Light of Chinese goods: Snow ointment for Shanghai Woman Snow Cream for three centuries



Snow ointment was at the end of the 19th century, and Europe was an old brand of snowflake cream. Snow ointment is a traditional popular skin care cosmetics. It is a white ointment like snowflakes. It is applied to the skin like snowflakes into the skin and disappeared, so it is called snowflake paste.

Snow paste composition

The composition of snow paste is very simple: hard fat acid, alkali, polyol and water. Lax -like solid lipidic acid is difficult to dissolve in water at room temperature. How to mix with water? Alkali, sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide.

A “saponic reaction” in alkali and fatty acids. Products such as sodium stearate can be pulled together with lipidic acid (oil) and water, which is “emulsified”. The most common polyol in the snow paste is glycerin. The role of glycerin is to absorb water, prevent the storage cream from cracking, and make the snowflake cream easier to apply, not moisturizing the face.

In fact, there must be too much glycerin in the snowproof paste. After all, the original intention of the design of Snow Paste is to better powder! Do not allow glycerin to absorb the water in the air, resulting in the pink cricket.

Snow ointment does not add things like Yunmu, but there is a shiny “pearl -like gloss”. Later, sodium lipidate was replaced by emulsifiers obtained by other polyol+hard fatty acid reactions, and Snow Paste lost its luster.

Domestic Snow Cream Age

In the 1930s and 1940s, Ya Shuang’s advertisements could be seen everywhere in the streets of the city. Ya Shuang is one of the earliest cosmetics produced in China. It is commonly known as “Snow Paste”. It is originally produced in Shanghai. On the advertisement of the old days, the popular star Bai Yang at the time, the sweethearted smile, made the women’s hearts in the heart.

Ya Shuang also went abroad to market Southeast Asia and other countries such as Malaysia, the Philippines and Singapore, and even sold to European and American countries for the first choice for local overseas Chinese.


Snow ointment can be “hit” like “soy sauce”. Women will keep the use of the “Ya Shuang” bottle, and then buy a split snow ointment. Now think about it.

In the glorious era of Snow Paste in China, it was basically in the late 1970s and early 1980s. As people’s pursuit of beauty is getting higher and higher, the ancient and simple creams like “Ya Shuang” gradually fixed the consumer groups of their aunts and mothers. After all, young girls choose too much.

Snow ointment for three centuries

The glory of foreign snow paste is the first battle, and after World War I, it has begun to be replaced by many other skin care products. In addition, Xia Shilian Snow Cream launched in 1880 still has three centuries.


However, the witch plums containing convergence that year are not available now. Xia Shilian Snow Paste still retains the traditional hard fat acid and alkali formula. Traditional hard fatty acid is almost no different from more than a hundred years ago; alkali is more modern, adding nicotinamide, two chemical sunscreen ingredients, and mulberry root extraction.

Light of Chinese goods: Snow ointment for Shanghai Woman Snow Cream for three centuries