#100%Baking Masters-Low Rand#Mini Christmas Tree Cake


Make a child’s favorite mini matcha Christmas tree cake. Use cocoa cake slices as the bottom of the tree stump of the Christmas tree, with matcha cream on it, squeeze out the beautiful Christmas tree shape. The top is decorated with raspberry and snowflakes. A small and exquisite Christmas tree cake is ready. There are also strawberries wrapped inside. The taste level is rich, and the child likes it very much.


By Mulan Zhou Zhou [Dou Guo Food Official Certification Master]


5 eggs


Milk 65g


50g of corn oil

Golden Aragona Cake Powder 80g

Gan sugar 50g

Cocoa powder 8G

20g of water


Fresh cream 150g


Matcha powder 5G

Moderate amount of strawberries, raspberries

Practice step

1. Prepare materials

2. Add hot water to the hot water and stir well.

3. Add corn oil to the milk and stir until completely emulsified


4, sieve in golden fish cake powder, stroke Z -character stir well

5. Add egg yolk and stir well

6. The cocoa sauce before joining


7. Mix well


8. Egg white is sent to dry foam

9. Dig a spoon and put it in cocoa batter. Zenz and mix well

10. Bake up and down the oven for 160 degrees for 25 minutes


11. Get out immediately

12. Use a circular mousse circle to press the round cake slices. This is part of the stump of the Christmas tree

13. Put a strawberry on it and cream on the outside


14. Add the matcha powder to the whipped cream, stir well first, then pour it into other whipped cream, add fine sugar to pass


15. Put in a decorative bag, cut out a diagonal mouth from the decorative bag


16. Squeeze out the pattern in the cake

17. One circle and one circle, there are many bottoms, less upper, and gradually becomes a Christmas tree

18. Flond sugar cream presses snowflakes

19. Berbin, a snowflake on it, and a delicious and beautiful mini matcha Christmas tree cake.


20. Cut the cake, a large strawberry inside, sweet and delicious.


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