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1. Two questions that the fruit shell activated carbon should pay attention to in use:

In the process of using the fruit shell activated carbon, there are two problems that we have to pay attention to, that is, the fire prevention problem of the fruit shell activated carbon and the problem of the use of fruit shell activated carbon. The processing process has a serious impact. We deliberately explain these two issues today. I hope that friends will pay attention to this problem when using it.

Problem in the use of fruit shell activated carbon: Fruits activated carbon should sieve the broken particles and dust generated due to handling before loading. Uniformly spread out, you can’t get a group phenomenon. It is not allowed to pour directly from the feed hole, which is very easy to cause uneven filling of the size of the fruit shell activated carbon, which eventually causes the gas bias and affects the effect of use.

2. The question that should be paid attention to in daily use of activated carbon:


It is best to prepare two activated carbon alternately, change it every other week to two weeks, and then get dry and light in a dry and light place to ensure that it has the best adsorption effect. Secondly, what kind of activated carbon is like a battery. Each “filling” is slightly reduced a little bit, so we usually do not recommend a piece of activated carbon in one year.

Third, Shanghai native coconut shell activated carbon:

Coconut shell activated carbon use instructions

Features: Coconut shell activated carbon uses high -quality coconut shells as raw materials, which are processed by carbonization, activation, and later refining. The appearance is black, with granular shapes. The product has a unique point such as the developed micro -hole structure, fast adsorption rate, short adsorption cycle, impurities bottom, good surface cleanliness, high wear resistance, round edges, uniform granularity, and repeated regeneration.

Uses 1: Coconut shell activated carbon is widely used in the deep purification treatment of living water, industrial circulating water, power plant boiler circulation water, electronics industry, beverages, and food industry water, which has excellent effects on pure water and high pure water purification.

Usage 2: Coconut -shell activated carbon has the characteristics of good wear resistance, high adsorption performance, long -term use time and other characteristics for the charcoal pulp and piles of gold mines. It is an ideal material for the beverage industry, beer and advanced purification water equipment.

Uses 3: Gas separation and recycling of coconut shell activated carbon for chemical, petrochemical, coking, environmental protection and other industries and the recycling and recycling of SO2, chlorobenzene, alkane, anemine, dihydrazine, cycloid alkane, methalotic hydrogen, hydrogen, and hydrogen, hydrogen, and hydrogen,, hydrogen, hydrogen, and hydrogen, hydrogen, and hydrogen, and hydrogen, hydrogen, and hydrogen, and hydrogen, hydrogen, and hydrogen, and hydrogen, and hydrogen, and hydrogen. The purification treatment of industrial harmful gases such as sulfur dioxide, carbonate, ethylene, methanol, acetone, and nitric oxide oxide. It is applied to the refined oil -free decantterpenol I -type industrial catalyst (sulfonal titanium cyanocyan or polycase cobalt) carrier.