Chinese food is mainly, and the Western food is supplemented, and the five continents come to the authentic Chinese taste.

In the wisdom restaurant, the whole process of serving the meal is independent of mechanical equipment, and the pipeline, automation is completed. Among them, the smart wok is integrated into the cooking process of the famous kitchen, the raw materials, stoves, the fire control, cooking process, etc., can be used to make dozens of Chinese food, Dongpo meat, etc. Equal food, etc. 60 copies of meals, let countries reporters appreciate the rich Chinese annual taste.


Smart restaurant interior.

At the same time, smart catering equipment has reduced human cross-contact, matching from food storage, standardization processing, real-time control, and detects traceable to cold-chain distribution, but not only reduces the probability of epidemic transmission and epidemic prevention cost, but also high Standard, high quality assurance food safety.


Southern + reporters learned that during the Beijing Winter Olympics, the staff of the main media center need to dine in the wisdom restaurant. It is expected to receive approximately 5,000 to 6,000 registered text photography journalists and holdings. During the period, consider the work characteristics of media personnel, all equipment in wisdom restaurants will operate 24 hours, the central kitchen is expected to supply 180 tons, and the highest peak supply is 5 tons.

At present, the Wisdom Restaurant has entered the closure management time. During the trial operation of January 4th to 22nd, more than 1700 news agencies from all over the world will dine in the restaurant, and the service of the wisdom restaurant has continued until the mid-March Winter Paralympics.

[Southern Daily reporter] Wang Qian

[Author] Wang Qian

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