The actual application of the stage lighting LED surface light


The stage light is only a general statement, because the stage light is numerous, and the LED surface light is a relatively common type. The LED surface light can not only provide basic illumination, but also create a projecting source for the image of the actor. Therefore, the role of the LED surface light is very important, then what are the practical applications of the stage lighting LED surface light?

First we know what differences in LED surface lights and conventional surface lights, this is a very curious reason for the audience. Today, LED surface lights often appear in the studio, conference room, banquet hall, large theater, auditorium, concert, and so on. Moreover, the LED surface light is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, long-lasting life, soft light, light weight, cost-effective, in the banquet hall, etc. Used in all places. However, if you have outdoor, the distance between the effective light source will be shorter, and it is unable to meet the needs of outdoor large performance activities.

The LED surface light is in the process of use, it is better than the LED Pa lamp, the LED imaging lamp, and the LED surface light also has a programming function, which can program the effect of the lamp according to the actual needs, and can achieve intelligence. The mode of operation. In addition, after the LED surface light is fixed, it is not necessary to climb the ladder to adjust the direction and angle of the lamp. The light is only necessary to make the required adjustment by controlling the XY axis, focusing. Save time, manpower, and material resources.


With the emergence of LED technology, the traditional luminaire has gradually replaced. The LED light has become the darling of the stage lighting industry. With the development of technology, it will show an unstoppable trend, which can have a powerful energy, while Have high brightness, suitable for large performance stations, how can you accept the theaters of the stage light?