8 artifacts within 10 yuan, repairing common 80%of home furnishing problems


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Some furniture in the home will have some problems after a period of use. Here is a small thing for a few dollars for dads to help you quickly repair these furniture, and the difficulty of construction is basically zero, simple and fast, and you don’t need to ask for people.

Let’s take a look with me.


Hive fixing board-cabinet door harness pages repair

We often encounter the question in the figure below? At this time, it is difficult to repair acne, and this kind of cabinet door has to exist for a long time. Here, the hinge fixed board can quickly repair this problem.

Search on a certain treasure, the hinge fixed board is generally a few dollars, and it will definitely not exceed 10 yuan.


The structure is very simple. A large area of ​​stainless steel plate is convenient for installation. It is very strong after the installation. It blocked the bad position in the past and saved a lot of trouble. After repairing, the furniture cabinet door can be used for several years.

Food-grade citric acid-scale cleaner

As long as there is water, it will produce scale. The scale should be the biggest problem that plagues the family. It makes the leader in the family lose luster. It is not only ugly, but it is also difficult to remove. The scale is alkaline, and the scabbage is used to respond to it with acidic substances. Sometimes I use white vinegar to come and get stains, but the white vinegar tastes too large, and it does not disperse for a long time.

Using food -grade citric acid, citric acid is dissolved in the water in the water, and then spray citric acid with a nozzles where the scale needs to be removed. After ten minutes, wipe it with a rag to clean.

In addition to the scale on the hardware, the old scale on the kettle, the scale on the mirror glass, the scale of the shower pores, and even the shower room floor, and wait for the places you think of the scale, it can get it. Essence


Swolfed screws of gypsum board-installed on the ceiling

Generally, when some heavy objects are installed on the gypsum board, it is usually not possible to expand screws. Only this aircraft can expand screws.


This expansion screw is two butterflies.


The other is an aircraft type.


After installation, the bearing capacity is strong and will not deform.


Dark Box Repairer-Fix the Wiring Plate on the Wall


After a long time of switching in the home, the problem of switching off will occur.

You can easily repair the switch by installing this dark fixer.

The repair principle is similar to the expansion screw of the aircraft above.


Wall repair cream


After staying for a while, you will encounter the peeling of the wall, the holes left by the eyes, the cracks of the wall, the yellowing, etc. It is more ugly to look at it. It is not professional to do it by yourself.

At this time, a wall repair cream is recommended. The operation is simple. This product is more expensive than other ordinary walls. It does not hurt hands, does not stimulate the skin, and is suitable for yourself to do at home.

White latex-tiles are loose, and the tiles have fallen

Have you ever encountered a loose tile at home, did you fall? Or aging furniture, break, need to be repaired. Then introduce you to use this white latex to achieve these repair.


The bedside fixed-eliminate abnormal noise

The wooden shelf will inevitably shake a little, and the shaking sound will also affect the rest. I tried to fix the bed frame and found that it was useless. At this time, I needed this bedside fixed device to do a sound repairs.

After fixing, it is very firm and will not make any sound. The artifact is no doubt.


Wooden floor consumer


When the wooden floor was walking, the creaky sound was returned, and walking affects the rest of the family. That’s because the floor is tidal, the floor is not laid properly, the dry cracks, the long -term maintenance, and so on.

The floor muffler is to fill the space in the wood through the resin to eliminate the abnormal noise. You don’t have to worry about affecting others.




This film provides eight artifacts. The price is cheap and can repair some common problems in the home. I hope everyone likes it.


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