Douban 9.1 “Baron on the Tree”: All unique personality means powerful


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Writer Camus once said: All unique personality means strong.

Therefore, seeing the unique person, we feel uncomfortable anyway because of collective subconscious.

It must be admitted that TA is powerful.

At least, TA has the ability to confront the questioning of others’ judgment, and keeps motionless in the wind of external comments.

The writer Calvino’s novel “The Baron on the Tree” is through a unique baron, revealing the essential loneliness and uniqueness.



Since the age of 12, Cosmo has decided not to drop the tree.


He lives in a noble family, his father is a baron, but he is close to the rules and reputation, and he looks forward to getting the duke’s title.


The mother is a female general, but she can only be a female red. When she was a child, she stayed with her father in the barracks until she grew up.

The marriage of parents is a decision to get the Duke.

Living in such a loveless and depressed family, there are only two ways, either to resist yourself or obedience.

Cesimo chose the first way.

His sister is also a leader among the resistance. He will hold a shotgun at night, catch mice in the house, and cook unpalatable snails.

One day, my sister made another snail, and Kosimo did not eat.

Baron’s father threatened: either eat or roll.

This brave guy coincides with adolescence. How can he stand such a provocative provocation?

He did not return to the tree.

My father said: When you come down, you will bloom.

Cosmo’s head: I will not be resolute!

At the beginning, everyone thought that Cosmo was only in three minutes.

Unexpectedly, this child stayed for a month. With this energy, what would be unsuccessful?

This is also doomed to the tone of Cosimo’s life.

At first, my brother would send him food, quilt and other utensils.

Later, his mother also accepted him on the tree and watched where he was using a telescope, and the two also played in Qiyu.

Baron’s father has never accepted the fact that his son was on the tree and felt embarrassed.

With the help of his brother, Cosmo’s life on the tree became more convenient.

He got the rope, wooden board, etc., and settled on the tree.

Moreover, he followed his studies to master the skills of hunting and the dexterity of jumping around the tree.

I also installed a bathing device (the one of the trees).

Cosmo gradually rely on his brother, and he would exchange other necessities with his prey.

When we choose a way, don’t be afraid, there are always ways to go on.


Live on a tree

Even if he lives on the tree, Cosmo has not forgotten some criteria that people should follow.

For example: not his prey is not firmly fighting. If he sees other hunters chase the prey, he will stop.

Cosmo’s choice is destined to lose something.

For example, he participated in the Grand Mass with his family and started to find ways for a few months.

Later, he gradually did not come.

Because the windows outside the church were closed.

How much was an important thing before, it was no longer important to him.

He is also destined to see some new things, and encounter some new things from another angle.

For the first time, he met his lawyer (the illegitimate child of the Baron’s father).

Kochimo found that he was the only person among the family who was busy with many jobs.

And none of the things he did was not useful.

Cesimo also met another person: the nearby robbers Jane.

Killing and setting fire and killing the goods, as long as there is such a thing and not caught the prisoner, everyone will settle on Jane’s head.

But Jane is very interesting, and the book is like life.

There was no condition to read before.

So, our big robbers, every time I read a book, I immediately came back and returned to Ke Shimo, borrowed another one, hid in his secret thief nest, and tied it into the book to read it.

Moreover, he has his own interests and can’t stop him with any book, otherwise he will return the next day.

When he read the “Clarisa”, the robber was found.

They were angry with his degeneration, and they even had the book.

Then use the book to threaten Jane to continue robbery. In order to see the content behind the book, Jane compromised.

After he was robbed, he was arrested.

Before the head of the head, Cosmo read a hero biography on the tree outside the prison.

Cesimo couldn’t change the fate of the robber, and he could only tell him kindly that the hero in the book was on the twisted rack.


After listening, Jane felt very satisfied and went generously.


Always love the earth

The previous time with the robbers Jane stayed together in the book pile and did not come to the world, causing Cosmo to want to enter the world around him.

After the robber Jane was gone, Cosmo adhered to what they had learned from the middle of the middle: willing to make themselves useful, and like to provide an essential service for others.

Cesimo decided to do something for everyone.

He read the entire book of the Encyclopedia to understand everything around him, such as bees, trees, wood, gardens, and textbooks related to professional knowledge and technology, such as trees cultivation.

These studies finally came in handy.


One day, some robbers wanted to burn Cesimo, but accidentally ignited the forest.

He began to worry about how to prevent the fire.

Mobilize the owner of the private forest, the contractor of the national forest, the lumberol, and the charcoal burning worker. Everyone worked together to organize a fire brigade. Take turns guarding and patrolling at night.

During that period, Cosmo became his head and stood alone on a tree every night.

This is the first time his baron father has come to talk to Cesimo: “Do you want to match you have the surname and jue you have?”

Cosmo replied: “I will do my best to be more worthy of the title of ‘People’, and I will have all his quality.”

Baron’s father nodded and solemnly granted his sword to this growing boy.

Like everyone around him, he finally officially recognized Kosimo.

Later, he guided the French allies that when the French allies became an invaders, they also tried to protect the property of the working people around him.

After he was old, he became ill, and a group of wolves came in the forest.

The farmers were all scared, and Cosmo stood up tremblingly and destroyed the wolves.

He always loves the group of people on the ground, even if they always say he is a lunatic, he always laughed at him.

But those on the ground also love him and respect him because he is worth it.


Ascend to the sky

After Cosimo was old, he had never been a tree.

Everyone supports the sheets below to prevent him from falling suddenly.

One morning, he didn’t know what, and he climbed to the top of the tree himself.

The next day, waiting for a hot air balloon to float over, holding the rope under that below.

When the hot air balloon drifted over the cliff, there was no Kosimo below.

He adhered to his goal very romantic and powerful.

The tribute here is the group of people who do not understand our ordinary people.

Don’t ask for rewards, just dedicate wholeheartedly for your dreams.

Only when you experience it like them, and only those who persist in my absence of me like they are doing their lives like them can give you dedication.

In order to be the greatest person.