There are 13 kinds of copper -made objects in rural areas.


The older generation of rural areas can take materials on the spot, and use local materials to make some tools and appliances. Like a lot of bamboo, there will be a lot of furniture tools, bamboo chairs, bamboo beds, etc. Wooden beds, cabinets, boxes, etc. In the previous article, Xiao Wu shared some tools and furniture made in rural bamboo and wood for everyone.

Today Xiao Wu introduced it for everyone



Some old objects, see if you can know and say your name. These old objects are rare in the 70s, and those who have used them are old.

The first old object: copper funnel

Now in our lives, most of the funnel we see is plastic, and some are made of stainless steel.


Have you seen this kind of funnel made with copper? Xiao Wu, post -70s, has never seen it.


The second old object: copper lock

Looking at this picture for the first time, do you know what it is used? If you haven’t seen it, it must be unexpected.

This is the lock used on the box before, and it is made of copper.


The dowry of the little Wu family, the lock on the wooden box of a square is used to use this lock. I do n’t know which corner of it to eat ash.

The third old object: copper lock

This kind of copper lock Xiao Wu met at the Sanwai public house that he did not marry his life throughout his life.


There is a chestnut tree in front of his house. He was shocked in his warehouse. When he was a child, he would take me to his warehouse to eat chestnuts to eat. Lock.

I saw Sanwai publicly, Xiao Wu has never used it, and the third grandfather has died for more than 20 years, and his old house is still there, but he is just transferred to his nephew. I wonder if the copper lock is still there.


The fourth old object: copper shoes pull

Shoes xiébá is a concave sheet that helps to quickly put on shoes, including horn, wood or metal.

In the past, the elderly in the countryside liked to make cloth shoes themselves. The just -made cloth shoes were generally very tight. For the first time, they needed to use this shoe to help it.

Fifth old object: copper cigarette bucket

Smoking is the hobby of many men, especially the older generation of men, smoking more. In this era, there are more and more men who do not smoke.

The older generation of people smokes dry smoke. The tobacco leaves growing themselves are cut back and dried, chopped, and packed with a nylon bag with salt. When you want to smoke, grab it out of the mouth of this kind of smoke. Inside, lit, the mouth contains that long mouth suction, which is greatly pumped.

Sixth old object: copper gate ring


In the past, some old houses in the countryside, one on the left and right, a bronze door on each of them, and the iron -made door ring behind.

Now covering a house no longer uses this kind of door.

Seventh Old Old object: copper ink fight

Mo Dou is a must -use tool for artifacts. What we generally see is ink fights made with wood or bamboo.

This type of ink made with copper is very rare. If it encounters, it is really a baby and has a good collection value.

Eighth Old object: copper incense burner

In the past, the elderly in the countryside were a little superstitious.

Therefore, there is a shrine in front of the house in front of the house, and a incense burner will be placed on it. In the incense burner, some rice is poured. When worshiping God, the lit incense is inserted into this incense burner. However, this kind of incense burner made of copper is really rare.

Ninth old object: copper fragrance plug


When worshiping God, in addition to inserting incense on the top, there is also a place to insert incense on the door, called incense.


Xiao Wu had previously been in his grandfather’s house. Every fifteenth day, he saw the grandfather to order the incense and burn tea. After inserting it, he inserted the incense insert on the door.

Tenth old object: copper pen holder


I found that the older generation has made a lot of daily necessities with copper. Have you ever seen such a pen holder made of copper?

When Xiao Wu read books, he bought a pen holder made with bamboo. It also portrayed with flowers outside. It was very beautiful. This copper pen holder has not been seen.

Eleventh Old object: copper kettle

Copper kettle.

Exquisite, it is used to burn tea.

The twelfth old object: Causeway

In rural areas, when doing red and white happy events, in order to be lively, you have to ask the gongs and drum team to knock on and fight.


There are large and small ones. Grandpa Wu has a small copper cricket. Before and after the New Year, he will carry a bag, take this copper puppet, go from house to house

Singing land (traditional customs culture in Hunan)

, Grandpa has passed away for more than 10 years.

The thirteenth old object: copper mosquito net hook

It is estimated that many post -70s have never been seen.

A copper hook on the mosquito net is made of plastic with the hook of mosquito nets?

Friends, have you ever seen the 13 kinds of copper -made objects introduced above? Can it be named? You can get to know 3 kinds, and people who have used it are gone. Welcome everyone to leave a message below.